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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 160: Detective Lin… I Mean Mark Is On The Case Bahasa Indonesia



I heard a yell while walking back with an extra change of clothes for Sylphy.

Perverts? Here in Heaven Sect?

Well, not impossible but… Who? Someone from the newer batch of students?

Not wanting our ‘talented’ student batch to have a bad impression on us, I immediately dashed towards the scene.

There, I found Tekiteh standing a distance away from where Sylphy was with a huge grin on his face. A really weird and disconcerting grin, I must add.

Following his line of sight, I spotted Brendan passed out on the ground underneath one of the building’s windows, a wooden bucket laying beside the unconscious young man.

Huh… So he wasn’t an arrogant young master but a perverted one?


The fact that Tekiteh is here already makes this entire scene rather suspicious.

Now that I think about it, how the hell is this Tekiteh guy one of the ‘talented’ individuals anyway? What’s his talent? Pissing people off?

Well I admit he does have a talent for that, so it’s not entirely impossible.

“What happened?” I asked the scruffy boy.

He jumped at my voice, turning around to face me with surprise evident on his expression.

“Oh… It’s just you, er… Bark.”

Is this guy retarded?

I raised my eyebrow and jerked my head towards the comatose Brendan, silently inquiring him what the hell was going on.

“Ah that?” He grinned. “Well just caught a pervert in action, that’s what. He was peeking through Sylphy’s window when I just happened to pass by here.”

“Just… Happened to pass by?” I repeated.

He nodded with a smug smile, “Yeah! You know, looking for a place to slack off in between my lessons in the future. Didn’t expect I’ll come across that stuck up pervert peeking on a girl changing!”

I was going to call him out, but I decided to listen to Brendan’s side of the story first before doing anything in the unlikely chance he was telling the truth.

Making my way to the unconscious Brendan with Tekiteh behind me, I call out to Sylphy through the window.

“You alright in there?”

That was a soft crash of something hitting the floor and a muffled curse before she poked her head out of the window, “Yeah… Yeah I’m alright. Threw the bucket at the pervert’s head. Did I kill him?”

I bent down to place my finger near his nose, feeling steady breaths coming out of it.

“Nope, still very much alive.”

“Pity,” she sighed, sounding disappointed.

“Pity indeed,” Tekiteh chuckled from behind me.

Ignoring the idiot behind me, I handed over the set of clothes through the window, “Here, managed to get a set of robes from the laundry area. Not sure if it’s your size though.”

She thanked me while receiving the garments before disappearing back into the house again.

I rubbed my hands together, creating a small spark of electricity that I used to shock Brendan’s sides as an attempt to wake him up.

He let out a yelp and jolted awake, looking all around him in visible confusion.

“Mark?” He asked, looking at me.

“Well, at least your inherent memory is already better than a certain someone’s,” I chuckled. “Remember what happened to you?”

He nodded his head, noticing a now fully dressed Sylphy glaring daggers at him through the window.

“Well… Let’s see here… Would it help for me to say that this was all a misunderstanding?”

Tekiteh scoffed, “Ha! I caught him red-handed Sylphy! I saw him looking through your window and shouted to warn you!”

Of course this little prick remembers the girl’s name and not mine. I mean, how hard is it to remember “Mark”?

Brendan scowled at him, “You told me Master Lin was teaching here and even brought me here! You tricked me!”

What? Why me?

“Ha! Typical nobles! Pushing the blame off yourselves to pin it on defenceless, innocent people like me! I’ve never even been here! How the hell would I know if this Master Gin was teaching here?! Just own up to your crimes you damn pervert!”

Well… I can’t really refute him since it’s true for some nobles at least.

Also, why would I… I mean Master Lin even teach his lessons here? Even if he doesn’t want to use the standard classrooms dispersed around the Sect, there’s still his own personal courtyard to use. Doesn’t make sense he’ll use a random building all the way out here.

That’s er… Also ignoring the fact that I’m right here.

Brendan furrowed his brows, “First of all, I’m not a noble. Second of all, you are an absolute piece of garbage. You should go and plant a tree to make up for all the air you waste by existing.”

Oh daaaaaaamn. This man has no chill.

“Hahaha! Nice try incel! Still doesn’t change the fact that you peeked on a girl changing!”

Ok, I think I have a grasp on what is going now.

“Ok… Hold on for a moment,” I raised my hand to get their attention. “Tekiteh, you claimed you saw Brendan here just as you were passing by right?”

He nodded smugly, “That’s right.”

“So you hadn’t actually been here before and Brendan is lying about you telling him Master Lin was holding a class here?”

“Without a doubt.”

Yeah, at this point I’m rather convinced his ‘talent’ was being an idiot.

“So how did you know Sylphy was in that particular building that Brendan was outside of? Surely you wouldn’t know if this was your first time seeing this building right?”

His smug smile flipped itself in an instant.

“That… Hmph! He was acting suspiciously with a perverted smile on his face! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what he was actually doing!”

“So based on an assumption, you called him out? And you even knew Sylphy was in there without taking a look beforehand?”

He crossed his arms, “Yeah! I turned out right didn’t I? So what does it matter? Why do you even care?”

“Because you’re absolutely full of crap and I haven’t the faintest idea how the hell you managed to get in here? You cheated didn’t you?”

I could see a vein pop on his forehead.

He jabbed a finger at my chest, “What about you, huh? The only thing I see you being good at so far was being an errand boy. Why don’t you make yourself useful by making yourself scarce now, huh? You stupid little shit? This is why I hate poor people, you’re all so damn useless! All the poor people should just die!”

Huh? Aren’t you the one with the scruffy clothes? Are you referring to yourself? Why are you even assuming I’m poor in the first place?

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this guy’s head?

Another hand reached out to grab Tekiteh’s wrist before he could poke me again.

Both me and the idiot turned to see Brendan glaring straight at Tekiteh with a fury I never thought possible for him to display.

With a sharp twist of his hand, Tekiteh’s hand was broken in an instant.

Brendan released the idiot’s hand to watch him writhe and scream on the ground, clutching away at his broken hand.

Colour me surprised, but man… Brendan really has no chill huh?

I like him already.


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