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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1325: A Unique Method Of Making Talismans Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu returned to his residence to take a better look at the Talisman. Though he didn’t forget to ask head warrior Kulo to keep an eye on the three immortals either. While there was Elder Niji with them, it was better to have a hidden person watching them.

The monitoring mirrors that Lin Mu had made were perfect for this.

“Now let’s see… just what material is this?” Lin Mu observed the talisman made from fabric.

Unlike a normal talisman, there were no runes written on it. And even when he used spirit sense to check it, Lin Mu didn’t find any runes written with spirit Qi directly.

“How does this work?” Lin Mu was baffled.

At first he thought that they might have been made by using Immortal Qi as the ink, but then seeing the spirit Qi fluctuations from it made him think otherwise.

‘I wouldn’t have felt anything if there was Immortal Qi used in its making.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

He flipped the talisman over and over again, wondering if he missed anything. An hour passed before Lin Mu had another idea.

“Are the runes very small?” Lin Mu recalled a few formation making methods that utilized layering methods.

In this, the runes were first carved or written on small components of the main tool. For example, in the case of an armor, they would write individual runes on the hinges, studs, rivets, and the main parts before joining them all together.

Then there was the very high leveled and complex method that Lin Mu had once read about in Lost Immortal’s Memoirs.

The man had come across a whip spirit weapon. And the way it was made was by twisting several cords of horse tendons together. The special part was each of these tendon cords were made from strings ripped from the tendons.

Braiding these all together gave them great tensile strength.

But what made it special was that each string of each cord was inscribed with runes!

And when all of them were braided together, the runes couldn’t be seen easily.

‘They might have used a method like that for a Spatial teleportation talisman. It is certainly a peak grade talisman from its energy fluctuations.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

He split up his spirit sense tendril into small strings and observed the talisman on a microscopic scale. This slowed down his pace, and it took him an entire two hours to finally find something.

“Hang on… there are no runes written or carved in these… rather than that they utilized a method that is functionally the same but different in appearance.” Lin Mu finally felt like he was getting close.

The method that had been utilized in this talisman was unique.

Instead of writing runes, they had ‘woven’ them into the fabric. But since the material for both the runes and the fabric were the same, it was very difficult to see. It was only when Lin Mu observed the differences in the Warp and Weft of the fabric did he find the irregularity.

‘This is on another level entirely… one wouldn’t just need to be a formation master to make this, they would also have to be an expert weaver…’ Lin Mu felt his understanding expand.

“Is this what they call a mortal skill turning Immortal?” Lin Mu couldn’t help but mutter.

A weaver was the occupation of a mortal and didn’t really have much to do with cultivation. But when they took it to the extreme, it could be applied in the work of an immortal as well.

This was a kind of sublimation that could only be achieved after one reached the peak in their art.

‘I can work with this… I don’t need to replicate this after all, just need to figure out the runes and formations that allow it to link up with the complete teleportation array of the Island.’ Lin Mu now had a direction.

At first it was difficult for him to observe the runes, but the more he watched them, the more he started to see the details.

After six hours, Lin Mu could now see the patterns on the fabric just by his naked eyes. The minute irregularities in the threads were allowing him to see the shape of the runes.

‘So this is how they link it up… instead of making a direct channel they are using the chaotic spatial disturbances.’ Lin Mu figured it out.

Usually the way a Teleportation talisman worked in a closed array setting like the Land of Exile was to use preexisting channels. These were locked and could only be accused if one knew the exact configuration of runes.

But the talismans that the three immortals of Huyun Chuan had brought weren’t official ones. After all, they were breaking out a convict in the general sense. So they needed another method.

This ended up being something that Lin Mu had experience before already.

“So they do know about the existence of the spatial disturbances in the Broken Chasm.” Lin Mu recalled the asteroid he had ended up on.

He was pulled there through a weak part of the spatial fabric after all. And this led to there being spatial disturbances.

But this gave Lin Mu some different thoughts.

‘I don’t think they know about the indigo woman in the lesser void. They simply know of the weakness in the spatial fabric… Still this is good for us. If it was through direct channels they might have detected so many people leaving.

But since this is utilizing the chaotic spatial disturbances to make a new channel, they would not be able to detect it. Plus the lack of personnel outside the Rust Hail Mountains should also make this easier…’ Lin Mu analyzed it slowly.

Having understood how it worked, Lin Mu now needed to apply this to their situation.

After all, he couldn’t just use a talisman for the entire tribe. He would need something a lot more concrete… he needed a proper array.

Two days had passed since the arrival of the three Immortals of the Huyun Clan. They had been waiting for Lin Mu to be done, but so far there had been no news.

“How long is he going to take?” one of the immortals said with frustration.

“Noble Lin Mu is still working on it. Just wait patiently. A few more days is nothing to an immortal.” Elder Niji said calmly.

He was sitting in the area of the convicts and was in charge of watching over the immortals. His eyes stayed closed though, and he simply responded to them without looking.

“Let it be, we can afford to wait some more.” The second immortal said in a low voice.

Hearing this, the first immortal had a tense expression on his face. He reached towards his companion before whispering.

“You do know the longer we wait around here, the less time we will have to get back? What if the war starts before that?”

“It won’t… The armistice will not be broken this fast. They have guaranteed at least ten years. We still have three months left.” The second immoral replied.

“This only for the Purple Sparrow Kingdom. We cannot trust the Great Wave Kingdom to do the same.” The first immortal said with nervousness.

“Shhh! We shouldn’t let this be known. Speaking about it is taboo. Even Eleventh master cannot know about it.” The third immortal warned them.

With that the three immortals kept silent, not knowing that all of it had been recorded by the monitoring formation.

“A war between the Purple Sparrow Kingdom and the Great Wave kingdom? Noble Lin Mu will definitely want to know this.” Head Warrior Kulo who was monitoring the mirrors muttered.

Intending to do this, Kulo went to meet up with Lin Mu at his residence. A couple minutes later, he turned up at Lin Mu’s residence, but found it to be empty.

“Huh? Where did he go?” Kulo was confused. “He was here just an hour ago…”

Head Warrior Kulo spread his spirit sense and soon spotted Lin Mu.

“What’s he doing there?” Kulo found Lin Mu to be near the empty area of the tribe.

This was the area where the excavation work had been stopped. There were no buildings here and neither were there any Haima Tribe people there.

Ever since they had found out that they could leave the Land of Exile, they had stopped all excavation work, thus the workers had had reason to be here. All of them worked hard on cultivating and getting stronger instead.

Upon reaching the area though, Head Warrior Kulo saw Lin Mu working on the ground.

In his hand he held a short sword and spirit Qi seemed to be covering his other hand.



Lin Mu slashed out the short sword, creating marks on the ground. Then when these marks were proper enough, he would inject spirit Qi with his other hand turning the marks into runes!


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