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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1264: Making Use Of Old And New Loot Bahasa Indonesia

The Haima Tribe was now in overdrive.

Their cultivation bases rapidly increased and the number of Nascent soul realm cultivators amongst them had reached nearly 40%. Lin Mu estimated that at the current rate the entire tribe would be at the nascent soul realm in about a month’s time.

‘Their progress is fast, but what we need are the top tier experts. At the very least they need to be at the Dao Treading realm to even last against enemies.’ Lin Mu reckoned.

In front of him was a large register. There were thousands upon thousands of names in them along with more information written next to it. The names and the information was changing every few minutes and multiple runes glowed on it.

“At least they managed to finish the Tribe register… this will make it easier to manage the tribe and its manpower.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

The register in front of him was actually a high grade spirit tool. But it wasn’t an offense, defensive or supportive spirit tool. It was in fact an administrative spirit tool used by sects and large organizations.

As long as one smeared some blood on it their information will be recorded. There were several functions such as monitoring cultivation base, checking their locations and even their body’s state.

Of course this spirit tool wasn’t without restrictions either. It needed to be constantly supplied with spirit Qi and it only worked in a certain range. For the Haima tribe, it was just perfect as its maximum range was twice as big as the tribe.

‘No wonder Gu Yao had such good management of his subordinates with this.’ Lin Mu reckoned.

He had obtained this register from the Gu Legion headquarters. At that time, Lin Mu had stuffed whatever he got into the ring and hadn’t really taken a proper look until quite later. But even then he had missed this register, which looked like a mundane book.

If it weren’t for the fact that Lin Mu was scouring the ring for different cultivation manuals as well as other such books to help the tribe, he would have never found this register.

After finding it he had given it to the warriors outside and had instructed them to get everyone from the tribe to imprint their blood on it. They had finished the task in less than two days, and it was now free for Lin Mu to monitor and use.

With the Spirit cultivation attenuation Formation array working on its own, he didn’t need to personally go and monitor it.

“Huyun Chuan is also registered now.” Lin Mu noted the name at the very edge of the page.

It was the name that seemed to be stable and was unmoving due to the man’s suppressed state. It was also set at the lowest point due to effectively being at the Qi refining stage right now.

Lin Mu had already extracted as much information as he could from Huyun Chuan. This included the cultivation technique and Qi skills he knew, too. But Lin Mu found out something different about them.

The cultivation techniques that Huyun Chuan, or rather his clan, cultivated had an inbuilt restriction of the lineage. Unless one belonged to the Huyun Clan, the cultivation technique would cause harm to the body.

Lin Mu asked the man about this and discovered that this was a common thing set by many clans and powers. It made it possible for them to restrain the spread of their techniques and protect it even when it was leaked out.

Thankfully, the Qi techniques and skills were still usable.

As one a member of one of the noble clans of the Purple Sparrow kingdom, Huyun Chuan had access to a lot of Qi skills. Lin Mu had obtained a total of twenty four Qi skills from the man.

And nearly every one of them was better than the Qi skills from the Xiaofan world. The only pity was that Huyun Chuan didn’t have the proper manuals for these Qi skills with him. Otherwise, Lin Mu might have been able to learn a lot more.

After all there were certain nuances in written text which weren’t passed on through oral commutation and vice a versa.

Lin Mu didn’t dare give these to the Haima tribe, fearing that they might hurt themselves instead. After all, their physiology was still different that’s humans on a certain level. It was best for Lin Mu to test them all first.


“Let’s try this one… I already know a similar technique…” Lin Mu muttered to himself before extending his hand.

He kept his palm open facing upwards and circulated the spirit Qi according to the prescribed circuit.


A few sparks appeared over his palm and fizzled out. The first try failed.

“Again…” Lin Mu attempted it again, this time keeping his focus on his spirit Qi.


Sparks appeared once more, but this time, they were a lot more pronounced.

‘Alright, now to maintain this.’ Lin Mu kept his focus and soon the sparks started to increase in amount.

Then a few seconds later, as if a stove had been lit, a long flame ignited on Lin Mu’s hand.

“There we go! The first step is complete.” Lin Mu was pleased.

This was similar to the basic fireball technique that Lin Mu had learned a long time ago. The major difference was that the basic fireball technique was merely a low grade Qi skill and was for beginners.

The one that Lin Mu was using right now though, was a high grade Qi skill.

“Searing Flame Tongue Technique!” Lin Mu muttered.

Unlike the previous technique, which only created a small ball of fire in his hand, this one created a long flame that flicked around like a tongue. Its heat was also a lot more intense and so was its reach.

The basic fire ball would only work till a certain range before it faded away. But it wasn’t the same for this technique. It would continue to burn as long as Lin Mu supplied it spirit Qi and could even extend to several tens of meters.


Lin Mu flicked his hand and the flame tongue shot forth. It extended for nearly twenty meters before it started to list its structure, prompting Lin Mu to stop it.

‘This should be enough for most fights.’ Lin Mu nodded his head.

Upon coming to the Rust Sky world, Lin Mu realized that he was actually lacking in lower and mid level attack techniques. While the Boulder Collapsing Fist was good, it was a little too good. Its consumption was also higher, and it wasn’t suited for long battles.

Then Lin Mu had his ring’s skills, but they were more supportive in nature. Even meld which could be used offensively was not a regular use skill due to how much spirit Qi it consumed. The exhaustion of spirit Qi with Qi skills was higher here anyway.

Finally, there was Lin Mu’s own body. A weapon that would be there almost always and could be used as long as he had the energy to do so. Even if he exhausted spirit Qi, it didn’t matter as his body would still hit hard.

The weight combined with the hardness made his body a terrifying bludgeon that could break with a single strike. Lin Mu’s fists were like hammers that could shatter bones and stones alike.

His body was something that could be used constantly without any major issues on his consumption, but it was a little too flashy.

‘Like the Lost Immortal said, hide your true skills and strike when the enemy expects the least.’ Lin Mu recalled the man’s memoirs.

With the many unfortunate experiences of his life, the Lost Immortal had learned to hide his true capabilities. He would use weaker skills with low consumption of energy, unless he absolutely had to use something stronger.

Lin Mu realized that he needed to do the same. And while he had plenty of Qi skills in his ring, almost all of them were incomparable to the ones from this world. Even the ones that were good, like the inheritance techniques from the top sects, were only efficient if they also cultivated their own cultivation technique.

Thus, Lin Mu reckoned it was better to just obtain new Qi skills from the Rust Sky world. Something that was according to its higher standards.


The Searing Flame Tongue lashed through the air like a whip a few times before Lin Mu dispelled it.

“That’s good, now the next one in list.” Lin Mu said with contentment on his face.

He expended his fingers and circulated the spirit Qi through them. A few seconds later, a faint figure appeared between each of his fingers. There were four such figures, and they looked too vague to make out.


Suddenly, the figures became unstable and disappeared. The Qi skill had failed.

Lin Mu tried it again, but failed once more. He kept on repeating without thinking about the failures and got better and better.

A couple of hours later, the four illusory figures became a lot more defined and they could be identified. They looked like small birds with sharp beaks.

“Now the final step, infusing elemental spirit Qi.” Lin Mu channeled the fire attribute spirit Qi from his Dantian and let it fill the figures.

In less than ten seconds, the four bird figures grew red flaming feathers and took on the form of a sparrow.

Once this was done, Lin Mu’s eyes glowed, and he flicked out his hand.

“Searing Sparrow Darts!”


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