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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 132: And They Lived Happily Ever After… Maybe Bahasa Indonesia


“So I heard you were the new transfer student? Which wind did you ride to be blown to such a place like this?” I spouted out my lines with a straight face.

“And I see that you are Mark, the most loved and hated person in this academy,” The other person responded with a grin.

I flicked my hair dramatically, “I see you’ve heard of me, transfer student George. Now I must ask you, which side of the coin shall you stand at?”

George ignored my question and instead walked up to me with his chin high.

Disturbed by his silence, I took a hesitant step back, my back pressing against the wall behind me.

He slammed the wall with his palm, placing a finger below my chin to lift my face up and stare right into my eyes.

“I stand on neither sides,” He whispered, licking his lips suggestively. “I would rather have you stand by my side instead.”

I sucked in a breath, my face displaying a conflicted mass of emotions before he pulled away from me, chuckling.

“I will see you around Mark, perhaps we could get to know each other better,” George exited the stage while giving a backwards wave.

Just before the lights dimmed on stage, I caught a glimpse of the audience who were entirely enraptured by the earlier scene. Many of the girls blushing furiously at what had just transpired.

Even my disciples were at the edge of their seats, watching the entire scene with half-lidded eyes.

Once the stage was plunged fully into darkness, I took my cue to exit from the stage on the same side that George had left from.

‘George’ was waiting for me there, leaning on one of the stage props.

I looked at Kiyomi wearing the male uniform of the fictitious academy that both Mark and George were attending and I have to say, it kind of suits her.

Her shoulder length hair was tied in a high ponytail and it seems that she used some kind of binding on her chest to hide her usually distinctive bosoms.

If I didn’t know her before this, I might have mistaken her for a rather effeminate young man.

I should’ve known.

Is this why they were so insistent on hiding who the ‘male’ partner was for this show? Just so they can pull a reverse trap card on me?

Honestly, I’d never have thought Kiyomi to be the other lead for this. Since she didn’t have a specific role all this time, I thought she only had backstage duties all this while.

“Really?” I asked, an incredulous look on my face. “This was supposed to be the big reveal?”

She smiled at me, “Sorry Master… They wanted you to be on edge about doing it with a guy up until the last moment. Hikari thought it would be fun to watch how you would react. Are you ok with me being your partner?”

“I don’t suppose Manami already told you about what we’ve done?”

She tilted her head, “Not yet. Should she?”

“At the rate things are going, I suspect you’ll learn of it sooner or later anyway so it doesn’t matter. Let’s just give them a good show.”

“By your will, Master.”

I still can’t get used to her doing that.

A person who was distant and cold suddenly addressing you so respectfully… Yeah, not even Diao Chan had this big of a switch.

I would assume her want for power led to such a big turn around, they say that people change a lot to get what they want, after all.

Just look at me, I used to always stay locked inside my own room to get stronger and never even bothered reconnecting with my family. Dying was enough for me to give up on that closed door cultivation bullcrap.

Since I know fox youkai has a tendency to be rather… Endearing with their mates, I would wager Kiyomi was not as open to that idea since she feels it makes her weak.

That might have prompted her to leave Manami’s village in an attempt to strengthen herself but it still came one full circle in the end.

I suppose Manami being her sister had something to do with it, it’s just that Kiyomi has become more clear-headed from her time spent in the outside world.

The white haired fox turned to me suddenly, “Ah… Master? You are fine with doing ‘that’ scene, right?”

It took me a moment to know what she was talking about, “I suppose. Just don’t be too weird about it.”

“Understood. We should go, Kana has already prepared the stage.”

Kana? Ah, the Ryu girl. I believe she’s the Stage Manager for this little show.

We got to our positions and the lights came back on again, this time we were in the classroom of the academy.

“I heard what you did George,” I pointed an accusatory finger at ‘him’. “To think you had that side of you, you think no one would find out?”

“Huhuhu… So? What do you intend to do about it?” George taunted. “But was that not what you wanted? To be left alone?”

I slammed my fist on a table, “You crippled all of the bullies! That was going too far!”

George chuckled, crossing his arms in front of him, “Really? I’d think that crippling anyone who even tries to touch my property is a justifiable action.”

“Your property? Since when have I become your property?”

He stepped in front of me, barely an arm’s length away, “Why… Since the start of course.”

He pinched my chin in between his finger and thumb, once more tilting my head up to face the taller him.

By now I can hear the girls who have begun hyperventilating within the audience, no doubt anticipating what was to come.

“I… Am not easy, you know?” I cautioned him.

“As you shouldn’t be. You deserve perfection, namely me.”

“A rather arrogant thing for someone like you to say.”

He smiled, “Well… It is with this arrogance that I could attract you, right?”

I swear this girl is actually enjoying this. I have never seen her eyes so bright and full of enthusiasm before. Don’t tell me she’s a closet S?

George leaned in close to me, I could even feel his breath on my face now.

“You are a deviant,” I accused, though I made no move to push him away.

“You don’t deny the attraction hmm? Well then… Thanks for the meal.”

George/Kiyomi moved the last few centimeters to connect our lips together, her head tilting to the side as her arms wrapped around me to pull me closer to her.

Cue the audience screaming out their cheers in the background.

I really need a vacation after this.

Well… Just need to do the ending scene with Kiyomi where George reveals he’s the son of some big corporation’s boss and promises Mark a life full of luxuries.

Of course there’s the continuation of Mark and George overcoming both their families’ disapproval at their relationship and other complications but we wisely decided to just end this little play at the part where George and Mark walk off into the sunset, hand in hand.

Perhaps they wanted to see how well this play was received before deciding if a sequel was a profitable enough venture.

Not really my concern since I’m heading right back out after today.

Hmm? Damn, Kiyomi’s really getting into this, she’s already trying to stuff her tongue down my throat.

Oh well, seeing as how the audience is going crazy about it, I guess I can just indulge her for now.


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