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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 161: A Link To The Hidden Faces Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

“Mmmm… You sure you don’t want me to use a spell that will increase his pain levels?” Diao Chan asked, a pout on her dainty face.

I shook my head, “No, at least not now. Let me do it the old fashioned way first.”

Diao Chan gave me a smile, “Well then, have fun. Let me have a go too after you’re done, ok? I have a Spell I’ve been meaning to try out for awhile now~”

“Don’t worry, I’ll call you when I’m done.”

“Kukuku~ I’ll wait for you then~”

My witch sister skipped away while whistling a tune, not the least perturbed by the screams of pain and torture that have been echoing around us since we got here.

Not at all surprising since we’re currently in the Re-education Chambers within our little Church.

It is here where all the especially rebellious little lambs come to learn of Master’s true divinity and accept him as our saviour.

Needless to say, that little scum son is here too, right behind the door to my left in fact.

I slid the steel bolt that locked the door to the side, stepping into the room with a spring in my step.

In the centre of the room was the scum son with his hands tied with chains and hung from the ceiling, the chains so short that only the tips of his toes were touching the ground.

A roll of muddy cloth was stuffed in his mouth and his ankles were also bound by a pair of steel manacles.

“Good morning, scumbag. Did you have a good night’s sleep?” I asked, a full faced smile gracing my lips.

He mumbled something into the cloth.

“Hmm? I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. Could you repeat that?”

He mumbled something again, a little louder this time.

“Ah? ‘Punch me’? Well gladly!”

I struck him in the face with my fist, breaking his nose with a loud crack.

“Hmm hmm… Satisfied now? You piece of trash?”

He glared at me, choosing to remain silent this time.

Hehehe~ I’m glad he could still make such a face, it would be so boring if he had already given up. I have sixteen years worth of frustrations to take out on him, after all.

I moved over to take a seat at the only chair in the room.

“So, isn’t it nice to see each other again? Last time I remembered, you were being chased by monsters like the little piggy you were. I thought you died there pathetically like you should have then but it seems I was wrong.”

He remained silent and continued glaring at me.

I dug out one of my knives from within my sleeve, “And it seems you did quite well for yourself too. Becoming a Practitioner of Dark Techniques and even colluding with the Dark Sect as well. You must be really proud of yourself huh?”

The defiance he had melted away, his eyes locked on the knife that I am now flipping in my hand.

“I’m pretty sure this was Master’s gift for me. He specifically gave us an entire week’s break and suggested I come here. He must have already knew you were going to be around and wanted me to settle my past grievances with you~”

Ehehehe~ I must thank Master properly when we return, he has already done so much for me already~ I’ll need to buy some nice clothes to go back with, I’m sure Master will like that!

Ah, must not get distracted now.

I flipped my knife in the air one more time, “Did you know? You were the reason I survived all this while?”

His eyes darted back to me. Although faint, I can see the slight shine of arrogance flash in his eyes.

I did not even need to peek into his mind to know that he misinterpreted my words. He probably thinks I had lingering feelings for him or something just as disgusting.

Still, curious about what he actually thought I meant, I stalked forward and pulled the cloth out of his mouth with the tip of my knife.

He coughed once before grinning at me, “Heh, heh… I knew it. Can’t blame you though, I am quite charming no? Now why don’t you get on your knees and suc–“

I plunged my knife through his tongue, using it as leverage to pull his head down to my eye level.

He let out a wail of pain as I stared right into his damnable, disgusting eyes.

“It’s my HATE for YOU that kept me alive you damn useless SCUM!”

I pulled down hard, ripping out the muscle with the movement.

Flipping the knife over to an overhand grip, I thrusted it straight into the area in between his legs.

The scum’s head was thrown back in a soundless scream, blood spurting out of his mouth like a fountain.

I let his pain continue for a few more seconds before pulling out the knife, healing his wounds in an instant.

He gasped and tried to slow down his breathing, his eyes focused on the ground.

Placing the tip of the knife against his chin, I tilted his head up slightly to look at me.

“I told you… I will make you beg for the sweet release of death. That promise has yet to change. This entire week, I will make you sing for me. The song shall be your pain and suffering that I am going to inflict on you.”

