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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 130: It’s Playtime Bahasa Indonesia


“I will not. Kiss. A. Guy,” I protested, shaking my rolled-up script at the three idol members in front of me. Kiyomi was absent due to handling some backstage stuff.

“You don’t actually have to kiss him,” The slime girl informed exasperatedly. “Just pretending is enough. Acting is your strong suit isn’t it?”

“Acting or no, I am against making kissy faces to someone of my gender.”

“Come oooon!” The nekomata pleaded. “Do you knyow how hard it is to get the other person to agree to be your partner?”

I crossed my arms, “No, and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

The Ryu girl scoffed, “Well we’ve already reached this stage, it’s too late to back out now. I say just do whatever you feel you can do. I’m sure the other actor can improv if need be.”

I raised my eyebrow, “So you got another professional in this quaint little town? How convenient.”

All of them just smiled at me without answering.

I shrugged, if push comes to shove, I’ll just figure out something on the spot.

Honestly, right now I’m only putting up with this kind of crap because of my disciples.

I didn’t intend for the other girls to find out about my little side project, but Kiyomi just had to spill the beans about my involvement in this play and all of them had declared their wholehearted support for me.

All of them, including the servants, claim that they will definitely be there to watch my performance.

When Cai Hong looks at you with sparkles in her eyes and full of anticipation, you’ll have to be a heartless monster to let her down.

I just hope my partner isn’t some creepy dude.

On second thought, they will definitely find some handsome guy since my sister had written the other guy to be quite charming.

Yes, I did went ahead to read the book my sister wrote.

Just last night in fact, when we had to stay in one of the town’s inns. My disciples were quite happy that there weren’t enough rooms so they ended up sharing a room with me.

I punished Diao Chan as she had requested and managed to get my fluff time with Manami.

Thanks to this small body of mine, I can just bury my entire body into that mass of fluff easily. Now I’m a little hesitant about returning to my original adult form…

I got to talk with the inn’s proprietress and found that she had a copy of the book, she was unusually happy to let me borrow it after I expressed interest in reading it.

Aside from the fact that it was BL, the story and characters were actually quite interesting and unique. Odriana probably analysed the best points in all the stories she knew and combined them to create this. I can see why people liked it so much and are hyped for this live action show.

“Could I at least meet the guy acting as the other dude first?” I requested.

“Nyot possible!” The nekomata made an ‘X’ sign with her arms. “You’ll just try and convince them to do something else during the show!”

Well… She got me there.

The Ryu girl ruffled my hair, “Don’t worry about it. Your partner is truly a professional in this sector.”

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about.”

You can never know what lengths professionals will go just for their art and I’m speaking from experience.

Resigning myself to my fate, I assured them that I would do my best for the coming performance.

Satisfied with my answer, the slime girl and the nekomata left, leaving me with the Ryu girl.

I raised an eyebrow at her, wondering why she was still here.

The last thing I expected was for her to check that no one was around before leaning close to whisper in my ear, “You don’t need to worry about your partner, you’ll definitely like them. This is thanks for the ointment you gave me, it works like a charm.”

She pulled away and gave me a conspiratory smile before slithering out after her friends.

That actually made me more worried instead of relieved…

(Diao Chan POV)

I followed my sisters to the theatre that Master was going to perform at, alongside his two sisters and all of their followers.

To think Master had specifically gone to such lengths to teach me how to improve my acting skills…

This one is truly not worthy, Master!

This Diao Chan will engrave your performance deeply into my memory and work hard to improve my lacklustre skills!

Ahhnn~ Just remembering how Master punished me last night for my impudence sends shivers down my spine~

Mmmm~ I can’t wait to receive another lesson from Master~

“Diao Chan, wipe your drool please,” Lian Li admonished me, passing a handkerchief my way. “We are representing as Master’s disciples today. We shall not shame Master.”

I muttered an apology while dabbing at my lips delicately with the cloth she proffered me.

We found our seats at the VIP section easily enough, having the sister of your Master as the shadow ruler of the town definitely helps.

The entire theatre was packed to the brim today, it was almost as if the entire town had gathered here.

I could even see the aisles occupied by people sitting on the steps and even the back of the theatre was packed with people standing just behind the seats.

All of them must also be fellow believers of Master.

Manami had also taken upon herself to ingrain the entire show into her memory before she spreads them amongst our own church using her memory Technique.

“When I approved of their group’s idea to use this story to promote their group, I was rather concerned that they might not be able to find a good enough actor to fill the main lead’s role,” Odriana commented, her fingers playing with the frills on her black dress.

“But to think my cute little brother will take the role himself in this play… It truly is fate!”

Cai Hong looked towards Lian Li, “Papa play?”

Lian Li patted her head, “Not that kind of play, Cai Hong.”

“Well are they starting yet? I’m tireeeeed of waiting already! We want Master!” Eris groaned, one of her legs propped up on the armrest.

Almost immediately, she slapped her own leg off the armrest, her face an expression of indignation, “Sit like a lady!”

The lights of the theatre dimmed and all the noises in the theatre immediately ceased, everyone leaning forward to focus all their attention on stage. It seems like everyone here knows theatre etiquette at least.

A Ryu yokai floated out from above the stage to hover in front of the curtains, beginning her introduction to the play.

“There once was a boy, touched by god himself, whose mind was forever wrapped in symphony. Misunderstood by all he was, for not many could comprehend the melody he plays. But still he was admired for the art that he displays, for it soothes both hearts and minds for the weary.”

She glided to the side just as the curtains opened up, revealing our dearest Master standing on centre stage.

All decorum within the theatre flew out of the window then, as everyone stood up from their seats. Everyone of them were cheering, whistling and clapping at our God’s entrance.

I could even see hand drawn banners being hoisted up in the crowd, the words “Love Love Master Lin!!” written boldly on the cloth.

Well… Can’t say we were any better as we took out our own banners and whistles, screaming at the top of our lungs for our Master.

Ahhh~~ He looks absolutely adorable in that school uniform! I wonder if Master is open to costume play?


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