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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1254: A ‘Weak’ Immortal Ascension Realm Cultivator Bahasa Indonesia

“Several Nascent soul experts fight better than you…” Lin Mu’s spoke in pity.

He knew just how many strove to reach the cultivation base Huyun Chuan had. Many reached bottlenecks but still continue to train nonstop. If they couldn’t gather Qi, they would train their bodies, learn new skills, but they wouldn’t stop.

Compared to their efforts, Lin Mu found the man in front of him to be lacking. Despite having an Immortal Ascension realm cultivation base, all he could do was repeatedly use his Qi skill.

And even that Qi skill was only used in one manner, with no adaptation or change. Even the Haima Tribe’s younger warriors had better sense for a battle than Huyun Chuan according to Lin Mu’s judgment.

Having seen the people of Haima Tribe struggle and train despite all the difficulties they faced, Lin Mu simply couldn’t respect Huyun Chuan or his strength. It felt like giving a strong weapon to a child.

The child might be able to use it to some extent, but an adult would still outmaneuver them with ease if given the chance.

“So many would die from disappointment if they turned out like you…” Lin Mu couldn’t help but say.

“Y-you D—” Huyun Chuan wanted to retort but was struck with a straight punch to his face.


His nose broke and bent at an unnatural angle. Blood continued to pour out of Huyun Chuan’s nostrils while tears streamed out of his eyes from the pain.

“Stwap—” The man tried to stop Lin Mu, but was hit with another fist.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth, while Lin Mu’s golden fist met the man’s jaw.

The attacks continued, and Lin Mu continued to batter the man for about five minutes. Huyun Chuan’s performance only became worse and worse, unable to even counter attack once due to the pain.

Only when the man couldn’t speak anymore did Lin Mu stop.

“Hmm… that should be enough.” Lin Mu muttered as he gazed at the unconscious man at his feet.

His robes and fists were spotless, but the ground around them had blood splattered everywhere. The red and brown soil mixed with blood gave a strangely beautiful look if one were to stare at it long enough.



The twin snakes popped their heads out from Lin Mu’s collar.

“Oh? Sorry, were you two scared?” Lin Mu gently asked.

The two snakes had been appeared around his neck the entire time, and when Lin Mu started fighting, they had simply hidden under his robes near the neck.

Lin Mu also ensured that no attack came near them. After all to him, they were still infants and were only at the Nascent soul realm. The attacks of Huyun Chuan could still hurt them and Lin Mu certainly didn’t want that.


But instead of showing signs of being scared, the two snakes stared intently at the unconscious Huyun Chuan.

Lin Mu could then feel a wave of emotion spread from them through the link.

“You want to eat him?” Lin Mu guessed from the hunger they were presenting.

“You can’t… at least not before I get some information out of him.” Lin Mu said. “Perhaps we’ll decide on how he behaves after this.” He added.


The twin snakes lowered their head and looked pitiful.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get you more food.” Lin Mu rubbed their heads and assured them.

With that, the two snakes calmed down and laid down on Lin Mu’s shoulders.

‘Now to take care of this guy.’ Lin Mu turned his focus to Huyun Chuan and got to restraining him physically.

After that, Lin Mu thoroughly checked the man’s body to ensure that he didn’t have anything dangerous on him. Even though Lin Mu knew Huyun Chuan didn’t have a spatial storage tool, it didn’t hurt to check again, just in case.

“He really has nothing with him…” Lin Mu muttered. “Though his robes are of a good quality. Though the defensive formations that were cast on it have been removed.” He noted.

Lin Mu could sense the remnant of runes on the man’s robes. It only made him think that even these robes were defensive spirit tools, but had been turned into ‘normal’ robes when the man was sent here.

Despite that though, their quality was high enough such that an attack from a Qi refining realm cultivator or even a core condensation realm cultivator would do no damage.

‘I should check what they are made out of later. I don’t recognize the materials…’ Lin Mu made another note.


He then flipped his hand and took out a small bottle from his ring before opening its cap. Two dark green pills with a black leaf like patterns appeared in his hand, which he then fed to Huyun Chuan.


Huyun Chuan’s body spasmed like he was having a seizure for a few seconds before stopping. And when it stopped, the spirit Qi waves coming from his body almost stopped. Even the flow of spirit Qi in his body had slowed down to a snail’s pace.

“That’ll keep him from doing anything unnecessary.” Lin Mu muttered before tying the man’s arms and legs with a rope.

The rope was also a mid grade spirit tool and was specifically used for restraining cultivators. It was effective even for nascent soul realm cultivators, which was more than enough for Huyun Chuan, who would basically be the same as a mortal for now.

‘Hmm… I doubled the dose of the poison considering he’s in the Immortal Ascension realm. So it should last at least a few days.’ Lin Mu calculated.

The poison pills he had fed Huyun Chuan were something that could block the meridians of even a Dao Treading realm expert. They were very valuable and even Lin Mu only had a few of them in his storage.

“The gifts of the alliance are finally coming in use.” Lin Mu chuckled before calling for the Haima warriors.

The warriors appeared a minute later, with Kulo taking the lead.

“It’s fine now. He won’t be able to do anything.”


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