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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1255: Return To The Haima Tribe Bahasa Indonesia

The warriors of the Haima tribe had seen Lin Mu fight from the distance. As people of the Haima tribe, they had developed naturally good eyesight. The good eyesight was also the reason why they could throw spears at a long distance with great accuracy.

Thus, they had observed everything from a distance clearly.

At first, they were nervous as they could see that the power of the newly exiled human was quite strong. But the more time passed, the more they realized the man was a joke. Even the head warrior could have taken him on as long as Huyun Chuan didn’t use his Qi skills.

While they couldn’t understand the man’s words, they could understand from his expressions and tone that he was humiliating and insulting them. They couldn’t help but feel pleased with seeing the man beaten up like this.

And upon seeing his pummeled appearance from a short distance, the young warriors of the Haima Tribe felt a chill on their backs. It was simply too pitiful to look at.

“Are you fine, noble Lin Mu?” Head Warrior Kulo asked with concern.

Even if he could tell that Lin Mu had won the fight, he didn’t know if there were any other problems that might have happened. After all, after having obtained the information about cultivation and various aspects of it, Kulo knew there were a lot of things he simply could not perceive yet.

“I’m fine. Thank you for your concern, though.” Lin Mu replied.

“And what about the man? What did he want?” Head Warrior Kulo asked.

“Well… I think he was just delusional. He attacked for a silly reason. I’ll tell you more later.” Lin Mu answered. “Though he will be useful to us.” He added.

“Useful? Shouldn’t we kill him to prevent any danger?” Head Warrior Kulo questioned.

“Oh, he won’t be able to do anything. I’ve restrained his cultivation base and even his body is bound now. Even the children of the Haima tribe should be able to snap his bones.” Lin Mu answered with a chuckle.

“But since we want to get out of the land of exile, we need more information. We need to know what is out there.” Lin Mu said before looking towards the Rust Hail Mountains in the distance. “This man should have some information for us.”

“Alright. Do we return now?” Kulo inquired.

“No… the snakelets are still hungry. We will hunt more Chasm Beasts.” Lin Mu replied.

“We’ll do as you say. I’ll get the young ones to carry this man.” Head Warrior Kulo obliged.

Then, under Head Warrior’s Kulo’s orders, one of the warriors came and picked up the unconscious Huyun Chuan like a sack and hung him over his shoulder.

With the build and broad shoulders of the Haima people, it was no issue for them to carry a human like this. After all, Huyun Chuan wasn’t as heavy as Lin Mu. In fact, he was lighter than some of the stone spears and weapons that the Haima people typically carried.

The fight was but just a little hiccup in the journey and they continued searching for Chasm Beasts for about two more days before the twin snakes finally felt satisfied. However, they didn’t sleep like they had before.

‘Hmm… even though they are satisfied it isn’t the same level as the last time.’ Lin Mu could tell from the amount of energy they had exchanged.

Once the twin snakes felt satisfied, they turned back and made their way back to the tribe. They encountered a few Chasm Beasts that had newly formed during the return and were quickly eaten by the twin snakes.

Their return journey didn’t take as long, and they were back in less than five days. Though what was a little surprising to the Haima warriors was that Huyun Chuan had not woken up even for a second during this entire time.

Despite the fact that he would soar across the air while on the back of the warriors. If it were any normal person, they should have possibly woken up.

But when they were near the mountain of the tribe, Lin Mu asked the warriors to stop.

“Put him down. We won’t take him inside the tribe.” Lin Mu instructed. “I’ll make a prison array for him outside.”

“Do as noble Lin Mu says.” Head Warrior Kulo also felt like keeping the man outside was better.

‘I don’t want the tribesmen to feel scared about this…’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

He knew that Huyun Chuan might not give out all the information he had with ease and thus Lin Mu would have to use certain tough procedures to make him oblige.

Once Huyun Chuan was put down, Lin Mu quickly got to making a simple prison array for him. Since the man was already crippled to some extent, the prison didn’t need to be that strong.

The main reason for Lin Mu to set it up was actually to prevent any stray Chasm Beast from killing Huyun Chuan. If that happened before he got all the information, Lin Mu would regret it.

‘Though he’s been asleep for a little too long, isn’t he?’ Lin Mu realized.

He could tell that the man was still alive, and his vitality was still relatively stable. The poison wasn’t killing him or anything.

Plus, his injuries had also stopped bleeding for the most part.

“Maybe he’ll wake up after he’s a little healed.” Lin Mu reckoned and fed him a few healing pills.

But Huyun Chuan didn’t wake up after he was healed, either. Lin Mu waited an entire day before the man finally showed signs of consciousness.

“Ugh…” Huyun Chuan groaned and felt like his body was filled with lead.

Even moving his eyelids made waves of pain flow through his body. His lungs still felt like they were lacking air and each breath made them burn.

Two minutes of struggle was what it took for Huyun Chuan to open his eyes. And when he did, he saw Lin Mu sitting in front of him.

“Oh, no… not you!”


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