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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 852: Crippled! Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing that the tomb’s appearance depended on the number of beasts made Lin Mu think of something he had read in the Lost Immortal’s memoirs.

‘Perhaps this is not even an inheritance ground…’ Lin Mu thought as his brows furrowed.

Ku Waowen felt a bit scared as she couldn’t tell what Lin Mu was feeling from his expression. Each change in his expression seemed angry or ferocious to her in this form, and there was nothing she could perceive.

She could only hope that he wouldn’t rip her head off in anger randomly. After about a minute of silence, Lin Mu asked another question, this time a very important one.

“What of the teleportation array? How was it made and where is it located?” Lin Mu questioned.

“The Teleportation array… it is in the level below us. But to get there, I need to unseal the entrance first. But doing that would take a long time on my own, thus I was going to use the cultivation bases and souls of others that would enter the tomb as a sacrificial fuel.

As for how it’s made, I do not know. It was made by ancestor Kushao and links to the main teleportation array in the grand capital of the tribal alliance.” Ku Waowen answered promptly.

Having heard this, Lin Mu understood that he would have to see the array himself to get a better idea of it. But doing that with Ku Waowen here would be problematic, not to mention he needed to figure out what was happening to himself as well.

He thus stepped towards Ku Waowen, who trembled on the ground.

“W-what, do you want?” Ku Waowen asked, feeling scared.

But Lin Mu did not answer her, instead, he simply thrust one of his claws into her abdomen.

“AHHHHHHHH!” Ku Waowen cried out in pain.

The pain she felt this time was worse than before, and she felt terrified at what Lin Mu had just done.


Right away, spirit Qi started to leak out of Ku Waowen’s wound and her cultivation base started to fall. But before it could progress anymore, Lin Mu stuffed a pill into Ku Waowen’s mouth.


The pill immediately melted and showed its effects. The medicinal properties spread around her body, regardless of the fact that her meridians were not exactly in the proper condition and her cultivation base now was useless.

Her arm that Lin Mu had ripped out healed over but did not grow back. Only the skin stopped bleeding and a thick scab formed. Her legs on the other hand, healed fully and her bones were mended.

The same could be said for the other minor wounds she had sustained, along with the stab wound in her abdomen. It closed up as well and the spirit Qi stopped leaking from it.

Ku Waowen found the pain from her body fading away, though the loss of her Dantian was still there. She felt confused and sad at this as she looked at Lin Mu.

‘That should keep her from dying and also prevent her from doing anything.’ Lin Mu thought.

He knew that even if Ku Waowen’s Dao Shell was shattered, she still had the power of a Shell initiation stage Dao Shell realm expert at that point. She could still cause unnecessary problems once her condition got a little better.

He didn’t want anything untoward to happen, thus took this decision. But, on the other hand, crippling her Dantian meant that her cultivation would regress and she would not cultivate ever again.

This also meant that once she lost sufficient of her cultivation base, she would die. Lin Mu couldn’t let that happen either as there was a lot more information they needed to extract from her, thus healing her with a Four Vessels Restoration pill.

It was the perfect pill for it as it could heal physical wounds, but was unable to heal the Dantian.

Lin Mu could see Ku Waowen staring at him with eyes filled with despair and dead. He then took out another pill and stuffed it into her mouth again. As soon as she ate the pill, it made her fall asleep.

“The Deep Somnolence Pill should be enough to keep her asleep for a while. I can deal with other things in this time…” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

With Ku Waowen taken care of for a while, Lin Mu checked his own condition. His spirit sense scanned every inch of his body and let him know what had happened.

“This… is certainly not what I expected… that pattern and the shape… The Great Slumber Bear’s bloodline?” Lin Mu recognized.

The Volume of Lin Mu’s body had increased by several times and had led him to become a small giant. While he was not as tall as a Great Slumber Bear, he was still four meters tall, which was quite a lot for a human.

If… he could even be called that at this point. His skin, hair, and nails all pointed to him not being a normal human at this point. The same could be said for his facial components as well.

Lin Mu looked down at his hands with sharp nails and didn’t know what to do about himself.

“How… how do I return to my normal self now? Is it even possible?” Lin Mu questioned himself.

Due to his thoughts being a bit muddled and slow, he didn’t remember the solution that he had already found a long time ago. But after about half an hour of thinking, he finally recalled it.

“Of course! The Calming heart sutra helped with the effects of the Burning heart sutra earlier, thus it should work with this too. After all, this was due to it as well.” Lin Mu said to himself, feeling a bit happy.

Though he was still not fully sure if it would work. After all, the current effect of the Burning heart Sutra was way beyond what it had shown before. It almost felt like an entirely different technique now.


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