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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 851: Getting Answers Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu had been listening to Ku Waowen and memorizing all the information to his best. His control of spirit Qi had returned, as well as the formation array restricting him had stopped working with Ku Waowen getting all but crippled.

He thus took out a jade slip and recorded all that she was saying in it. He knew that in his current state, his mind was unstable and he might not remember everything, thus he let it be recorded.

In fact, Lin Mu didn’t even know what had happened to him. He hadn’t got the chance to check himself and now needed to focus on the Old woman in front of him. He was doing his best to make sure his mind was as controlled as it could be.

But that was a mountainous task for him.

“What exactly is the inheritance here?” Lin Mu questioned next.


Ku Waowen swallowed the saliva in her mouth, to calm her dry throat, though it wasn’t as useful as she thought. Gritting her teeth for a moment, she started to answer.

‘This discomfort is better than getting my bones crushed by him.’ She reckoned.

“We don’t know which expert the inheritance originally belongs to as it has existed here for thousands of years. While it was considered that the number of Immortal Ascension cultivators was well known in the past, it was not so.

There were actually a few that kept out of conflicts and stayed in seclusion the entire time. For all we know, it could be someone that broke through and decided to stay hidden the entire time, but then ended up reaching the end of their life and made a tomb to keep their inheritance.

The one thing Ancestor Kushao did inform us about was that the tomb was rather strange with the type of beasts that it had. They couldn’t be controlled at all and grew strong at a rapid speed.

This made him wonder how it was possible, and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. He discovered that there was a source hidden in the bottom most layer of the tomb. It was behind the beast’s growing strong and also powered the entire tomb.

He couldn’t unearth it, as it was hidden behind a dense formation array that might collapse the entire place if he prodded it too much. Thus, instead of doing anything to the source itself, he redirected the energy that rose from it and used it to power a teleportation array.

He spent centuries building it and used up a majority of the fortune he had gathered in doing it. Finally in the end, he completed it and returned to the Northern tribes.” Ku Waowen explained.

“He actually returned? He’s alive?” Lin Mu asked, feeling shocked.

He had thought that the man was dead the entire time.

“This was a secret kept by the higher ups of the tribe and the juniors don’t know that he did. But while he did return to the tribe, he did not live for long. Just two years after he returned, he died due to a strange illness that had spread to him.

All that we got from him was that it was something in this tomb that had led to him getting sick like that. It was also him that warned us not to go into the lowest floor until we were fully prepared, or we would suffer the same thing.

That was why in all these years we did not use the Teleportation array. We needed to wait for a time when our alliance was strong enough to claim the empire.” Ku Waowen answered.

Hearing this Lin Mu furrowed his brows.

‘Something that can make a Dao Treading realm cultivator like him sick? Not poisoned but sick… that’s strange.’ Lin Mu thought.

“What was Kushao’s cultivation base before his death?” Lin Mu asked for clarification.

“He was at the very peak of the Dao Treading realm. Everyone was sure that he would reach the Immortal Ascension realm, as he was not that old either, being just above two thousand years old.

But then his death was a tragedy for us and also alarmed us about the sickness. If it could kill a talented expert like him, then others would probably die way easily.” She replied.

Lin Mu thought for a bit before asking more questions.

“What of these strange beasts? What do you know about them?” He questioned.

“We don’t know much about them either, other than the fact that they grow very rapidly. They can reach the Dao Shell realm in less than five hundred years. They don’t have Dantians or normal meridians, but just a strange crystal that acts as a vessel.

After they die, their bodies don’t last for a long time either. If the crystal is removed, the speed is increased exponentially and the body will decompose in less than a day.” Ku Waowen answered.

Hearing this, Lin Mu furrowed his brows and looked into the ring. In there, he got his confirmation.

‘It really is decomposing… this is very fast.’ Lin Mu said, seeing the hundreds of corpses that he had in there.

This was strange as in the ring usually things didn’t decompose easily. Lin Mu had a lot of other beast corpses in it that were the same as the day he put them in there.

‘Seems like their bodies are far too different. Those crystals are the main thing that allows them to exist and provides them power. Plus, if they can grow to the Dao Shell realm in less than five hundred years, it is a terrifying situation.’ Lin Mu thought.

“Why did the tomb hide away after appearing for years before the incidence five hundred years ago?” Lin Mu questioned.

“While we don’t know the exact answer for that, over the years, we assumed that the beasts were behind it. The tomb does not open up so that one can get the inheritance in it, but rather to let out the beasts.

The tomb basically appears when the number of beasts in it reaches a high enough number.” Ku Waowen answered, clearing Lin Mu’s doubt.


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