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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1327: Their Wait Is Over Bahasa Indonesia

Three more days passed and the Immortals of the Huyun clan were still waiting.

“How many more days do you think he’ll take?” The first immortal asked.

“Considering he’s trying to analyze a teleportation talisman of that level, I doubt he even has the basic understanding of its production method yet.” The second immortal replied.

“Still… should we go and urge them again. Best to keep them on their toes.” The first immortal said.

“We may as well.” The third immortal stood up from his seat.

He made his way to the door of the residence and was just about to open the door, when he felt the door move.

“Huh?” the third immortal raised a brow in surprise.


“Oh? Seems like you were on your way out.” The one who had opened the door was none other than Elder Niji.

“What is it?” The second immortal asked, finding it strange that the old man had come to them this time.

For the past three days they had been the ones going to him. They repeated the pattern of urging them, but today it seemed to be different. Over all, it had now been a week since the Huyun Clan’s Immortals had arrived at the tribe.

“I have the news that you have been waiting for.” Elder Niji replied.

“Huh? What?” The first immortal was surprised by this.

“Noble Lin Mu is done studying for now, you can take the talisman and leave now.” Elder Niji answered.

“Really?” the third immortal found it to be strange. ‘Did he just give up on it?’ he thought.

“Yes, you all are free to leave. You can take your Eleventh master away.” Elder Niji permitted before handing the Teleportation Talisman back.

The three immortals were silent and froze for a moment before recovering.

“Eleventh master! Come!” the third immortal quickly called for Huyun Chuan while the first immortal approached the elder.

“What about the Eleventh master’s sealed cultivation base?” the first immortal questioned.

They couldn’t forget that the man still had his powers sealed after all. Without them, he would be in a really bad situation in the clan.

“Of course, that promise shall be kept.” Elder Niji said before taking out a small pill bottle. “Take this.” He handed it to the first immortal.

The first immortal looked at the pill bottle and found there to be three pills inside it.

“There are three doses of the antidote. He needs to take one every day and by the third day his cultivation base will have returned.” Elder Niji explained Lin Mu’s instructions.

By now Huyun Chuan had also arrived in the room.

“We are really leaving?” Huyun Chuan was excited.

“Yes, but before that.” The first immortal opened the pill bottle and took out one pill. “Please eat this.”

“Is this the antidote for my cultivation seal?” Huyun Chuan had a good guess.

“Yes.” That was all it took Huyun Chuan to quickly snatch the pill and swallow it.

He didn’t even care to check if it was a real pill or some fake. At this moment, even if a poison pill had been given to Huyun Chuan, he would still eat it the same. With how long he had been imprisoned here, he knew there were many opportunities to kill him.

So now, there was no reason to give him anything bad. In a way, it could even be called blind trust.


For ten seconds, there was no change in Huyun Chuan. But then half a minute later, a faint wave of spirit Qi appeared around him.


His spirit Qi fluctuations rose and reached the Qi refraining realm. And another minute later, they reached the core condensation realm.

“Ahahah! It is returning!” Huyun Chuan was pleased.

Being unable to use his strength was really frustrating to him and even if only a portion of it had returned, it was still a lot better than before.

“See, it works. Two more pills and he’ll be back to normal.” Elder Niji said with a mild smile.

But the immortal didn’t just stop there, he used his spirit sense to scan Huyun Chuan for any problems.

‘Things seem to be fine… no wait!’ The immortal soon found something different in Huyun Chuan’s Dantian.

Narrowing his eyes, he checked it in detail finding it to be rather unexpected.

‘His foundation… it became stable?’ the immortal could tell that Huyun Chuan’s cultivation base and foundation had become stable.

Not just that, but his Dantian and meridians seem to be tougher than before too.

Everyone in the clan knew that Huyun Chuan was lacking in talent, but now it felt like he was no less than the talented members of the clan.

‘How’s this possible?’ the immortal didn’t know, but decided to leave it be for now. ‘The first priority is to return to the clan.’

“Is there a problem?” Huyun Chuan asked.

“No… nothing eleventh master.” The immortal shook his head.

“Let’s leave then.” The second immoral replied.

“I’ll send you out.” Elder Niji waved his hand, controlling the array of the tribe.


Four transportation gates appeared under the Huyun Clam members and sent them out of the mountain.

“We’re out?” Huyun Chuan was at a loss.

“We shouldn’t wait any time.” The third immortal said, taking out his teleportation talisman.

The others nodded and took out their talismans too.

“Use this with us, Eleventh master. Make sure you hold it firmly and don’t let go.” The first immortal instructed.

“I know how to use a teleportation talisman. I’ve done it before.” Huyun Chuan took the talisman.

“One, two, three… NOW!” The first immortal shouted.


The four talismans were activated at once, and a suction force appeared around the Huyun clan members. It caused them to be pushed out of the world and into a teleportation channel.

A couple seconds later, no traces of them were left.


A moment later, three people appeared there.

“Is that fine, Noble Lin Mu?” Elder Niji asked.

“Yes… I’ve locked onto their location.” Lin Mu said with a smile. “We can get out of here too now. Announce this to the clan!”


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