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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 162: I’m No Hero Bahasa Indonesia


Not against expectations, Brendan was reprimanded by the Elder Gong for his injury of Tekiteh.

I found out later that Brendan came from a formerly impoverished family that just managed to make it big, that might explain his outburst when Tekiteh insulted the poor with his mouth.

Elder Gong did ask me how severe his punishment should be and I told him to be lenient since he was set up by that Tekiteh.

The only unfortunate thing is that we didn’t have sufficient evidence to incriminate Tekiteh short of revealing my identity so we kept him around for now.

Did I say I was enjoying all this drama? Because I’m quite enjoying this drama.

My initial task of weeding out the bully?

Well who said I can’t enjoy myself on the job?

Besides, didn’t need much weeding for the real troublesome one to show themselves right? My job is technically done already.

Well, with my recommendation, all Brendan got from breaking Tekiteh’s wrist was a day in solitary confinement.

As for Tekiteh, he has to let his broken wrist heal naturally without the aid of healing Techniques or potions as a lesson to not run his mouth. Though I doubt that would do any good for someone like him.

Pitying the Brendan guy a little, I volunteered to bring him food and check up on him when night fell.

With a tray of food in hand that I took from the kitchens, I made my way to the Punishment Hall where the solitary cells were located.

At the doors of the Hall, two Outer Core Sect members were standing guard on both sides of the entrance.

They bowed with cupped hands when they saw me, the one on the left giving a greeting.

“Good evening, Master Lin.”

“Umu, good evening, how goes the watch?”

“All quiet, Mater Lin. I take it you’re here to inspect the new student?”

“Indeed, has there been any problems with him?”

“Not at all. He’s been keeping to himself ever since he got in there. Didn’t even protest about his treatment or anything.”

Oh? Interesting. I hope he doesn’t get too bad of an impression of us, I would prefer him entering our Sect over that Tekiteh guy anyday.

“Wouldn’t be a problem if I… Pop in and talk to him, would it?”

The guards gave me a wry smile, “Master Lin. For such a thing, there is no need for you to ask our permission.”

I shrugged, “Doesn’t hurt to be polite. Well then, where is he?”

“Third room on the right, second floor. He’s the only one here right now so it’ll be the only closed door.”

I nodded, “Have a nice night shift then, I’ll go and see him.”

The two of them bowed before opening the door for me to enter.

I spotted the door easily enough, heading straight for it with the tray of food still in my hands.

I rapped my knuckles on the door before unceremoniously inviting myself in, the door having unlocked with a simple command from me.

Brendan was sitting on the small bed in the corner of the room, surprised by my entry. He seemed to have been in the midst of reading a book and had put it aside when he heard my knock.

“Did someone order room service?” I joked, stepping past the door frame and closing the door behind me.

His face turned sour, “How did you? You shouldn’t be here, Mark! You’ll get into trouble! Hurry up and leave before the guards see you!”

Placing the tray of food on the table, I wagged my finger at him, “Don’t worry about it, got the guards’ permission to come here. Your punishment is just a light one, barely qualifying as a formality. We all know that Tekiteh guy was full of shit anyway but it’s just we don’t have the necessary evidence to incriminate him.”

“So what? The guards just handed you the key and let you stay?”

“Yeah, I said I wanted to talk to you for a while and the guards just handed the keys over without much complaint.”

His eyes narrowed at me, “Just like that?”

“Just like that. Muffin?” I asked, waving the pastry in front of me.

He held my gaze for a few seconds before finally looking at the muffin, “What flavour?”

I prodded at the little dots on the muffin, “Raisins I think?”

“Ewww, what the hell? No thanks. Who the hell puts raisins in muffins?”

“Agreed, never liked those things. I’ll complain to the chefs later.”

Tossing the raisin muffin back on the tray, I picked up another one to inspect, “Oh, strawberry. I like those, mind if I take this one?”

He waved his hand nonchalantly, “Knock yourself out. I’m not that hungry anyway.”

Grinning, I tossed him one of the other strawberry muffins that were on the stray before starting to munch on mine.

He caught the pastry with both hands, but made no move to eat it.

“So… What’s your story? Why come to Heaven Sect?”

He raised an eyebrow at me, “Why the sudden interest? It’s because I broke that idiot’s wrist isn’t it?”

“I suppose. Care to share? Or not, I’m fine with either. Got my muffin right here and that’s all I need.”

He stared at me as I took another bite out of my muffin.

The silence stretched for a few more seconds before he let out a sigh, “My family used to be extremely poor. It was only some time ago that we managed to become what we are now.”

I raised my eyebrow at him.

He shrugged, “I thought it was weird too. But I have younger siblings, they don’t deserve all that suffering so I kept my mouth shut. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.”

“And you decided to join Heaven Sect because?”

“What else but the pursuit of power? If I can gain power for myself, I can protect those precious to me.”

Oh no, he can’t be the hero type right?

If he is one of those “oh the world is in danger? Let me pick up my sword and go save it!” kind of person, I’ll just yeet myself out of here at the next chance I get.

“So… Just out of curiosity,” I muttered. “What if the world needed saving?”

He laughed, “Hahaha! Do I look like the hero type to you? I can barely just take care of the people in my immediate vicinity, let alone save the world! No. If the world needs saving, let the heroes do it. I am no hero. I am perfectly content with sitting here and finishing this lovely muffin you gave me.”

He took his first bite of the muffin, “Besides… This is a really good muffin.”

I chuckled at his little joke, “So, what are your long term plans then?”

He looked at me seriously, “Promise not to laugh.”

I nodded.

He swallowed the mouthful of pastry that had been in his mouth, “Do my absolute best in getting Master Lin to teach me, no matter what I need to do. And after that… Overthrow the Bei Royal Family.”




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