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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 61: Hidden Information Bahasa Indonesia

Vaan found it had to believe that he had become the seventh Great Devil Contractor. It wouldn’t add up with everything he had learned about the Great Devils and their Contractors.

Even when little information from outside the seven witch kingdoms was known, the seven Great Devils and the six existing Great Devil Contractors were special exceptions.

After all, the six Great Devil Contractors obtained powers that rivaled Transcendent Witches, not to mention the seven Great Devils that stand far beyond the Transcendent Rank.

That kind of shocking information is nearly impossible to keep secret.

‘The six Great Devil Contractors all received Transcendent-level power at the time of the contract… On the other hand, my body has only been strengthened to Rank 1 after awakening the system…’ Vaan mused.

Unless the system had been playing a prank on him, Vaan had not heard any voices from any of the seven Great Devils.

‘I’m not a Great Devil Contractor, but I seem to have a relationship with one of the seven Great Devils of the Gehenna Realm,’ Vaan determined.

And if Vaan had to make a guess, it had something to do with being 90% human.

‘Although I lack memories of the body before my transmigration, the parents of this body were more likely to be humans—or a witch and witch descendent, to be more precise… Then—’

‘Kyuu? Kyuu…!’

Topaz suddenly appeared in Vaan’s direct line of sight, asking him why he was ignoring her. She moved onto his head with a pout on her face and threw a tantrum by pulling his hair.

Alas, Topaz lacked physical strength. Thus, Vaan only felt like she was trying to find nits in his hair.

Although Vaan understood her thoughts, he only responded with a smile and continued to let her tug at his hair.

‘When I was struck by an Aura-powered attack, I was left thrown into the wasteyard. That must mean that none of the witches could have saved me with healing magic. But against all odds, I survived anyway,’ Vaan recalled.

However, the system was not one to give without first receiving; it doesn’t draw rewards from nothing. Vaan had, more or less, figured this out.

‘The system didn’t just help me recover but also fortified my body. Considering the system doesn’t draw power from nothing, it must have been something it already had,’ Vaan speculated.

Furthermore, a lot of blood was required to awaken the system within the Etherstone.

‘A sacrifice? No, that’s probably not it.’

Vaan relied on his superior memory to recall the details of the event. He had indeed lost a lot of blood at that time. His bones were broken, and even his organs were crushed.

However, the system didn’t absorb all of his blood. In fact, most of it was left behind.

‘I believe the system has the answers to my doubts. Status!’




Name: Vaan Raphna

Race: Human (90%)

Age: 20

Unique Physique: [Heaven-Swallowing Physique], [Earth Spirit Body (Low-rank)]

Cultivation: N/A

Spirit Contract/s: [Topaz (Named Spirit) (Mid-rank Earth Spirit)]

Skills: [Basic-level Weaponcrafting] [Intermediate-level Heavenly Massage] [Basic-level Hand-to-Hand Combat] [Intermediate-level Cloud Evading Steps] [Expert-level Mental Focus] [Expert-level Magical Foundation] [Expert-level Mana Application] [Expert-level Mineral Interaction] [Basic-level Dagger Mastery]

Ability: [Heaven-Swallowing Space] [Magic Vision (Low-rank)] [Regeneration (Low-rank)] [Earth Acceleration (Low-rank)] [Earth Manipulation (Contract-dependant)] [Telepathy (Contract-only)]

Stats: [150 Defense] [23 Strength] [31 Speed]

Topaz’s Mana Capacity: [26/201]

Elemental Affinity: [50% Earth]

Elemental Resistance: [50% Earth]


Vaan’s attention paused on Topaz’s mana capacity.

As expected of a spirit; even if Topaz did nothing, she had already recovered some mana within a short time.

However, her upper limit had also increased by one point despite being raised by a hundred points upon becoming a Mid-rank Earth Spirit a moment ago.

‘It seems like 200 points in mana is just the minimum amount for a Mid-rank spirit and not its upper limit. Since Topaz just became a Mid-rank Earth Spirit, she will continue to grow until she hits the peak for Mid-rank Earth Spirits, huh?’ Vaan mused.

Nevertheless, Vaan didn’t dwell on Topaz’s information. He focused on his.

‘My status is clearly incomplete. Some crucial information has been kept hidden… However, I am getting the hang of this system now… Reveal hidden information!’ Vaan willed.




Name: Vaan Raphna (Vahn Cadieux)

Race: Human (90%), Devil (10%)

Bloodline: Spatial Bloodline (Heaven-rank), Immortal Lycan Bloodline (Divine-rank)

Age: 20 (Physically), 31 (Mentally)

Unique Physique: [Heaven-Swallowing Physique (Heaven-rank) (Upgradeable)], [Earth Spirit Body (Low-rank) (Upgradeable)] [Immortal Lycan Physique (Low-rank) (Upgradeable)]

Cultivation: N/A

Ability: [Heaven-Swallowing Space (High-rank) (Upgradeable)] [Magic Vision (Low-rank) (Upgradeable)] [Regeneration (Low-rank) (Upgradeable)] [Earth Acceleration (Low-rank)] [Earth Manipulation (Contract-dependant)] [Telepathy (Contract-only)] [Wisdom From the Void (Heaven-rank)] [Name Bestowal (Divine-rank) (Non-Upgradable)] [Blessing of the Moon (Low-rank) (Physique-Dependant)]


‘Holy… shit.’

Vaan was greatly startled by what he was seeing.

Although the information about his past life was surprising, he found all the other hidden information much more shocking.

He wouldn’t have known how much information was hidden from him until he saw it for himself. It was so incredible that it felt exaggerated.

‘I knew the system was mainly devised for the demons to hunt witches, but to think it made me one of them—even if it is only partially. Furthermore, it’s most likely to increase in the future…’ Vaan frowned at the 10% devil trait.

‘Immortal Lycan Bloodline… This must be what saved me when I awakened—No, bound the system. Reveal information.’



[Immortal Lycan Bloodline (Divine-rank)]

Status: Unawakened

Overview: the unique bloodline of Balmodon the Undying, one of the seven rulers of the Gehenna Realm.

Legend said that Balmodon was once a mortal of the Warring Race. But, after Balmodon performed the impossible feat of slaying the Evil Wolf God Kezan and eating its heart, he stole its divinity and ascended to godhood.

Note: As you have yet to awaken the Immortal Lycan Bloodline, you can only use some of its abilities.

Unlocked Abilities: [Magic Vision (Low-rank) (Upgradeable)] [Regeneration (Low-rank) (Upgradeable)] [Name Bestowal (Divine-rank) (Non-Upgradeable)] [Blessing of the Moon (Low-rank) (Physique-Dependant)]


‘I can understand Name Bestowal and Blessing of the Moon, but Magic Vision and Regeneration are included as well?’ Vaan furrowed his brows.


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