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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1037: Desperate Rush Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu didn’t even stop to look at the people guarding the teleportation gate at the Hong Lin Kingdom and directly flew out from the castle. Though with a quick scan of his spirit sense gave him all the information that he needed.

He had already known that King Hong had left the Kingdom to support the Noon Grass sect already. Right now, Adviser Liu was the one taking care of the kingdom and they were all alert.

Since the sects had been attacked, there was no guarantee that the Hong Lin Kingdom wouldn’t be attacked either. The Fenlong kingdom had already been attacked a few times till now.

This was mostly from the Mountain Brush Sect’s people and the Kingdom of Shu army. Though they had been able to hold them back rather easily. The Mountain Brush Sect was not as strong as it used to be and their numbers had been lessened in the recent times.

Though the reason for it was unknown.

In fact, if not for the input from Wu Hei, they wouldn’t have even known this. It was certain that the Horse Manticore had probably caused some issues in the Mountain Brush Sect. Though the exact reason was still a mystery.


Little Shrubby returned to his full size, and Lin Mu strapped on to his back.


Little Shrubby started running as his each step shook the ground. His thick legs were like the trunks of trees and the muscles rippled with power as they pushed him further and further.


After a certain point, a loud sonic boom was heard as little Shrubby broke through the sound barrier.

Lin Mu leaned forward and held onto the harness while his eyes gleamed with a dark look. A myriad of thoughts went through his mind and multiple scenarios formed in his head. He was not sure what kind of a scene he was going to see once he was there and wanted to be prepared.

Jing Wei’s words echoed in his mind. While he might have said it as a joke, Lin Mu truly didn’t want his absence to have caused such an issue.

‘No that’s not all… the Dao Treading realm experts, how did they suddenly appear? Are they from the Northern Tribes? If so, then why have the top three sects not acted? I’m sure no matter what, they won’t hold back of Northern Tribes’ experts appear.

Not even Gu Yao would be able to hide their presences.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

“What if they aren’t from the Northern Tribes?” Xukong suddenly spoke.

Hearing this Lin Mu narrowed his eyes.

“The Pills of grace… Did they somehow manage to push them to the Dao Treading realm?” Lin Mu couldn’t help but wonder.

“It is indeed possible. They might have been preparing for this since the start. And it might have been their main goal too.” Xukong replied.

Lin Mu found merit in the worlds.

If these new Dao Treading Realm cultivators were really from the sects of the Zither Wind Alliance, and the Gu Legion, the Top three sects wouldn’t have a valid reason to interfere. While they would become really wary after this, since the power dynamic would certainly change, the Noon Grass sect would become history till then.

Never the less, Eleven Dao Treading Realm experts were a really great number and even with the top three sects combined they would barely match the numbers.

Each of the Top three sects had three Dao Treading Realm experts. At least in the open. There might be more hidden. But even those that are hidden won’t be enough, as the Zither Wind Alliance would still have their patriarchs and supreme elders who too were at the Dao Treading realm.

Thus in reality, the number of Dao Treading Realm experts was higher than eleven. It could very easily be at twenty.

Compared to the Noon Grass sect, this number was massive. After all, they only had a single Dao Treading realm expert, Patriarch Hua.

There were no secret elders or ancestors that the sects of the alliance had. All of them had perished over the years, and the Noon Grass sect was the same. While this information was kept secret, it was still found out by the Gu Legion and thus they were brazen in their attack.

Lin Mu didn’t know what more they had learned in this time.

The one saving grace Lin Mu and the alliance had right now was that the cultivation bases of their disciples were still decent. The Kong plane and other resources had served them enough to push their cultivation bases forward.

If anything, the disciples would have a greater chance of holding them back, at least.

‘But in face of five Dao Treading realm cultivators, will this be enough?’ Lin Mu wondered.

Each of the three sects in the Long Cloud alliance was being held back by two Dao Treading realm experts who imprisoned them with the formation array. This meant six Dao Treading realm experts blocked the other sects, while five of them attacked the Noon Grass sect.

Even the upgraded defensive formation arrays of the sect will only block them for so long.

Lin Mu simply hoped that he would get there in time. Even if he didn’t know what he was going to do there, getting there was the first priority.

The people of the Noon Grass sect were currently in their biggest battle ever.


Standing alongside him were hundreds of disciples of the Noon Grass sect. They had barricaded themselves around one peak, while the Gu Legion members surrounded them.

“FOOLS! You are only delaying the inevitable!” An elders spoke from the sky.

Dao Treading realm spirit Qi fluctuations came from him while the tens of Gu Legion members attacked the barrier, protecting the disciples incessantly.


“See that?” The Dao Treading realm elder taunted. “Once your patriarch is dead, you all will be dead too!”

In the distance, an injured old man could be seen being knocked away by four Dao Treading realm experts!


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