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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1120: Gu Legion Eradicated! Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu’s spirit sense was fully spread and was allowing him to observe everything that was happening. He could see the expression of all the Gu Legion members here, but he still could not sense Gu Yao.

’Its too chaotic down there, my spirit sense is being pushed back.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

While he didn’t know what had happened down there, Lin Mu knew that the grey egg’s absorption of the yang Qi pool had probably broken the balance of the Yin and Yang Qi that Gu Yao was using.

Without the fully understanding of the formation array used for filtration as well as Gu Yao’s catalyst, there was no knowing of what would happen to him.

And thus Lin Mu decided to take the most direct approach and decimate the entire area at once!

The most destructive attack he had was the Boulder Collapsing Fist’s third form: Devastator.

And if he used it with Metal Qi it would be even more powerful, but that needed a cultivator to act as the incubator for the explosion. Lin Mu didn’t have that option right now, not to mention that the explosion would also be delayed.

Thus, Fire Spirit Qi was the best option for him. Not to mention, using it at the 20% mark was going to increase its power by a level he had not seen before.

Having used that, the effects were very apparent.

Lin Mu watched as the cracks spread across the ground and red flames burst open from them. The scene seemed as if a dormant volcano was about to erupt!

The cracks continued to spread, and flames sprouted from them.


The ground shook non stop, making a lot of the Gu Legion members who were trying to run fall.

And flying was not a good option either, as the plumes of fire shooting from the cracks went high enough to kill those that flew.

But even if the entire city was being devastated, the most damaged area was none other than the residence of Gu Yao. There, a deep hole had been carved out, the sides of which were red hot.

Molten rock and soil were dripping and bubbling non-stop while the depths of the hole could not be seen. The fate of Gu Yao was unknown while the energy from the flaming ribbon continued to spread down.


Finally, it seemed like the energy had reached the peak and couldn’t stay contained anymore.


First, a geyser of molten rocks spewed out of the residence before the entire city cracked apart entirely.


Large chunks of the land rose up while others sank down. Lava came out of the crevices and filled the open area.

A cacophony of cries and screams were heard as those that were unfortunate were burned.

Even the Dao Treading realm members of the Gu Legion were injured and were unable to escape the lava. Only Lin Mu stood there in the sky without a care, even if the lava splattered over him.

The armor of the Mortal Strengthening scripture could easily bear it, and it slid off like water. Even before he had the True Gold Body Forging arts, Lin Mu had used his bare hands to scoop up lava and had dived into a volcano at the Kong Plane before.

Hence, this was nothing to him.

Lin Mu continued to watch everything with cold eyes and saw that the lower members of the Gu legion were already mostly dead. Their buildings had all collapsed and their contents were burning.

No matter what formation arrays were set up, they all broke apart due to the sheer force of the explosion.

Now only a few Nascent soul realm, Dao Shell realm and Dao Treading realm members were left alive.

”Time to clear out the weeds.” Lin Mu said as he disappeared.

When he appeared, he was at the back of a Dao Treading Realm Gu Legion member.

Lin Mu’s hand moved like a blur and clasped onto the neck of the man.

”YOU!!!” The man tried to scream, but his voice was stuck inside his throat.


Lin Mu didn’t give the chance to do anything and ruthlessly crushed his neck, breaking his bones and tearing apart the flesh.


He threw away the head of the man while storing the body into his ring. Lin Mu didn’t care if the Nascent soul of the dead Dao Treading realm cultivator appeared inside the ring, as it would be quickly purged by the spatial energy there.


Tens of spirit weapons appeared around Lin Mu and flew out with a wave of his hand.


Heads, limbs and bodies collapsed as blood spilled everywhere, before being burned away by the heat and flames. The spirit weapons all danced around like a swarm of deadly locusts reaping all lives that they touched.

But that was not all, as once someone was killed, their Nascent soul would also be purged away by the burst of spirit Qi that would eject from the spirit weapons.

”What has descended upon us?” One of the Dao Treading realm said as all hope drained from his eyes.

All the man could see before the end was a pair of golden fists that rained upon his head, exploding it apart.

In less than five minutes, nearly all the Gu Legion members had been exterminated.

Those that were a bit far away from the main area were still killed, but their Nascent souls had managed to wiggle out of their bodies.

Unfortunately for them, they had nowhere to go. They couldn’t escape this plane without a teleportation talisman. Though even using that would be a long shot, as a lot of the arrays were broken and it would be a long shot for the teleportation array to stay intact as well.

Lin Mu looked at the entire place from the skies, his eyes still cold and sharp. He stood like that for about ten minutes, continually scanning the area with his spirit sense.

’No sign of Gu Yao…’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

Closing his eyes for a moment, Lin Mu activated his spatial perception and looked around.

”Hmm… no sign of him even now.” Lin Mu muttered.

Even if someone could hide from his spirit sense, hiding from spatial perception was very difficult. Lin Mu might not be able to see the exact image of a person using it, but he was still able to see the disturbance in space with it, which would give him an outline of whatever was there.

And he certainly couldn’t see Gu Yao down there. All that was left there was molten rock and chaotic Yin Qi that was reacting with it and creating multiple explosions.

In fact, the large explosion that had happened wasn’t just because of Lin Mu’s Flaming Devastator. But rather due to the yin Qi that was pouring into the location where Gu Yao was.

The energy of the Devastator combined with the Yin Qi and created an even greater explosion.

’It was certainly powerful… if I could use Yin Qi myself, I could actually harness this as a proper skill.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

But no matter how much he wished for that, he knew not to bite off more than he could chew.

”The space is getting unstable, too.” Lin Mu continued to look around and saw the damage to the plane had spread to its spatial borders, too.

The Yin Qi was like a sharp knife that tore into the stabilizing arrays and caused cracks to form. Since this place was artificially expanded by Gu Yao using several arrays, the lesser void around it was always exerting force into it.

Just like how water would exert force on any object that was placed in it, the void exerted a similar force. But the force was many times stronger than what water could ever exert.

The entire plane was continually being ‘squeezed’ but was being held back by the arrays. And now that the arrays were all but gone, it couldn’t hold on for much longer.

”Might as well do it properly…” Lin Mu said as his eyes looked around for a good location.


He disappeared for a second before appearing in another spot.

”This should be good enough.” Lin Mu muttered before extending his hand towards the sky.

”TEAR!” Lin Mu activated the ring.

His spirit Qi started to drain rapidly as the ring absorbed it. In less than ten seconds, around half of Lin Mu’s spirit Qi had been drained!

This was a massive amount since Lin Mu’s stores had increased by many times. The amount of spirit Qi used by the ring was enough to send someone from the Qi refining realm all the way into the Dao Shell realm, perhaps.


Soon, a wave of energy shot from the ring and tore apart the spatial fabric, allowing Lin Mu to see the lesser void behind it.

Once the tear was inflicted, Lin Mu used his other hand and activated another one of his skills.

”MELD!” Veins popped up on Lin Mu’s hand as massive amounts of spatial disturbances spread all over the area.

Then, as if a glass screen had been cut, a fine line appeared in the sky. The line continued to lengthen more and more until it had reached the very end of the Plane.

Lin Mu flew up and inserted both his hands into the line, pulling it apart.

”HAAAAAAAAAA!” His face turned red while he exerted all his power.

”BREAK!” Lin Mu shouted as his strength ripped apart the sky!


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