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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1309: Thousand Breakthrough Bahasa Indonesia

“Kunzi, what is happening?” Little Gian asked, feeling a bit anxious.

“A… Heavenly… Heavenly Phenomena?” Kunzi though was shocked and didn’t answer Little Gian right away.

“A Heavenly Phenomena?” Little Gian heard his companion’s words finding them a little familiar.

He seemed to have heard them in the past, but couldn’t remember correctly. Thankfully he didn’t have to strain his brain too much as Kunzi soon spoke again.

“A Heavenly Phenomena in a place like this? This can’t be… Unless someone managed to reach the Immortal realm through their body…” Kunzi muttered.

“Immortal Realm through body?” Little Gian furrowed his brows. “Didn’t Lin Mu ask you about body cultivation methods and where to find them some time ago?” he asked.

Kunzi’s eyes went wide as he finally felt the things click into place.

“It really is him… he actually did it.” Kunzi was stunned.

He had thought that Lin Mu was simply looking for a body cultivation technique as a supplement. He didn’t know that he was already close to the end for the Five Treasures Realm.

After all, all such body cultivation techniques were highly regulated and most people couldn’t even obtain them. As for the higher ranked body cultivation techniques that would allow one to become an immortal were controlled by a single power, the Holy Topaz Empire.

“How did he do it? It should be impossible…” Kunzi couldn’t figure it out.


But while Kunzi was in his thoughts, he suddenly heard a ringing sound. He looked to the side and saw his companion in the middle of swinging a large mace.

“Little Gian, what?” Kunzi’s eyes went wide realizing something.

“Kunzi! Look! Look! I reached the next step of Violent Breaker Mace Technique! I can directly condense it!” Little Gian said with excitement.

“How did you do that? You were stuck for over a hundred years now.” Kunzi asked.

“I don’t know. I was looking at the mist and felt like trying it once. I used the Violent Breaker Mace Technique and suddenly this happened.” Little Gian replied.

“A Heavenly Phenomenon that can allow one to deepen their comprehension?” Kunzi realized and quickly sat down.

“Quick! Comprehend and focus on all your techniques. Quickly while the mist lasts! We might not get an opportunity like this again!” Kunzi shouted.

“O-okay!” Little Gian sat down.

For a few minutes several lights and figures papered around Kunzi and Little Gian along with some runes as well. It was evident that they were using all the Qi skills and techniques that they knew.

After five minutes passed though, they had reached a critical juncture.


Two vortexes manifested above their heads as the spirit Qi started pouring into their bodies. At the same time within their Dantian, a different scene was playing out.

Faint Dao Traces appeared within their Dantian spontaneously and entered their Dao Shells.

As soon as a decent amount of them had entered, the Dao Traces condensed before taking shape!

For Little Gian, it turned into a small mace that looked rather crude. While for Kunzi, it turned into a brush!

The brush had its body made from a single piece of bamboo while its head was made from fine bristles. Over all, it looked like a brush some mortal painter might use.


Then a couple more minutes later, both of them broke through, reaching the Dao Treading realm!

Opening his eyes, Kunzi couldn’t believe it.

“I broke through just like that? And here I thought it would take me another three or four hundred years to comprehend enough Dao Traces to form my Dao Embryo.” Kunzi muttered in disbelief.

Being in the Dao Shell realm Kunzi had a lifespan of about two thousand years. Of these, he had already expended fifteen hundred, leaving him with less than five hundred to live. Which was just enough time to comprehend a Dao embryo.

But even if he did manage to do it, he would do so with only a handful of years left. It would be a very tense situation for him, but now that was just a matter of past.

“AHAHAHA! I BROKE THROUGH! I BROKE THROUGH!” Unlike the calm Kunzi, Little Gian was jumping around in celebration.

While he had a hundred years more than Kunzi, he was actually worse than him in terms of comprehension. And yet, he was now at the same point as Kunzi.

The progress of the two humans was witnessed by another human that was actually standing quite close to them.

Huyun Chuan couldn’t believe the scene in front of his eyes.

‘This five colored fog can really help one breakthrough! So the Dao traces I felt weren’t just a fluke!’ Huyun Chuan sat down to cultivate as well.

Even if his cultivation base was sealed, it didn’t matter. After all, what he would be doing right now was to deepen his comprehension. He was already in the Dao Treading realm and had his own Dao embryo.

What he now needed to do was to use the rich presence of Dao Traces to enhance his own understanding.

‘My Dao Embryo is related to the Saber Dao and considering there are Metal Dao Traces in the mist, I should be able to gain at least something.’ Huyun Chuan thought.

The Saber Dao was a Weapon Dao similar to the Sword Dao. Both of them were derivative Dao’s that were born from the Metal Dao. Thus Huyun Chuan’s thought of using the metal Dao to deepen his own understanding was valid.

And within his Dao Embryo, the small saber could actually be seen growing too!

The prisoner/noble was truly progressing his Dao Embryo.

Such a scene was actually being seen all over the Haima Tribe. In fact, it was even more absurd than just two people reaching the Dao Treading realm at the same time.

Because in the Haima tribe it wasn’t just two, it was TWO HUNDRED reaching the Dao Treading realm right now!

The members of the Haima tribe were naturals gifted in their cultivation ability and had good comprehension. They were even faster than the three humans in realizing the worth of the five colored mist.

And since they had an innate affinity to Water element and water Dao, their gains were even greater.

For the three humans, their Dao Embryos were not directly of the five elemental Daos, they were from derivative Daos. Thus their gain was less.

But for the Haima Tribe who were clearly established to have a Water Dao affinity, the dense Water Dao Traces present in the mist were a great boon.

As if they were injected with Steroids, their Dao Embryo’s started to grow at a rapid rate. All of them had the Tide Scale Dao Embryo, and it was the common Dao Embryo for the entire tribe.

The over two hundred members that had just reached the Dao Treading realm directly progressed to the second stage, the Embryo Growth stage!

All this happened while several weaker members were continually breaking through too. In less than thirty minutes, half of the Haima Tribe had reached the Dao Shell realm while a quarter had reached the Dao Treading realm!

This was a massive number! It could cause great waves even in an immortal world like the Rust Sky world. And there were no signs of it stopping right now.

The Haima members kept on progressing more and more.

The top ranked members such as Elder Niji and Head Warrior Kulo were even more exaggerated. Their Dao Embryo’s had grown exponentially and were now occupying half of their Dao shell’s directly.

There was no more room to grow their Dao Embryos. So what did they do? They simply reached the third stage, the Dao Comprehension Stage.

The five colored mist was the best environment a Dao Treading realm cultivator could ask for.

Elder Niji and Head Warrior Kulo didn’t even have to try and the Dao Script character for Water directly condensed in front of them.

Greatly experienced with a state of trance, they fully immersed themselves into pondering on the character.

Soon Elder Niji realized that the Character for Water had more characters hidden within it. But among the hidden characters, one of them called to him the most.

“Tide… Tide Call… Tide Fall… Tide Surge…” Elder Niji started to chant unknowingly.


The Character for Water glowed before a smaller character directly sprouted from it. The smaller Character was none other than ‘Tide’.

The Character first became clearer before entering the Tide Scale Dao Embryo, imprinting on it.


Elder Niji’s eyes opened and glowed with a blue light. His pupils were like the deep sea and tides of great might could be seen within it.

His Nascent soul glowed as well and the wave like patterns on it became a lot finer.

The glow of the Nascent soul permeated his body, and it started to change too. The wrinkles on it lessened and hair started to grown on his head once more.

He had started to gain longevity!

Elder Niji had reached the Immortal Ascension realm!


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