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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1036: Sudden Assault! Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu had never thought that the worst thing he could have thought upon entering the Ancestral land had come true.

The message he got was exactly that.

“LIN MU! I can finally contact you!” Wu Hei’s frantic voice could be heard. “The Gu Legion! They found the location of the Noon Grass sect and have mounted a full force attack!”

“WHAT!?” Lin Mu was stunned.

He knew that from all the top ten sects, the Noon Grass sect’s location was the most secretive. It was mostly intentional on their part as it not only allowed them to survive all this time and kept them safe from conflicts.

The noon grass sect was important for the whole alliance as they were helping the other three sects of the alliance and provided cooperation, as well as a lot of resources from the Southern Great Forest.

The financial superiority the alliance had gained in the recent time came greatly from the Noon Grass Sect’s help too. Especially since the valuable resources from the Great Southern Forest could be shipped to all over the empire in a very short time.

This allowed them great profits and gave them the free hand to suppress Gu Legion all this time.

The Noon Grass sect’s unique position had made it so that the other sects too understood the importance and kept its location secret. The disciples of the Noon Grass sect were even directed to never leave the sect from its borders, since there was a chance of others finding them.

Instead, they were directed to use the Kong plane to leave from other directions.

Still, after the initial shock from Wu Hei’s words faded away, Lin Mu remembered something.

“Wait, if the Noon Grass sect is being attacked, what are the Long Cloud sect and others doing? Haven’t they provided support?” Lin Mu questioned.

“That’s the problem! This attack is nothing like we’ve seen before. I don’t know how, even I was in blind. No information was passed among the divisions of the Gu Legion. The order was given suddenly!

The other sects can’t help at all… There are Dao Treading Realm experts attacking!” Wu Hei answered in an anxious tone.

“Huh? Did The Zither Wind Alliance send out their Supreme elders or something?” Lin Mu still didn’t understand how this was possible.

“No… that’s the thing. These Dao Treading Realm cultivators are all new! There are over eleven of them attacking the four sects of our alliance!” Wu Hei explained.

Hearing this, Lin Mu felt his heart drop. He knew that even if the sects of the alliance had their own Dao Treading Realm cultivators, like their Patriarchs and Supreme elders, their numbers were limited.

Even combining the powers of the Four Sect’s they barely had Nine Dao Treading Realm experts. With each expert holding down one, there would still be two that were free.

“I’m coming!” Lin Mu knew the situation was severe. He couldn’t even inform Jing Luo and Jing Wei now.

He didn’t know if the time would permit that. Wu Hei too did his best to tell him everything that had happened while Lin Mu journeyed to the Noon Grass sect.

The attack had started about three days ago and had come out of nowhere. While the Three sects of the Long Cloud Alliance were continually being suppressed and prevented from directly leaving their sects, the situation was still reasonable with them being able to use the Teleportation gates.

But then the Gu Legion had taken out a trump card of their own. This was something Wu Hei knew about in detail. It was a set of formation arrays that could forcefully block out a range of area.

They were very expensive and could imprison even Dao Treading realm experts for a certain time. And if there were others pouring their spirit Qi into it, the duration could be extended.

As soon as Lin Mu heard this, he knew that Gu Yao had been assisted by the Northern Tribes with this trump card. He had after all, suffered from a similar one in the past. The Imprisoning Seal went so far as to lock down space itself, preventing even the Teleportation gates from functioning.

The Gu Legion had obviously suspected that the Long Cloud alliance had possibly gained a way to move around with teleportation arrays or something. They were not stupid, and Gu Yao was possibly one of the smartest people in the empire.

It wouldn’t take long for him to figure out the sudden advantage that the Alliance might have gained.

This in combination with the Communication Jade Slip jamming formations, made it so that even finding out about the attack was greatly delayed.

Though one thing was for sure, the target of this entire operation was the Noon Grass sect. The Gu Legion had sent out Dao Treading realm experts to lock down the three sects of the Long Cloud alliance while also attacking the Noon Grass sect.

The defensive formation array of the sect had managed to last for about a day and a half, but now even that had broken. Wu Hei had been trying to contract Lin Mu from the very moment he had gotten the information about the attack from Gu Yao, but it was certainly a bad time for them.

He had even tried going to the Kong plane but was unable to go to any of the sects.

At most, Wu Hei managed to ask for help from the Hong Lin Kingdom and the Fenlong Kingdom. The clans of the Fenlong Kingdom had already sent out people to support the Long Cloud sect.

Hong Lin Kingdom had instead gone to support the Noon Grass sect. But without the teleportation gates, the time needed for them to reach the locations was long. So far, none of them had reached there and were still on their way.

Lin Mu’s fists clenched as he left the Kong Plane through the Hong Lin Kingdom’s gate. This was the closest location, and he’d need to hurry.

“Little Shrubby… We need to give it our all!”


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