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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1256: Questioning Huyun Chuan Bahasa Indonesia

While Huyun Chuan was knocked out, he was still in pain.

The pain assaulted his mind and reached all the way into his dreams; turning them into nightmares. In them he was constantly beaten up, burned and crushed. No matter how much he tried, he simply couldn’t escape it at all.

And the one doing all that to him was none other than the man in front of him.

He struggled in the nightmares but was unable to overcome them. And when they finally ended, he saw the source of the nightmares standing before him.


Lin Mu stood up and walked to Huyun Chuan.


His spirit sense rose and probed the man, scouring through his meridians, muscles, and Dantian, like a burglar going through one’s belongings.

Huyun Chuan felt highly uncomfortable, but no matter how much he tried, he simply couldn’t muster the spirit Qi within his body to work.

“Hmm… the poison works perfectly even when your body is healed. It’s better than I thought.” Lin Mu nodded his head in satisfaction.


A chill went down Huyun Chuan’s back and he shook on the ground.

“Y-you… what do you want?” the man asked with a trembling tongue.

“I want you to tell me everything.” Lin Mu replied.

“Everything?” Huyun Chuan repeated in confusion.

“Everything that you know… About yourself, your land, your people, your rulers, your kingdom, your continent, world… everything.” Lin Mu elaborated. “Oh, and don’t forget your cultivation techniques and skills too.” He emphasized.


Huyun Chuan couldn’t help but feel like one of the prisoners he had interrogated before. As a lord of a county, he had been targeted quite a few times but had always come out on top. As for the one’s who schemed against him, they had suffered instead.

But now he was on the opposite side today, not quite liking it.

“And… what if I don’t tell you?” Huyun Chuan asked, regretting the moment he did.


A foot landed on the man’s finger lightly, almost like a feather. But even that light feather was like a hill; directly crushing the finger into fragments and the flesh into pulp.

“ARGH!!!” Huyun Chuan cried out in pain.

With no spirit Qi there to reinforce his body or help him heal, his pain was unlike anything he had felt before. At least when Lin Mu was pummeling him, he still had his spirit Qi to help suppress it.

But now he felt like a mortal facing a beast.

“I only used a quarter of my weight and your bones broke. You’re really fragile for an immortal ascension realm cultivator, huh…” Lin Mu literally took note.

It couldn’t be helped, as he was lacking a great ton of information about this immortal world. At first, he thought the cultivators here would be better than the ones from the Xiaofan realm at the same level.

But seeing Huyun Chuan had created a lot of doubts.

Thus, Lin Mu had decided to record every little bit of information, intending to analyze and go over it later in detail.

“Enough! Enough! I’ll speak!” Tears streamed down Huyun Chuan’s face, which was barely rising from the ground.

He was lying on his stomach, so it was hard for him to look up.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Lin Mu used his leg and lifted the man from his neck.


This time, he was sitting on his butt.

“Now then, start speaking.” Lin Mu ordered.

“W-what do you want to know first?” Huyun Chuan stammered.

“Start from yourself. Who are you and where are you from?” Lin Mu questioned.

“I am Huyun Chuan. I’m the lord of Huyun County and have been ruling over it for the past forty years. I belong to the Huyun clan of the Purple Sparrow Kingdom, and they are one of the sixteen noble clans.” He started with the basics.

“Good. Continue.” Lin Mu nodded his head.

The man continued to speak and explained a lot of things to Lin Mu. He was fine was saying all this information and had no hesitation, since it was all general information that basically any commoner would know.

‘Why does he want to know all this, though? It isn’t anything valuable.’ Huyun Chuan wondered, but didn’t ask Lin Mu this, fearing that he’d be beaten up again.

He had already been scared by how Lin Mu had crushed his finger. He was scared, especially due to the fact that it was no skill that had injured him. Lin Mu had crushed his finger with sheer weight with no use of spirit Qi.

It only made Huyun Chuan that much terrified. Though it also gave him a slight idea about who Lin Mu might be.

Lin Mu on the other hand, didn’t mind whatever might be going though the man’s mind right now. He was fully engrossed in absorbing and noting down the information that Huyun Chuan was giving.

He learned quite a lot of things from this and also confirmed a lot of the information that he had gotten from Elder Niji.

Such as the fact that this world was indeed named the Rust Sky world, and it had looked like this since times immemorial. Another thing that he managed to confirm was the fact that the Land of Exile was actually a unique location.

It wasn’t actually ruled by a single power, but was instead used by several kingdoms collectively as a unified prison.

But what Lin Mu learned after this made him furrow his brows.

“The Land of Exile is located on a large island. It is one of the many islands that is located in the Sea of Muxuan. The sea itself is surrounded by eight kingdoms, the second largest of which is the Purple Sparrow kingdom.” Huyun Chuan revealed.

“A sea? How far are the kingdoms from the Land of Exile?” Lin Mu asked next, his brows still furrowed.

“The closest kingdom is about six months away if we take a ship.” Huyun Chuan answered.


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