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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 647: Mu Clan’s Flaw Bahasa Indonesia

Mu Tao rubbed his chin for a bit before speaking.

“I would be grateful for Miss Fen’s support. If she wants those records that would help her awaken her bloodline, I would gladly give her that. But the problem is… all such records are stored in the vault and can’t be accessed by us.

Even I only know about it because my great grandfather was the last person who was able to open the vault without having to sacrifice his life. But even then he only did it twice in his life and it was to take out the cultivation techniques we use today.” Mu Tao said.

“I see… no wait! You said you all use the cultivation techniques from the vault? Then they must belong to the inheritance, right?” Lin Mu replied.

“Yes, they should.” Mu Tao replied.

Hearing this Lin Mu furrowed his brows. He didn’t know if he was overthinking it, but the cultivation technique of the Mu clan didn’t seem to be that good. Lin Mu had seen many cultivators by now and had even seen the elders of the top sects.

He had felt their spirit Qi signatures, and they all had a unique rhythm to them. From this, Lin Mu was able to estimate if a cultivation technique was good or not. And from Mu Tao and Mu Niu, he couldn’t really feel much.

“You are thinking right, either their cultivation techniques are inferior, or they are using it wrong,” Xukong spoke.

Lin Mu nodded his head and looked at Mu Tao.

“If you don’t mind, can I take a look at the cultivation technique your clan uses?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Sure, if it’s senior then we have no problem.” Mu Tao answered right away.

To them, a cultivation technique being exposed was the least of their troubles. Besides, they didn’t think Lin Mu even needed that when he definitely had a far superior technique than them.

Mu Tao withdrew a scroll from his spatial storage ring and handed it to Lin Mu. The scroll was made from a special kind of paper and was much heavier than normal paper. Its thickness was also more than normal paper.

Lin Mu opened it and saw the words written in it with dark ink. The strokes were smooth and flowing, which showed that whoever wrote this was very confident and proficient in this cultivation technique.

‘The Thousand thread Spirit Breath Technique…’ Lin Mu read the title.

The cultivation technique was quite different from the conventional ones Lin Mu had seen until now. Lin Mu had a rather large store of cultivation techniques in his ring now, since he had raided the vault of the Tri Cauldron peony pill and had also killed the elders of the Ripple Mist sect.

Lin Mu had taken the spatial storage tools of all those that were killed by him and had been scanned by him. He had read almost all the cultivation technique and Qi skills that were contained in them.

But despite that, he had not practiced any of them as they were either not compatible with him, or were of no use to him. Even the Qi skills were not something that Lin Mu desired that much since they were not really according to his fighting style.

Lin Mu’s style focused more on dodging and avoiding hits before delivering fatal attacks. The Qi skills would be useful if Lin Mu were fighting a normal and prolonged battle, but that didn’t really happen.

Though Lin Mu had not given up on those skills and thought that when he had a lot of time in the future, he may learn them eventually. But for now, Xukong had advised him to focus on what he already had.

The Thousand Thread Spirit Breath Technique allowed one to condense spirit Qi in the form of threads in their body. These threads could then be emitted to control the puppets that the Mu Clan used.

Lin Mu instantly understood where the main problem laid; the Mu clan had no puppets as of now.

“No wonder… you are missing the most important part of your cultivation technique… the puppets.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Indeed, senior. That has been one of the biggest flaws of the Mu clan. The knowledge about the creation of puppets was lost a long time ago and the ones that we had were destroyed before my grandfather’s generation.” Mu Tao spoke in a sorrowful tone.

“Looks like our only option is the vault, then. That should definitely contain the information we seek along with the knowledge about the puppets.” Lin Mu spoke.

“If that can happen, it would be wonderful. But the problem is still about how we are going to open the vault.” Mu Tao replied.

“Let me see what I can do about it…” Lin Mu said before withdrawing a communication jade slip and contracting Jing Luo.

He then informed Jing Luo of all that had happened till now and that he needed his help. And a few seconds later, Jing Luo replied to him as well.

“I’m currently spying on two of the council members and need to observe more. I’ll meet you with you in the evening and then we will see what we can do about the Mu clan.” Jing Luo messaged.

Lin Mu nodded his head and felt like at least there was some hope since Jing Luo had not denied right away.

“We will need to wait till the evening before my friend will be able to come help.” Lin Mu informed.

“That will be fine, senior.” Mu Tao replied with a satisfied expression.

Mu Niu, who had not spoken for a bit suddenly furrowed his brows and took out a formation plate from his pocket. He closed his eyes for five seconds before opening them.

“We have intruders near the clan.” Mu Niu said.

Mu Tao had a tense expression on his face while Mu Bing seemed to be a bit fearful. Lin Mu instead let out a wave of spirit Qi, as his spirit sense spread all around the courtyard before extending up to an area of three thousand meters.


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