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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 648: Intruders At The Mu Clan Bahasa Indonesia

Mu Tao and Mu Niu were a bit overwhelmed by the pressure of Lin Mu’s spirit sense and wondered just how strong was Lin Mu.

‘If just the spirit sense is this strong that what will his cultivation be like?’ Mu Tao thought.

‘Such force… just what kind of foundation is be needed to reach this level?’ Mu Niu wondered.

Lin Mu didn’t know that he had awed the trio once again just by this. He was too focused on seeing who was it that had come near the Mu Clan. In the range of his spirit sense, Lin Mu detected thirteen men that were sneaking their way to the Mu clan.

They were completely covered up to hide their identities and it was easy to understand that they weren’t here for anything good. Lin Mu also sensed their cultivation base and found them all to be at the Qi refining realm.

“Thirteen Qi refining realm cultivators coming towards the clan.” Lin Mu said.

“It can’t be the council members, right? They won’t act so soon.” Mu Tao asked.

“We can’t say for sure. Even if they only revealed their plan today, Shantung might have been thinking of doing this for longer than that.” Mu Niu replied.

“Regardless of that, we will know once we interrogate them…” Lin Mu said before he disappeared into thin air.

Mu Tao and Mu Niu were stunned by seeing this.

“He really can use spatial skills…” Mu Niu who knew a bit more guessed.


Lin Mu appeared in the sky above the Mu Clan and looked at the places where the intruders were located at. He then blinked towards them and stood at the back of one of them.

Without giving the man to even know he was there, Lin Mu knocked out the man unconscious. He then did the same for the rest of them and in less than thirty seconds, thirteen men had been incapacitated.

Lin Mu then tied all of them up with a rope into a large bundle and carried them to the clan. The few clansmen and servants were shocked upon seeing a man descending from the sky in the middle of the clan.

“Who’s that!?” A servant shouted.

This caught the attention of the others and all of them looked at Lin Mu, who had the bundle of thirteen men in his hand.


He landed in the central courtyard of the Mu clan where there was a large open space and put the captured men there.

“It can’t be… a Nascent Soul realm cultivator…” one of the Mu clansmen said upon seeing Lin Mu being able to fly.

“Everyone, get back to your works. We will be having a clan meeting later in the day. Also… no one is allowed to leave the clan till further notice!” Mu Tao, who had just appeared from the main hall of the central courtyard, announced.

The servants went to their posts upon hearing their patriarch’s words while few remaining clansmen went back to their rooms. They all had been stressed in these few months and had been doing their best to cultivate and thus would spend most of their time in the rooms.

This was the order Mu Tao had given them and they were following it. They all had seen the condition of the clan when they were attacked and thus they no longer wanted to be in the same helpless state.

“There are the intruders.” Lin Mu informed.

“Let’s see who they are…” Mu Niu said as he pulled off the face coverings of the men.

Upon seeing their appearance, Mu Tao and Mu Niu furrowed their brows.

“They are indeed sent from Shantung… I’ve seen a couple of them working as guards for his caravans.” Mu Niu stated.

“Hmm… at least this saves us time and we don’t need to interrogate.” Lin Mu said. “Though what do we do with these men?” he asked.

“For now, we will throw them in the dungeon. Once the problem with the vault is resolved we will think of what to do with them. We will also get to see Shantung’s reaction.” Mu Tao replied.

Lin Mu thought over it and found it to be fine.

“That would be good. We will also make the man nervous by not showing any reaction.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Exactly, it will make him confides and he will wonder where his men are since he will detect no disturbance in the Mu clan.” Mu Niu agreed.

With everyone in agreement, Lin Mu and the rest waited till the evening. Mu Tao and Mu Niu went to make an announcement to the clansmen about what would be happening. While they didn’t tell them everything, they did tell them that the clan was being targeted and that Lin Mu was a senior that was going to help them.

It was safe to say that they were shocked by this and also wondered about who Lin Mu was. But Mu Tao gave them no information other than he is to be respected and not to question his orders.

While this was happening, Lin Mu was waiting in the underground secret area of the clan. He took out the Grey egg of the fire fang snake and injected some beast Qi into it. Lin Mu had been doing this once every day since he got it.

So far, there had been no changes in the egg and it showed no signs of hatching. Even using spirit sense was not possible as the interior of the egg just looked hazy to Lin Mu. Originally Lin Mu had even wondered if the egg had died, by Xukong had told him that the egg was fine.

The only difference was that the egg was rather unique and could block the spirit sense’s perception somehow. While they were curious how this was possible, they didn’t prod it too much as they didn’t want to accidentally damage the egg.

“Here you go senior,” The voice of a girl was heard as a teacup was placed in front of Lin Mu.


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