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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1326: An Excuse For War And Array Assistance Bahasa Indonesia

Kulo carefully watched Lin Mu while he worked. Only when ten minutes passed and Lin Mu still seemed to be oblivious did he call out to him.

“Noble Lin Mu.” Head Warrior Kulo said in a low voice so as not to startle Lin Mu.

“Ah! You’re right on time!” Lin Mu replied, gazing at the man.

“I am?” Kulo asked.

“Yes, I was just about to ask the tribe to send some helpers.” Lin Mu replied.

“You need helpers? For the array you are making?” Head Warrior Kulo asked, feeling a bit surprised.

This was due to the fact that in the clan, there was no one that could match up with Lin Mu’s skill in formations. Only Kunzi might come close to it, and even then it was doubtful whether the man could help in the case of a spatial type array.

“It’s nothing difficult. I just need ten people to help channel their spirit Qi into the stabilizing poles.” Lin Mu replied.

“Ah, that can be done.” Head Warrior Kulo said before calling for a few people.

“Did you have something else to say to me? Seeing as you are here, I reckon it has to do with the Huyun Clan immortals?” Lin Mu questioned, putting down the formation flag in his hand.

“Yes… I heard something concerning.” Head Warrior Kulo answered in a serious tone.

“And what might that be?” Lin Mu asked, paying attention to the man fully.

“The immortals of the Huyun Clan were urging Elder Niji. They asked when you would be done and that they were in a hurry to leave. Elder Niji placated them though, and they calmed down.

But when the three of them left to go elsewhere, I heard their conversation.” Head Warrior Kulo said before taking out the mirror and letting Lin Mu watch it.

Since the monitoring arrays recorded everything within its range, the interactions of everyone in the prison section were free for Lin Mu to observe.

“A war and an armistice…” Lin Mu’s brows furrowed. “I knew there was more to this. There is no way Huyun Chuan being sent here was just a power play by the Great Wave kingdom. They had some other goal to accomplish.” He said in a serious tone.

“Do you think the forced arrest of Huyun Chuan was a way for them to incite a war?” Head Warrior Kulo also managed to grasp the crux of the situation.

“That might just be possible. After all, Huyun Chuan is the king’s nephew thus there would be a great chance they would be willing to go to war for an offense like that.” Lin Mu replied.

“But they didn’t do that, did they? They sent Huyun Chuan here.” Head Warrior Kulo said, feeling a bit conflicted.

“That they did. Which was definitely to prevent a war from breaking out immediately.” Lin Mu confirmed.

“Why would the great wave kingdom want to incite a war with the Purple Sparrow Kingdom? Aren’t the eight kingdoms in an alliance?” Head Warrior Kulo was at a loss.

“Whatever it might be, we just need to stay away from it.” Lin Mu plainly said.

“Hmm… should we interrogate them?” Head Warrior Kulo inquired.

“No, that would not be good. Just let them be and keep on watching them. If Huyun Chuan can be a potential trigger for a war, we have to make them wait here as long as possible.” Lin Mu stated. “At the very least, they can’t leave unless we have the teleportation array ready, too.”

“Yes, Noble Lin Mu.” Head Warrior Kulo agreed.


In this time, the ten Haima members that Kulo had asked for arrived.

“Follow the orders of Noble Lin Mu properly.” Head Warrior Kulo said while taking his leave.

“What do you need us to do, Noble Lin Mu?” The Haima members asked.

All of them were at the Dao Shell realm and were quite strong now.

“I need you all to take each of those poles.” Lin Mu pointed to the stack of poles kept on the side.

The poles were made out of an unknown material new to the Haima members. They didn’t question it though, and followed what Lin Mu was telling them.

Lin Mu had already finished setting up the core of this formation a while back and now only needed the help of the Haima members to do the next part.

“We’ve done it, Noble Lin Mu.” The Haima members replied.

“Now go and stand on the ten spots you seen on the ground. There are five on each side.” Lin Mu instructed and watched them do it.

Lin Mu too worked on the central part of the array and was rapidly making runes. The runes flew off into the air before merging into the main array. This continued for thirty more minutes; by this time, the Haima members were tense.

“Alright, on the count of three, I want you all to stab the rods into the ground.” Lin Wu stated. “One… Two… Three… Now!” he ordered.



A mix of various cries was while the Haima tribe members stabbed the rod into the ground successfully.

“Good, now inject your spirit Qi!” Lin Wu ordered next.

“Yes, Noble Lin Mu!” they Haima tribe members controlled their excitement before doing as they were told.


In the next moment, the rods glowed brightly, turning into what looked like a massive floodlight. The light from them illuminated the tribe’s area and extremes. The convicts might have seen it too, if they didn’t fully block the effects.

Which was the first thing that Lin Mu had done: setting up a primary perimeter.

The Haima tribe members had to close their eyes, unable to see.

“Keep at it!” Lin Mu urged them on.

He too worked on the array, his eyes closed due to the bright light. Instead, his spirit sense weaved thorough the air, working on his behalf and observing for him.

This continued for about an hour before the entire work was done.

“You can stop now.” Lin Mu permitted.


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