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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 649: Change In The Egg And A Minor Flaw? Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu looked up and saw that it was the girl Mu Bing serving him tea. Mu Tao and Mu Niu had asked her to accompany Lin Mu while they got the clan in order, as they found it to be rude to leave Lin Mu alone.

In a way, it was to keep an eye on Lin Mu and also a way for them to serve Lin Mu for a bit.

Ever since Mu Bing saw Lin Mu thought she had a constant blush on her face. Lin Mu though, was oblivious to this and just thought that was how her face looked. She had been crying before that and thus her face had been red the entire time, making him unable to see the difference.

Besides, he was far too busy in his own things to notice other matters such as this.

“Thank you,” Lin Mu said as he took the tea and took a sip.

“Oh, it’s better than the tea shop in the city.” Lin Mu said upon finding its taste to be a bit more pleasant than the watery one in the city.

“I’m happy that senior likes the tea of our clan. This is something we grew ourselves,” Mu Bing replied.

“Oh, you did? That’s nice.” Lin Mu said as he finished the tea in the cup.

Mu Bing poured another cup of tea for him and looked at the Grey egg that was placed on the table. She had noticed it from the start and wondered what it was, but she didn’t want to disturb Lin Mu at that time.

Lin Mu had been injecting the beast Qi into the egg and thus Mu Bing had felt there to be a strange pressure exuding from Lin Mu that prevented her from interfering back then. But now that it was gone, she felt like Lin Mu was pleasant again.

“What egg is this, senior? Is it a beast egg?” Mu Bing questioned.

“Yes, it is a beast egg, but I don’t know what kind of a beast it will hatch.” Lin Mu answered.

“I see… did senior found it in the wild?” Mu Bing asked further.

“You can say that, I guess…” Lin Mu replied.

Mu Bing then extended her hand to touch the egg carefully. She watched if Lin Mu was in disagreement but did not see any response from him.

“Whoa! It’s so warm,” Mu Bing spoke.

“It is?” Lin Mu said as he placed his hand on it as well.

“Hmm… it seems to be the same to me,” Lin Mu muttered.

“Now it became cold all of a sudden!” Mu Bing

Lin Mu furrowed his brows and tried to feel it but found it to be the same.

“Are you sure of what you are saying?” Lin Mu questioned.

“I swear senior!” Mu Bing said hurriedly.

‘This is strange… why can only she feel the changes? It doesn’t seem like she’s lying either.’ Lin Mu thought.

Lin Mu was then reminded that he had not felt any change in the egg since he had gotten it and was worried about it. But now that someone was telling him that there was a change, he could not sense it.

“Wait, a minute… can it be?” Lin Mu suddenly had an idea.

He closed his eyes, and a wave of spirit Qi came from his body.

“Eek!” Mu Bing got startled and took a step back.

She was merely at the late stage of the Qi refining realm and even a little fluctuation of spirit Qi from Lin Mu’s body was strong for her. If he exerted a bit too much force, there was a chance she might be directly knocked away.

But then Mu Bing saw something change in Lin Mu.

“Huh? What’s that brown layer?” Mu Bing said upon seeing the armor made of Mortal Strengthening scripture appearing on his body.

A few seconds later, the layer disappeared and Lin Mu opened his eyes.

“Let’s try now…” Lin Mu muttered and placed his hand on the egg.

His eyes went wide as he finally felt the warmth of the egg. Lin Mu kept his hand there and ten seconds later the egg felt cold instead. The change in temperature was rather drastic and was not something an egg should have usually.

‘So it really was Mortal Strengthening scripture that was preventing me from feeling the temperature difference.’ Lin Mu realized.

“While it does make sense, it shouldn’t have happened before. When you had it at a lower stage, did you ever have difficulty sensing temperature before?” Xukong suddenly questioned.

“Hmm… I don’t think so, senior. Before I was able to sense everything normally.” Lin Mu answered.

“Seems like you need better control over it, then. The mortal strengthening scripture is probably working at its full potential at all times. This also has the side effect of suppressing certain senses like touch and temperature.” Xukong analyzed.

“At least we were able to find out about it now, rather than sometime later when a major problem could have popped up. Plus, we now know that the egg is at least showing some changes.” Lin Mu replied.

Lin Mu then looked at Mu Bing and smiled.

“Thank you for telling me about this. I was mistaken earlier and couldn’t feel it because of something I was unaware of.” Lin Mu stated.

“Ah!” Mu Bing got a bit startled. “It’s nothing senior. I didn’t do anything praiseworthy, I just said what was true.” She added.


Lin Mu chuckled upon seeing her reaction and felt like he should do something. He flipped his hand and took out a small bottle filled with pills.

“Here you go,” Lin Mu handed the bottle to Mu Bing.

“My, my, you’re already taking the persona of a senior and gifting resources to junior.” Xukong laughed upon seeing this.

While Lin Mu felt embarrassed internally, he didn’t show it on his face, as that would only make him far more embarrassed. Mu Bing on the other hand, was overwhelmed upon seeing the pills.


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