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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1121: Shattering The Plane! End Of Gu Yao? Bahasa Indonesia

This was possibly the most power Lin Mu had ever used at once. It had reached a level he had never even expected. It was the full power of his Five Treasures realm cultivation base combined with his Spirit Qi cultivation base.

It was the combination of those two that would allow him to do something like this and it was beyond the realm of ‘normal’.

In fact, Lin Mu discovered a new thing when he did this. His Gold body, which had been mostly impenetrable, was actually being strained!

And it wasn’t something external that was making it like that, but his own strength. Lin Mu reckoned that if he didn’t have the gold body of the True Gold body forging arts, he might have never been able to do this.

His body might have destroyed itself by doing something like this.

Though there was also the experience that Lin Mu had due to the fact that he had always used the boulder collapsing fist, which was a skill that dealt damage to oneself. Originally, Lin Mu sustained severe injuries when he used it in the past.

It was only after his body cultivation rose that he was able to sustain it without issues.

And now that he had the gold body, he could use it almost with no effects. But despite all that, he had reached the point where even his gold body would start to creak and crack if he exerted anymore power.

’So this is the limit of my body’s durability. Any more than this and I’ll end up damaging myself again…’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

Still, physical strength amplified by the spirit Qi was almost always less than the power exerted by skills. But Lin Mu had changed that fact.

The sky started to split as the dark void behind it became visible. The skies of the plane were always overcast grey, but now they were starting to become utterly dark. Once Lin Mu had made a large enough gap in the sky, all he needed to do was give it one final push and it would continue to rip itself apart.

”Boulder Collapsing Fist: First Form- Impact!” Lin Mu used the close combat version of the skill.


His fist seemed to have hit empty air, but the force of the impact shook the very fabric of space. The dark edges that were leading into the void were forced further back by the impact as the large tear in the sky started expanding rapidly!


Strange sounds could be heard coming from all around the plane as fine cracks developed all over the area. These cracks were on all objects too, from the ground, to buildings, to rubble, to trees and even the very air.

But the strange thing was that these cracks weren’t on the surfaces themselves, but on a different dimensional level.


Once the cracks reached a certain level though, they started to expand individually and multiple smaller openings into the void appeared.

”That’s enough. The plane will now be broken apart by the Lesser void automatically. You should leave now or you’ll get thrown too far away into the void. Finding your way back to the Xiaofan world might become too difficult.” Xukong advised.

”Yes, senior.” Lin Mu replied right away.

His face was still red from the strain, but the veins had stopped being as pronounced as they were before. Though his breathing was still not normal and a bit fast. Lin Mu was also feeling tired for the first time in a long time now.


Lin Mu used to blink several times in succession before reaching the point from where he had originally entered the plane. Since the plane had been destabilized, this was the safest way to exit it.

If the plane was not in this state, Lin Mu would have been able to leave from most parts of the plane. But now he didn’t want to take that risk and end up in some part of the Lesser void.

Lin Mu opened the portal and jumped into it, quickly entering the Xiaofan world.


Lin Mu took a deep breath and looked back at the portal. He could see the edges of it were already starting to come apart, as the anchor between the Xiaofan world and the plane of the Gu Legion became detached.

Slowly Lin Mu could see the ruined headquarters of the Gu legion slowly being shredded apart by the lesser void and being thrown into it. The rubble flew into the lesser void, never to be seen again.


And while Lin Mu was watching this all, a red blur came from the distance. It stopped beside him and turned out to be none other than Little Shrubby, of course.

”You’re back?” Little Shrubby spoke, feeling surprised at his master’s appearance.

Lin Mu looked far more tired than before, and even his aura was a bit weak. Little Shrubby had not seen him like him for a long time and knew that something must have happened in the plane.

”Mmmhmm… I’m back.” Lin Mu replied.

”Was it hard?” Little Shrubby questioned.

”You could say that.” Lin Mu replied but continue to look at the breaking plane.

It was his first time seeing this, and he wanted to understand the fine changes that happened in the void and further his own understanding of it all. Little Shrubby didn’t ask anymore questions after this either and simply stood by Lin Mu, watching the plane break apart and be consumed by the lesser void.

It took about half an hour before Lin Mu couldn’t see the plane anymore. All that was left behind was merely the darkness of the void.

”And it’s over…” Lin Mu muttered as he took a breath of relief.

It certainly felt like a weight had been lifted off his back.

”You have finally finished one of your biggest goals.” Xukong said after a while.

”Yes… but it still feels a bit empty.” Lin Mu replied and became silent after that.


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