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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1265: Modifying And Making A Qi Skill Bahasa Indonesia

The four bird like darts between Lin Mu’s fingers flew out swiftly and struck the rock wall in the distance.


The four darts directly made four holes in the rock, and molten stone dripped out of them. Their speed was quite fast, and it was hard to track them. But the effect was very obvious.

“Damn… while it isn’t as strong as the second form of the Boulder Collapsing fist, the piercing power and speed of Searing Sparrow Darts is really good. The consumption is also a fraction of what I need for Boulder Collapsing fist.” Lin Mu felt impressed by the Qi skill.

The two skills Lin Mu had used so far were the best ones out of the twenty four Qi skills he had obtained from Huyun Chuan. They were also the most suited for him and matched the other skills that he already had.

As for the rest among the twenty four, there were only a couple more that Lin Mu thought could use properly since the rest had different requirements that he simply didn’t fulfill.

While there was always a chance that Lin Mu might be able to decipher a method to learn them too, the time needed for that wasn’t what he had now.

‘Perhaps in the future I’ll learn more. For now, I need to focus on those that can quickly increase my fighting potential.’ Lin Mu thought.

Lin Mu looked at one more Qi skill, wondering if he should try it out as well. While it had requirements that he fully qualified, the Qi skill wasn’t an offensive or defensive skill. In fact, Lin Mu couldn’t even tell what it qualified as.

“The Winding Wind Style?” Lin Mu looked at his recorded notes.

The skill involved using special footwork to create winding drafts that could boost one’s speed as well as confuse others. The skill had three levels and at the highest level it was said that one could even control a foe’s movement, pulling them towards them or sending them away.

‘Hmm… it’s like a combination of restrictive as well as supportive Qi skill.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

The requirements for the skill were also a bit strange, needing one to have not cultivated a wind attribute cultivation technique.

Though Lin Mu wasn’t fully sure whether he should learn this. It wasn’t a skill that could be learned quickly, like the Searing Flame Tongue or the Searing Sparrow Darts.

“Guess I’ll go through it every once in a while.” Lin Mu said before putting away the jade slip with all the recorded techniques.

These would serve well as a future reference for Lin Mu to further his understanding of various other Qi skills and techniques.

Though it didn’t mean that there wasn’t any quick use to these Qi skills, Lin Mu had actually found something that would benefit the Haima Tribe well.

“I just need to make some changes to this and they’ll be able it with no problems… I hope.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

He got to work and his fingers started to move like a brush, drawing runes in the air. Fifteen minutes later, the basic formula for a Qi skill appeared in the air. The formula was something that not many people would be able to understand.

After all, it contained more than just instructions on how to use a Qi skill. It contained the diagrams of Qi circuits, quantity and flow of spirit Qi to be controlled, as well as some idiopathic factors that were simply there.

While most could read and practice a Qi skill directly, not many could decompress formula like this and further analyze this. All this fell into the field of not just formations, but directly into the workings of the Dao traces to some extent.

Lin Mu’s comprehension of the Dao script and formations had made it easier for him to do this.

He observed and analyzed each part of the formula for over thirty hours before he finally found points which he could manipulate and modify.

The main goal of Lin Mu was to make this Qi skill compatible for the Haima tribe.

The skill in question was actually a mid grade kicking technique. It was called as the Bronze Might Kicking technique and was a hard hitting skill. It was slow, but when struck, it would crush the opponent’s bones and organs.

Simply put, it was a trump card like skill that should only be unleashed when the foe was vulnerable. But now Lin Mu was modifying the same skill to become a general use skill.

He had picked it for an important reason. The Qi skill utilized the cultivators Dantian to generate momentum. It would basically circulate spirit Qi within the Dantian and compress it until it had almost turned solid before relapsing it into the meridians of the legs.

This was the reason why it was a slow skill. One needed quite some time to gather that kind of a momentum. Another requirement of the skill was that it needed one to have tough legs. An average cultivator would probably end up injuring themselves if they used this skill.

The burst impact created by the skill was enough to crack one’s own leg bones if they weren’t careful.

Seeing this requirement even made Lin Mu think if the Qi skill was made for body cultivators. But there was no such mention on it, and the utilization of meridians also showed that it was meant for those on the spirit Qi cultivation path.

“Hmm… maybe this Qi skill is also incomplete. Huyun Chuan did say that he obtained this technique as a complementary offer with some other things he purchased. If they were willing to give it for free, then there was definitely a catch.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

The entire reason Huyun Chuan even remembered this technique clearly was due to the fact that it was the last technique he had obtained before being exiled. The man had done his own preparations before coming here, as he was informed in advance.

He spent some money on obtaining techniques and skill that would help save his life here. Since talismans, other resources and tools would be out of option and be taken away, such skills would be the only thing he could keep with himself.

The man even had a self healing technique with him which Lin Mu was happy about. Even if the said self healing technique needed at least a year to actually learn.

Lin Mu continued to go through the formula and made changes according to the Haima tribe’s physiques.

‘To change the technique from a slower trump card to a faster, normal use skill, I’ll have to address the issue of gathering momentum.’ Lin Mu found the solution after about twelve hours.

“I’ll need to test it first to see how much the spirit Qi roils…” Lin Mu muttered to himself before getting into a stance.

The stance was simple and one just needed to stand straight with a leg raised to their chest.

The next step was to take a breath of spirit Qi from the air, letting it enter the legs and swiftly rush through the meridians of the legs. This would create the initial momentum and then one would dump it all into the Dantian.

Lin Mu did as per the instructions and soon felt the rush of spirit Qi within his Dantian. It had taken up a small spot near the edges of his Dantian and was like a spinning fan. The more it spun, the faster it was getting.

But after every few spins, the circumference of its spin was getting wider. And when it widened, its speed would fall until it picked up again.

Usually, one would continue to expand the circumference until it was as large as one’s Dantian, but in the case of Lin Mu it would take a long time. Not to mention, there was a lot of liquid spirit Qi in Lin Mu’s Dantian already.

It was enough to form an entire sea and thus the newly arrived spinning spirit Qi was like a paper boat.

If Lin Mu wasn’t careful, this small part of the spirit Qi would be drowned out by the sea of spirit Qi and assimilate into it. Thus he could only let it float above the sea of spirit Qi, lest it be pulled into it and dissipate.

Lin Mu did this for about a minute before he felt like it was enough for a test.

He opened his eyes and released the spinning spirit Qi into the meridian of his leg that was raised.


The sound of a surging river was heard and a strong wave of spirit Qi spread from Lin Mu’s leg.

Lin Mu kicked downwards at that moment, letting the Qi skill finally activate.


A faint glimmer of bronze color light appeared on his leg before it met the ground.


His leg directly split apart the ground, creating a twenty meter long and half a meter wide crack!


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