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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 131: Shining In The Spotlight Bahasa Indonesia


I was not prepared for the House going absolutely bonkers when the curtains were raised for me to move downstage.

I thought this was supposed to be a theatre play? Not some idol event?

Why the hell do I see people hoisting banners and even waving light sticks in the air?!

Hello? Marketing team? You guys advertised this as a play right?

Why does the entire House look like they’re expecting me to break out into song and dance then?

Also… I shouldn’t even be well known inside this town, so why are these people screaming and cheering for me? Shouldn’t the other four idols receive this kind of reception instead?

Could they just be applauding for the character and not me?

No wait, they have a banner with “Love Love Master Lin!!” on it, so they’re definitely cheering for me.

And I see my disciples and sisters up in the VIP booths doing the same thing, their banners with more personalised messages like “I Love Master!” with hearts painted all around and “Onii-sama numbah wan!”.

When the hell did they even make those?

Oh well, now is not the time to ponder about such things, the show must still go on.

But in order to do so, I need to settle the House first…

“Friends! Bei Yangers! Countrymen! Lend me your ears!”

The entire theatre quietened down, all of their eyes on me.

“I am just but a small blip in this plane of existence! Nothing more than a face among the crowds! But yet I implore you, my most dearest people! Just go forth and sit awhile! Let me work the magic that is of the arts!”

As though guided by an invisible hand, the audience slowly settled down back to their places.

I waited for a moment more before finally starting the show.

Slipping into the character of ‘Mark’ easily, I began the telling of his tale.

The scene was an introduction to his character, where he spouts all sorts of cringey lines and weird poses throughout his daily life.

He could be walking down the street to get to school and a girl’s handkerchief could be blown his way.

He would leap into the air, do a perfect double somersault, grab that cloth in between his fingers before executing a triple forward roll and doing a three point landing in front of the handkerchief’s owner.

He would then pass that little piece of cloth back to the girl while saying things like “Such is the whims of the wind, taking what is precious to us. But for you… I shall stop this wind with all my might.”

I think I impress even myself by doing all that with a straight face.

That’s not even the worst one too.

He would sometimes stop in the middle of a conversation with someone, look straight ahead and blurt out “My right eye is trembling…” before dashing off with his arms flailing behind him.

I’d like to think that if anyone did this in real life it would be an absolute cringefest.

I had even half expected the audience to break out in groans and curse at the scenes of cringe.

But somehow, they were just watching with captivated expressions. Heck, even my disciples seem to be elated in watching whatever I’m doing down here.

Did they get contaminated by my sisters’ ‘An Ney May’ thinking too?

Gotta purify them later.

(Kiyomi POV)

“He really is a natural, how does he do that?” Chuya asked, her slime form visibly wobbling from excitement.

“Apparently, he has decades worth of experience,” I answered without looking away.

Hikari raised an eyebrow at me, her twin cat tails waving in the air slowly, “You’re kidding right, nyaa?”

“Not really,” I admitted with a smile.

“Well. I guess it’s good that we got a professional to match him as his partner,” Chuya giggled.

I did not respond to her as my attention was now entirely on my new Master, my entire being enraptured by his every movement.

Perhaps it was due to my lack of attention before I knew about his real identity,but I could clearly see the strength and nobility in all his movements now.

It seemed so obvious when I knew what to look out for. Even his words were imbued with his power and just by listening to it, my body thrums with every word he speaks.

I can’t believe I had been this blind to what has always been in front of me.

“Well, that’s my cue,” Hikari announced, her tails swishing around to show how enthusiastic she was about going up on stage. “Wish me luck!”

She entered from the right side of the stage, hopping directly up towards my Master with a smile on her face.

I remembered vividly that the next part required some ‘jealous boys’ dumping a bucket of water on him from above.

It was one of the more popular scenes since it featured Mark walking around in drenched clothing which caught the eye of the other male lead.

Two backstage staff were already waiting on the parapets above the stage with the bucket prepared, I could see them doing some sort of prayer before lifting up the bucket.

The bucket of water was dumped spectacularly on him, triggering loud gasps of astonishment from the audience.

My eyes caught sight of a few flickers of what could be fire and lightning in the corner of the VIP booths. I didn’t even need to look there to know that my new sisters were barely restraining themselves from leaping onto the stage in anger.

But once again, Master displayed his wonderful skills by performing his lines masterfully, brushing away that bullying incident and doing the iconic wall slam scene on Hikari.

Master exited the stage towards my direction, droplets of water still dripping from his hair.

I handed him the towel that I had already prepared beforehand. He could have just used his Technique to make himself dry but he had mentioned beforehand that he wanted to leave the impression of a normal kid to the other three idols who, he believes, still think that he is just an eight year old boy.

Not that I think they see him as a normal kid from the beginning anyway but I will indulge in Master’s wishes.

I suppose it’s fortunate they aren’t that well informed about the Practitioner world as I am since the name “Master Lin” is a dead giveaway. I am quite surprised there are people in this town that actually knows his identity seeing how they’re usually rather hostile towards Practitioners.

“Thanks, I still don’t see the other male lead though? Is he late?” Master asked, towelling his face dry.

“Oh, that person’s already here. Don’t worry about it,” Chuya assured him with a cheeky smile.

Is it just me or is Chuya’s slime form bigger than usual?

Master looked at her with a dubious look on his face, “Whatever… I’ll go change for the next scene.”

Once Master left the area, Chuya reached into her gelatinous body to pull out a set of clothes that she had kept hidden inside of her.

“Well, time for you to change too, Kiyomi. Don’t mess your finale up now.”

I nodded, taking the clothes in my hands, “I hope I can at least match his tempo…”

That brought a round of laughter from her as I proceeded towards the changing rooms with my own costume in hand.


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