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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 850: Interrogating Bahasa Indonesia

Ku Waowen could barely move at this moment. The backlash from the destruction of her Dao Shell had sent a surge of pain that all but paralyzed her meridians. Moving even an inch made her body cry out in pain.

But the pain didn’t bother her as much as the deadly gaze that Lin Mu was giving her. It was now that she realized she didn’t even know the name of her foe.

“W-who… are… you…” she asked with difficulty, feeling lost at this moment.

But Lin Mu could not care for that. All he wanted was for his own questions to be answered.


“AAAAAARRRHHHHHHG!” Ku Waowen yelled in pain as tears streamed down her face.

Her left arm had just been ripped out as copious amounts of blood flew out. Lin Mu’s claws were no less than knives right now and could sever anything from flesh to metal.

“Speak.” Lin Mu stated.

But Ku Waowen was far too busy writhing in pain to answer that.


Seeing it, Lin Mu simply frowned and stepped onto her foot, crushing it entirely.



The old woman directly fell to the ground and rolled in pain, unable to bear so much all at once. Normally, a cultivator of her level would be able to bear such pain with relative ease and won’t show such a reaction.

But with the destruction of the Dao Shell and the backlash she received, the pain right now was amplified much more than normal. Not to mention, spirit Qi served a big role in suppressing the pain and healing the damage caused.

But her spirit Qi could not work at all right now. Her Dantian was effectively empty and the Dao Shell which was the main source for her was destroyed. In simply terms, she was all but crippled and only the Nascent soul was keeping her alive.

Even the Nascent soul could not do much for her, since the Dantian was more like a jail for it right now. And She didn’t dare release it either as it would be her last saving grace if she died here today.

Her Nascent soul would at least allow her to escape… even if that chance was minuscule.

“Speak! Who are you and what was your goal here?” Lin Mu shouted in a hoarse voice.

Seeing that he received no answer even now, he raised his leg and was just about to stomp it down on the leg again.

“NOOO! WAIT!” Ku Waowen hurriedly said, snot and tears streaming down her face.

“I’ll speak! Just… give… me a moment,” She requested.

Lin Mu simply stayed silent and stared at her with a killer gaze that stirred the fear in her heart again.

“I’m… Ku Waowen, the chieftess of the Ku Clan of the Northern Tribes and one of the outer members of the Great Tribal Council.” The Old Woman spoke with difficulty.

She tried to regulate her breathing so that she could suppress the pain somewhat and focus on answering.

“I’m here to repeat what we did five hundred years ago and also obtain the inheritance of an Immortal Ascension realm expert that was hidden here by my Ancestor Kushao.” She continued.


“More… tell me everything in detail.” Lin Mu said as he stepped on her shin, crushing the bone into fragments.

This time Ku Waowen didn’t cry out and simply gritted her teeth to bear the pain. Her breath got labored and her chest started to heave. She took a deep breath and used whatever vital energy there was within her body to try and reduce the pain.

After that, she started to speak. She knew there was no use bargaining with Lin Mu. She had seen a lot in the years that she had lived and knew which people could be bargained with.

And Lin Mu in front of her was certainly not one of them. To her, he was no less than a monster and even looked like one, though she didn’t know how this was all possible.

‘Just what skill is this… even the Berserker Totem Ancestor Lugan has doesn’t allow this kind of a transformation.’ She wondered.

Lin Mu simply stood there and continued to listen to all that Ku Waowen had to say.

She started from the past and how the Northern Tribes had lured all the sects and their people into the ruins before trapping and killing them. They had done this for over thousands of years and only in the last five hundred years did the sects decide to do an in depth operation.

Seeing so many of their disciples die had made them understand that there should be something sentient controlling it all. They thought that if this thing could be controlled, the danger would be eliminated and they would obtain all the fortune that was in the tomb.

Unfortunately for them, it was not some sentient formation or anything like that, but rather the Northern Tribes themselves. And thus when they found out about this, they only got happy.

In this operation, a lot of strong members of the sect would be taking part. And thus, if they could kill them all, it would help weaken them even more. Their plan even went as they had decided, but at the very last moment, a problem happened.

They had miscalculated the damage that might happen to the formation array for it to contain so many cultivators with high cultivation bases all at once. The way of containment was the same as what Ku Waowen had used on Lin Mu right now.

The formation array could fully immobilize the spirit Qi in this hall. It was an ancient formation array that was an original part of this ruin, and Ancestor Kushao had simply modified it so that they could use it.

The damage to the formation ended up causing the ruins to sink back into the ground uncontrollably. The Northern Tribes did manage to escape, but their means of harassing the sects and the inheritance of the immortal ascension realm expert was lost in that.


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