How delusional can this scumbag be to even think I might possess even a morsel of mercy for him?

It is just unfortunate that I can’t go all out on him since I still want his sanity to remain. If he isn’t sane enough to know his pain, I can’t be satisfied.

I lifted the knife to stab at him again.

“Wait! Wait! I got something you need to know!” He cried, trying and failing to wriggle free.

My knife stopped, inches away from his left eye.

“Go on,” I prodded, not moving the knife at all.

“It’s important! You… I’ll tell you if you promise me to stop thi–“

I stabbed the knife straight into his eye and twisted it, grinning when I heard the tell tale ‘pop’ of it bursting.

I let him scream out his pain for a few moments before grabbing his face to show him the bloodied knife, “Hehehe~ That doesn’t work here. Tell me what you want or I’ll still continue anyway. It makes no difference to me~ I can just do this over… And over… And over… And over again~”

I dragged the tip of the knife across his face, watching the blood pool out of the cut before lifting the blade into the air again.

“Waiii… Ugghh… I… I know who is leading behind the Dark Sect!”

I stopped the knife from descending into his other eye.

Seeing my interest, a slight smile appeared on his lips, “That’s… That’s right… I can tell you who is at the head of their Sect. They’ve been hiding in plain sight all this while but I found proof of who they were! I wanted to blackmail them when I got stronger but… Just let me go and I’ll tell you everything!”

To destroy the Dark Sect… That is one of our main goals here. I will never forget the anguished expression that Master made while he was purifying them in that underground hideout.

They are a stain on the perfect world we wished to create for Master. If he could tell me who they were, we could get rid of them entirely…

I clucked my tongue and backed away from him, “Speak then. If you tell me the truth, I will cease this physical torture of yours.”

“Not good enough,” He grinned. “Let me out of this first, then I’ll talk.”

I ran my finger across the flat of my knife, electrifying it in golden lightning.

“The only reason why I’m not torturing it out of you is that I’m afraid your mind might break before you speak. But I am not averse to trying if you’re uncooperative.”

His single remaining eye glanced at the blade before looking back at me.

“Kuh… It’s an established Sect somewhere on the continent… That’s their true face. I picked up a Sect Seal from my past mentor who used to be one of them. I do not recognise which Sect it belongs to but… They would be the true leaders of the Dark Sect…”

Well that was disappointing. I was expecting him to demand more things so I can happily break him in before he spills everything.

I lifted my palm, “Where is the seal?”

He hesitated for a moment, but when he saw my knife edging closer he quickly spat out, “I have a dimensional storage Technique that I use! It’s stored there! You need to release the seal on my Cultivation Point for me to get it!”

I stopped and raised my eyebrow at him.

“It’s true! I… I… I swear it’s there! If you kill me, it’ll be lost forever!”

Tch… And I had been thinking of breaking him in further after taking the seal from him… Guess I’ll have to give up then.

“You’ll stop right?” He asked hopefully.

“I keep my words, unlike you,” I spat, cleaning my knife on his shirt before putting it back in my sleeve.

His arrogant smirk came back, “Heh heh heh. Then let me down now, what are you waiting for, you bitch?”

I went to the entrance and pulled open the door, “You really are scum until the end.”

Stepping aside, I let Diao Chan into the room.

She was dressed fully in leather with a riding crop in her hands.

“My, oh my, Lian Li. Are you sure you want to give him up? We don’t even know if he’s telling the truth.”

I walked in front of him, staring straight at the scumbag’s face, “I never said I was giving him up. I just said we won’t physically torture HIM anymore. Let’s proceed on with his… Alterations~ When we’re done, she should be much more cooperative than he ever was.”

“Oh~ I like that idea~ Do you want to do the honors of breaking him in or should I?”

I took the riding crop from her, needing no words to show her my decision.

“Kukuku~ Very well then. ‘This body of yours is no longer free, a masculine one that shall yield to me; Come forth and switch to the fairer sex, and never again shall you flex. Mind shall remain but the body shall change, let yourself be acquainted with the exchange! Gender Swap!'”

I watched in fascination as the scum son I knew slowly morphed, his entire body writhing and contorting in front of my eyes.

Hehehe~ Now, let’s start the next round of torture, shall we?


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