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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1119: Time To End Bahasa Indonesia

”It’s almost gone…” Lin Mu said while observing the Yang Qi pool.

The liquid in it had gone down considerably and barely a couple of inches were left at the bottom of the pool. The Grey egg was sitting in the center of it, while the liquid Yang QI continued to swirl around it.

”It’s vitality is increasing exponentially.” Xukong spoke up.

Even he could sense the presence inside the egg now and knew that the egg was finally reaching the stage at which it would be fully developed.


And just as the grey egg finished absorbing all the Liquid Yang Qi, an explosion happened in the distance.

”What was that?” Lin Mu said before he felt the chaotic energy spreading.

Lin Mu shivered lightly, as he felt the Yin Qi trailing his skin.

”We need to leave… this does not seem right.” Lin Mu said and quickly grabbed the egg.

The grey egg no longer felt too hot or too cold. Instead, it was the perfect temperature and strong vitality could be felt coming from it. Lin Mu tried using his spirit sense to probe it, but was still unable to penetrate the shell.


Still, there was something else that Lin Mu felt from the egg now.

”Are those… heartbeats?” Lin Mu said, feeling a bit awed.

”Indeed… with such a strong heartbeat, the beast should be close to hatching.” Xukong replied.

Lin Mu looked forward to the hatching of the egg, but stored it away for now. He had more pressing things at hand after all.

”Time to get rid of Gu Yao.” Lin Mu said as a cold expression appeared on his face.


But just as he was about to leave the underground space, he sensed a spatial disturbance.

’It’s coming from everywhere… are they escaping?’ Lin Mu wondered and hurried out.

And when he finally appeared on the surface, he saw a scene of devastation.



”RUN!! RUN!!!”

Cries and shouts could be heard all around as the Gu Legion members ran around.

”The yin Qi is wreaking havoc!” A few of the higher ranked members of the Gu Legion alarmed everyone.

Lin Mu narrowed his eyes as he saw black gas that was spreading everywhere. A layer of frost would settle where it passed before the objects started to wither and crumble. The effect of Yin Qi as strong as this was too profound and even the Dao Shell realm members of the Gu Legion were helpless.

With each passing second, tens of cultivators died while their cries echoed in the plane.

”I need to find Gu Yao. The others don’t matter now…” Lin Mu said as he quickly flew to the residence of Gu Yao.

The Gu Legion members didn’t even pay any attention to him, despite the fact that he passed from right in front of them. They were simply far too busy and trying to save themselves.

Thus, even if they realized that Lin Mu was an outsider, they still would not care much.


Upon reaching the residence, Lin Mu took a deep breath and pulled his right fist back.

Energy spun in his arm while his aura rose freely. Lin Mu no longer hid his presence and alarmed everyone in the city.

”WHO’S THAT!?” The Gu Legion members, that were a little further from the Yin Qi tainted area pointed.

”HOW DID YOU COME HERE!?” It didn’t take long for the Dao Treading realm members of the Gu Legion to spot Lin Mu either.

They all flew towards him, the intent to kill visible in their eyes. They weren’t going to capture him or interrogate him. There was no use for all that. Their orders were clear and solid: Kill all those that are not known in the city.

And Lin Mu with his vastly different robes and appearance, was certainly not of the Gu Legion. Not to mention, the spirit Qi waves coming from him were very strong, easily matching that of the Dao Treading realm.

But at the same time, they seemed a bit different. If they used their spirit senses to observe it they would realize that while the spirit Qi fluctuation were strong, they were merely so in quantity and not quality.

Though the Aura coming from Lin Mu’s body would further confuse them, as it was even stronger than that of a normal Dao Treading Realm Cultivator.

”A peak Dao Treading realm expert? How can there be anyone else other than Lord Gu Yao here?” Someone questioned.

”Are they some elder from the tribes?”

”NO! They are not from the Tribes and not from our Legion either!” The Dao Treading realm elder taking the lead, declared.

His eyes narrowed as the face of Lin Mu made him think of a particular man.

”HE IS THE ONE WHO DESTROYED THE WEST OCEAN SECT!” The other Dao Treading realm elder shouted, having identified Lin Mu’s face.

The Gu Legion members who heard this were stunned and froze in place. They knew how strong an expert was if they could eradicate a sect all on their own. And now one such expert was right here in their base, intending to kill them.

Lin Mu paid no attention to them, though.

His Fist was ready, and a massive energy could be felt from it.

”Boulder collapsing Fist: Third Form- FLAMING DEVASTATOR!” Lin Mu used twenty percent of his stores to power this attack.


A searing heat spread from his fist at that moment, as a flaming ribbon of energy shot out from it. It burned brightly, making it hard for one to look at it with their naked eyes. But the blinding light disappeared quickly too, with the flaming ribbon disappearing into the building below.


Once the assault on their eyes was stooped, the assault on their ears began. The loud explosion tore apart ear drums of most that heard it. Only Lin Mu was fine with it, as his defenses were simply too high.

The energy from the ribbon spread like a spider web all over the ground, and over a kilometer wide area was covered with them, red streaks being visible all over it


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