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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1035: Done With The Forging! Bahasa Indonesia


The sizzling of liquid metal could be heard as it coated the base of the sword blade. Even though the liquid metal was still very hot due to being liquid, the sword blade was far hotter.

“More!” Jing Wei ordered.

Lin Mu tilted the barrel again and more liquid metal poured over the sword blade. By now, the entire sword blade was doused in the liquid metal and it was hard to even see it. It didn’t make sense to see liquid metal being poured over a sword.

This was after all, not a normal method that a weapon forger would use. Jing Wei had come up with this on his own, and it was entirely new.

And the effects of the new method were seen soon.

“It works!” Jing Luo said out loud.

The liquid metal that was being poured on the sword blade was being absorbed into it bit by bit. It was rather strange, as nothing like this had been done before.


Runes appeared in the air as they helped guide the liquid metal into the sword blade.

Jing Wei watched the entire process with a hawk’s gaze and made sure that nothing untoward happened.

Lin Mu kept on pouring more liquid metal from time to time as the sword blade absorbed more.

An hour passed like this, after which the entire barrel was finally empty.


Lin Mu placed the metal barrel down and gazed at the last drops of liquid metal that were now being absorbed into the sword blade. When that was finally over, the sword blade lightly hummed.


Lin Mu could hear the humming of the sword deep in his head, as if it was trying to speak.

“Is it…?” Lin Mu couldn’t help but wonder.

But just as he said that, the sword stopped humming.

“Not yet. Though we have finished the actual forging of the blade.” Jing Wei replied.

“We have? But the blade has no edge or a proper shape yet.” Lin Mu replied, feeling confused.

“The creation of its edge and its shape will take a while more. I’ll have to do that on my own. You two are now free.” Jing Wei stated.

“You don’t need anymore help, grandfather?” Jing Luo questioned.

“No. The remaining part is mostly dependent on time now. The sword will temper itself in the forge and the edge will be formed by itself. The same can be said by the shape. Whatever it feels comfortable to be, it will become.” Jing Wei answered.

“This means the spirit of the sword is already there?” Lin Mu asked.

“A wisp of it should have been born now. The hum we felt was that.” Jing Wei replied.

Hearing it, Lin Mu was intrigued. He knew that the biggest difference between spirit weapons and Immortal Weapons was the immortal Spirit. It could also be said to be the ‘soul’ of the weapon.

Only when the soul was born would the Immortal Weapon be truly made.

This was what the Myriad Armament Canopy Abode lacked. It was still unable to give birth to its own Immortal Spirit and needed for someone to control it.

The ability to automatically work was one of the biggest advantages of Immortal Weapons. One didn’t need to divert their attention to control the Immortal Weapon. They could attack on their own and think as well.

Additionally, as long as the full power of an Immortal Weapon was not used, it would be able to restore its own Qi. This freed up the cultivator a lot more and they could fight longer.

Of course, if one wanted to use an Immortal Weapon to the full potential, they still needed to control it manually and use their own Qi with it.


Lin Mu took a breath of relief after being done with it all and couldn’t wait to see the finished product.

“How long till it will be completed, Old Man Jing?” Lin Mu asked.

“That is hard to tell. Though it should be not be too much. This is all new for us and I can’t estimate the time either.” Jing Wei replied.

“Let’s just hope it is done as soon as possible.” Jing Luo said in a joyful tone.

“Indeed.” Lin Mu nodded his head.

“You two should go recover, or whatever you want to. In the meantime, I’ll get the anti-jamming talismans ready.” Jing Wei suggested.

“Yeah, that’ll good grandfather.” Jing Luo agreed. “Lin Mu can go check up on the Alliance too in this time.” He added.

Lin Mu nodded his head and turned around to leave.

“Come on, Little Shrubby.” Lin Mu called.


The beast shrunk back to its smaller form and jumped onto Lin Mu’s shoulder. They left the forging hall and exited War Castle Jing as well. Flying out of it, they headed to the exit of the Ancestral land.

It was right where Lin Mu had entered from before and since they knew about the location, he could quickly rush there.

“Here we are.” Lin Mu said as he looked at the empty location.

“It should be almost time… I think.” He muttered.

Jing Wei had told him before that once the time limit for the entry and exit was lifted, an outline of a gate should be present there.

About ten minutes later, the air in front of Lin Mu started to flicker.

“Oh! Seems like it’s about to start.” Lin Mu got ready.


Runes appeared in the air as they arranged into the outline of a gate. Lin Mu extended his hand towards the gate and took a deep breath.

“Here we go…” Lin Mu said before his body disappeared, along with Little Shrubby.

He felt his body becoming weightless for a few seconds as his vision turned dark. And by the time it returned, he felt the ground in below him changing.


But the moment he appeared, the jade slip on his waist started to hum non stop.

“Huh? Did something happen?” Lin Mu wondered.

But when he listened to the message, his eyes went wide.


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