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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1307: Pure Wood Essence Bahasa Indonesia

The scent of the liquid was sweet as if the finest of honeys. But at the same time it gave one a refreshing feeling, that dispelled all the fatigue. Lin Mu had only ever read about a liquid like this and wondered if he was mistaken.

“It can’t be that can it? It’s not something that can be produced by a plant… or can it?” Lin Mu wondered while watching the Wood spirit Tulip produce more and more of the liquid.


About five minutes later, the Wood spirit Tulip had finished its breakthrough and its cultivation base had reached the peak of the Dao Shell realm!

It had not just broken through to a minor realm, but through several reaching the very peak. Something like this should have been impossible, but it was evident that some kind of a change had been experienced by the Wood Spirit Tulip.

‘Not just that, perhaps it is the change of the entire Sleepscape that has resulted in this.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.


Lin Mu took a deep breath, enjoying the sweet scent coming from the liquid. It had stopped being produced now, and a lemon sized glob of the sweet liquid was present on the flower head. It had a green and yellow hue while its consistency was like that of thick honey.


The Wood spirit Tulip shook its flower head, as if gesturing Lin Mu to take it.

“Okay…” Lin Mu took a breath before using a glass ladle to scoop it up.

The glass ladle was something that was especially used in alchemy and herb refinement for sensitive materials as well as corrosive materials that might react with metal or burn wood. After scooping it up, Lin Mu very carefully put it in a crystal jade vial.

He then used his spirit sense to observe it.

The moment his spirit sense touched it though, he felt vibrant wood energy gushing out. It was as if he was sitting in the heart of a forest and a pleasant feeling filled his heart.

“It really is that…” Lin Mu said softly. “Pure Wood Essence…”

Just like how Vital Essence was the higher form of the Vital Energy, Wood Essence was the same to wood energy. But unlike Vital Essence it couldn’t just be refined by the human body even if it had Wood Essence. If one wanted to obtain it, they would need to refine it themselves.

The materials needed to refine Wood Essence were all precious and needed a lot of skill to process. Not to mention, the cost alone might be prohibitive to most. And even then the refined Wood Essence might not be pure. There were bound to be impurities present in it.

If one wanted to obtain Pure Wood Essence, they could only do so through sheer luck.

Lin Mu had read that the Lost Immortal had found Pure Wood Essence on two occasions. Once he had found it in the core of a giant tree that had been growing for millions of years. And the second time he had found it in an old tomb, possibly present there for a long time.

Both were rare opportunities and the amount of Pure Wood Essence that the Lost Immortal obtained was just half of what Lin Mu had with him.

This lemon sized blob of Pure Wood Essence along was enough to buy an entire kingdom and in some cases even a sect.

But to Lin Mu, the worth of this Pure Wood Essence was entirely different.

‘Pure Wood Essence if one of the best resources for Body cultivation. This is the same as giving a thirsty traveler an oasis!’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

He had thought to himself, that he would have to go out and wander the Rust Sky world to find the wood elemental resources for him. But now the opportunity had come knowing on his door itself.

Not to mention… it wasn’t a onetime opportunity.

Lin Mu could somewhat feel that its intelligence might have increased a bit more since its reaction was faster than before. Plus Lin Mu could also sense a hint of Dao Traces from the herb.

“Can you make more of this?” Lin Mu questioned the Wood Spirit Tulip after thinking for a bit.


To this the sentient plan nodded its flower head. But Lin Mu knew this was not the entire answer.

“How often can you make this?” Lin Mu asked.


“Three months?” Lin Mu asked.

To this, the flower shook its head.

“Three years?” Lin Mu asked again furrowing his brows.


Thankfully, it nodded its head this time, makings its petals sway.


“Three years is fine… no three years is great!” Lin Mu said feeling pleased.

But after a few moments, he realized another thing.

“And what do you need to make this?” Lin Mu questioned once more.

To this, the Wood Spirit Tulip replied with a spurt of qi.

“Oh? You just need Wood Spirit qi?” Lin Mu asked for confirmation.


“Perfect!” Lin Mu saw its agreement.

Pure Wood Essence was something that was obtained through luck after all. Even if it took three years to obtain it, it was at least confirmed and regular.

“Also the amount that it produced… even a quarter of it would be more than enough for me…” Lin Mu assessed.

The best thing about Pure Wood Essence was that, there was no specific requirement to use it. Technically speaking, even a mortal baby could consume it with no negative effects. But how much of it could be utilized greatly varied.

The Pure Wood Essence would simply enter one’s body and stay dormant within it, before being slowly released. This was for those that couldn’t assimilate it all at once. At the very least, it was a good tonic for one’s body and could even increase lifespan by a certain extent.

But for Lin Mu, assimilating would not be an issue at all. It would be the perfect supplement that he had been lacking.


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