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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1263: Points Of Consideration Bahasa Indonesia

The Haima Tribe was filled with a newfound drive after Lin Mu’s revelation.

They learned how big the world really was and what they would have to do to get out. But it was just the starting point for them. Even if they got out, they would still need to face the other human empires.

And from Huyun Chuan’s words, Lin Mu was quite sure that they wouldn’t take kindly to the Haima tribe that wasn’t human.

A life of slavery wasn’t something that they wanted.

It would be the same as jumping out of a one prison into another. And it was hard to tell which one was worse. Additionally, there was still the fact that the people who originally exiled them might still be around and might not take kindly to them being out.

Lin Mu though, was worried about something else.

‘If the kingdoms learn that, the people can actually get out of the terrifying Land of Exile; or even be able to survive this long, they would feel like they had lost face. It would no longer be as useful as a place of punishment and that wasn’t something they would want.

It would just embolden their convicts instead,’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

The punishment of being sent to the Land of exile was mental, as much as it was physical. From Huyun Chuan’s words, the prisoners and criminals would be told that they were being sent to the Land of exile a long time before they were actually sent.

They wanted them to suffer and continually think about the hell that was the Land of Exile. After all, something unknown was a lot more terrifying and could be used as a good pivot point for threats.

But once it got out that people lived and survived there for over a hundred thousand years?

That threat would no longer hold weight.

Not just that, they would also learn the methods to survive and fight against the Chasm Beasts. While it would still be a punishment and a quite dangerous one, they would still have a chance.

With this information, they might be able to strategize before that and be prepared. They would have hoped to escape and survive.

“Considering all this, the Haima tribe certainly can’t live in the Eight Kingdom alliance…” Lin Mu muttered to himself while standing on the roof of his residence.

He had been watching the tribe and the people who were working hard, cultivating so that they could get stronger.

They all knew about the standard of the Rust Sky world and how they needed to be in the Immortal realm to even be considered something. Right now, the strongest person in the tribe was Elder Niji, but even he was only comparable to that of a Dao treading realm expert in spirit Qi and Nascent soul realm in actual cultivation.

Neither of which was enough to fight against the humans of the kingdoms.

‘There is still a chance that they could hide in some remote part of the kingdoms, but we first need to get there.’ Lin Mu continued to ponder.

He had made a few points that needed to be completed before the Tribe would be able to survive.

The first was to have a sufficient number of Immortal realm experts. This was something that would happen naturally, and all that they needed was time. With their innate talent, it was all but inevitable.

The second was to secure a way out of the Land of Exile.

While Lin Mu was doubtful as to whether Huyun Chuan’s people would really come to save him, he still didn’t put down that option. Because if they were really coming, Lin Mu would do everything in his power to capture them and get the teleportation talismans.

If he had them, it would allow him to wait till the tribe was strong enough. And he himself would grow stronger too in that time.

The third point was actually getting off the island on which the Land of Exile was located. The Sea of Muxuan was treacherous and filled with beasts. They were going to need a ship to do that.

‘No… we’ll need several ships with the population of the tribe.’ Lin Mu estimated from the information.

Huyun Chuan had said that while there were many different sizes of ships coming here, the largest was still not enough for a hundred thousand people. At most, the largest ship might hold thirty to forty thousand people.

‘Even if we get a ship that large, we will need at least three of them.’ Lin Mu’s lips pursed.

Considering that the ships were controlled by immortals at the fourth tribulation stage, it was going to be a really tough job.

The other possible solution to the ships was the rifts that appeared in the sea. Lin Mu was hoping that he could use the ring to lock down the coordinates of the other islands. He would then jump from island to island using the rifts and make a stable path.

But that was something that would take a lot of effort and skill.

The fourth point was only valid if all the previous points were successfully covered. It was to find a place for the tribe to live in. They might not be safe if several people saw them. A few tribesmen would still be fine as they could disguise as slaves, but an entire tribe would be alarming.

The reason they needed to find a place to stay was so that their tribe could go stronger. Without that, they wouldn’t be able to get off the Eight Kingdom alliance continent.

According to the information obtained from Huyun Chuan, there were two main routes of going to other continents. First was to simply use a teleportation array that led to the other continent.

But using them was expensive, and transporting an entire tribe was even more problematic.

The second option was without restrictions from the powers. They would take to the ocean on their own and sail to the other continents!


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