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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1308: Five Treasured Organs Completed! Bahasa Indonesia

The Pure Wood essence was rather tantalizing and the more one looked at it the more one desired it.


Lin Mu had a hard time holding back too. He had to command his brain to hold back or his body might just down it all in instinct.

“Let’s start then… No need to wait around.” Lin Mu said to himself feeling a mix of excitement and unease.

But he didn’t consume the Pure Wood Essence directly though. He first took out a jug of clean water before adding five drops of the Pure Wood Essence to it.


The Pure Wood Essence dissolved readily into the water coloring it pale green with hints of yellow.

“It almost looks like tea with some honey…” Lin Mu muttered. “Some really expensive tea…” he added.

Gazing at it for a couple more moments, Lin Mu took a sip. A gentle sweetness spread in his mouth which soon turned to a burst of energy.


That was all it took for Lin Mu to falter and he chugged the rest of the jug in a hurry.

“Ahh~! It really is amazing.” Lin Mu said as he plopped down onto the floor.

Sitting cross legged, Lin Mu could feel the Pure Wood Essence being absorbed into his stomach before being channeled into his Liver. The process was fast and it barely took him ten seconds to absorb all of the Wood Essence. He had diluted it to make this very thing possible.

But another factor was that he wanted to use it sparingly. After all, he only needed a minimum amount to breakthrough. As long as that was fulfilled, Lin Mu didn’t need to consume more of the Pure Wood Essence. It would be too much of a waste to use it without any further Body Cultivation technique.


The cells of his liver surged with vitality before starting to replicate. The old cells were destroyed before being replaced by the newly refined cells. These cells were exponentially better than the old ones and had a quality unlike before.

And just like that Lin Mu’s bottleneck was broken and he finished refining the liver.

“That was quick…” Lin Mu muttered before sensing more changes.

His eyes went wide as a cascade of effects presented within his body.


A sizzling heat was let off by his heart, making it pump vigorously and circulating the blood.


This in turn triggered his lungs and they let off a sharp sound. They expanded like strong bellows, sucking in large amounts of air.


It then stimulated the liver, making it let off the sound of a thousand trees. And just like the leaves of the trees filtered the air, the liver started to purify the toxins within blood.


The Spleen was like a firm mountain, unmoving and unyielding. With those characteristics it parted the blood, only letting those cells that were perfect and healthy, breaking those that were defective.


Finally the kidneys awakened, as if a calm sea had been stirred. They filtered out all the impurities and toxins that had been accumulated in his blood and had come from throughout the body.

The five organs resonated with each other, forming a new harmony.

Lin Mu had felt the benefits of the refined organs before too, but now he could sense that the increase was even more dramatic. Each organ was promoting and assisting each other.

This seemingly multiplied its effects, raising the overall quality.

‘Just like how the five elements promote and prohibit each other, so do the organs. When they are in balance, they are promoting and when they are in imbalance they inhibit. Now that all five of them have been refined, they are in the right balance.’ Lin Mu understood.


Then as if the heavens themselves had given him approval, the tune of Dao could be faintly heard. Whispers of secrets that only heavens knew could be heard if one focused hard enough.

Lin Mu could hear several words but wasn’t able to fully make them out. But even in that mishmash of words, he still heard five words clearly: Fire, Water, Metal, Earth, and Wood.

Five characters materialized within Lin Mu’s mind, with each character having tens of more charterers hidden within. Of these, Lin Mu had already seen the Character of Earth before.

After all, he had a Dao Embryo that was based on the Dao Of Earth and had seen the Dao Traces too. Each of the Dao Traces contained similar characters hidden within them.

Unlike before though, Lin Mu could see more than just the Dao Traces of Earth. He could now see it for all the five mortal elements.

The Five organs became the Five Treasured organs because of this.

‘Doesn’t this mean, as long as I can comprehend these characters I’ll be able to grasp all five elemental Dao Traces?’ Lin Mu wondered.

From this he comprehended the path of Body Cultivation.

In Qi cultivation, one pursued the Dao through one, but in Body Cultivation one pursed the Dao through all. Whether it be one or all, they all returned to the unity and became the Grand Dao!

Having understood this, Lin Mu triggered a heavenly phenomena.

Outside the Haima Tribe, a five colored mist had condensed. It twisted and toiled, slowly covering the entire Mountain under which the tribe was located. The Haima Tribe people who saw it were left amazed.

They had never seen something like it before and it was very novel to them.

A couple minutes later, the five colored mist permeated the very mountain itself. It spread into the caves inside as well, making one think there were clouds underground!

“Huh? What’s happening? Did he make some other formation?” Huyun Chuan wondered upon seeing the mist.

But a moment later his eyes narrowed, “no wait… that feeling… Metal Dao Traces?”

He wasn’t the only one who sensed them either. Kunzi and Little Gian felt faint Dao Traces hidden within the mist too.


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