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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 60: Naming Incident Bahasa Indonesia


The Unnamed Fairy tilted her head at Vaan’s comment with a confused look that seemed to say, ‘Of course, we can understand with telepathy. Or how else are we going to communicate?’

‘I suppose you’re right,’ Vaan responded with a wry smile.

Although the Unnamed Fairy possessed the appearance of an adorable young human girl, she also had fairy wings, brownish-golden eyes, rock horns, and a brown furry dress that seemed to be part of her body.

After Vaan started communicating with the Unnamed Fairy, he learned that she had been alone in the dark stalactite cave since she gained awareness of her existence.

‘Kyuukyuu,’ the Unnamed Fairy conveyed her thoughts.

The Unnamed Fairy was an Earth Spirit, a spirit born from the earth element-rich cave. She never had anyone to talk to. Thus, she never learned to speak.

Although she could produce sounds with her mouth, they don’t have any meaning in any language. They were just sounds that helped her convey her thoughts better.

‘It took hundreds of years to give birth to a Low-rank Earth Spirit… I wonder how long it would take to give birth to Earth Spirits of a higher rank…’ Vaan mused.

Nevertheless, the Unnamed Fairy that Vaan had contracted appeared to be young and lacking—but that also meant she had a lot of room for growth.

After Vaan finished producing his black gunblade, he created two dozen rounds of simple sharp-pointed pellets and three eight-round magazines to hold them.

Once they were all completed, Vaan stored everything inside the Heaven-Swallowing Space and gave the Unnamed Fairy his full attention.

‘You’ve been alone ever since you were born, so you were quite excited to meet finally someone who was also attuned to the earth element, huh?’ Vaan thought.

Otherwise, he didn’t think it would have been easy to enter a contract with an Earth Spirit.

‘Kyuu,’ the Unnamed Fairy replied as she flew unto Vaan’s palm and rubbed her cheeks against it. She completely treated him as one of her kind.

Vaan slightly smiled and asked, ‘Do you have a name?’

‘Kyuu?’ the Unnamed Fairy tilted her head.

Although the Unnamed Fairy understood the meaning behind Vaan’s question, she didn’t understand the need for one.

Was a name necessary?

‘So you don’t have one. No surprise there,’ Vaan thought. He had already expected as such when she was called the Unnamed Fairy. ‘You want to know why a name is necessary?’

‘Kyuu,’ the Unnamed Fairy nodded.

‘A name is necessary because it is a form of identity. We name to identify, symbolize, refer to, and describe things. It gives us the power to simplify, organize, and even forge connections; to bring things closer to us.’

The power to tame.

People might underestimate it, but naming also had such power.

‘Kyuu?’ the Unnamed Fairy asked if possessing a name would also bring the two of them closer to each other.

That being said, they were already as close as they could get due to the contractual bond they shared.

‘Of course,’ Vaan smiled with a nod, nonetheless.

‘Kyuu!’ the Unnamed Fairy eagerly asked Vaan for a name. She wanted him to name her. No, only he can name her.

‘I’m not very good with names, but I will try and think of a good one since you insist. Hmm, since you’re an Earth Spirit, giving you a name that has a simple earth meaning behind it won’t do you justice…’ Vaan contemplated.

As Vaan stared into the Unnamed Fairy’s small yet big brownish-golden eyes, she also stared back at him silently with anticipation.

‘You have a pair of beautiful and pure eyes that seemingly possess the boundlessness of the earth. As I have hopes that you will also embrace the earth’s boundless love and affection…how about Topaz?’ Vaan wondered.

‘Kyuu!’ the Unnamed Fairy happily accepted the name, not thinking too deeply into it.

Nevertheless, the moment Topaz accepted her name, something unexpected happened. Topaz winced as she felt like something was branding her soul.

At the same time, Vaan also felt power getting drawn from his body, making him feel weak and lethargic like a sick person. The situation startled him greatly.

Even so, Vaan could do nothing but watch it unfold.

Although Vaan said there was power in naming things, he spoke metaphorically. He never expected the power to manifest literally.

‘Kyuu!’ Topaz cried.

Topaz felt something sinister attaching to her soul. But even though it felt sinister, it didn’t harm her in any way.

In fact, it felt like it was enhancing her existence.


<The Earth Spirit’s information has been updated>

<[Spirit Contract]: Topaz (Named Spirit) (Mid-rank Earth Spirit)>

<[Topaz’s Mana Capacity]: 17/ 200>


<You have been blessed by the Earth Spirit>

<Your Earth Spirit Body’s blessings have increased>


[Earth Spirit Body (Low-rank)]

Effect 2 (Updated): When you are in touch with the earth, you will receive a 30% buff in overall defense and natural regeneration.

Effect 3 (Updated): when consuming earth-attribute medicine, you will receive a 30% buff in its effects.

Effect 4 (New): When you are in touch with the earth, all earth-related magic will receive a 30% decrease in mana consumption.


Vaan’s lips twitched as he heard the notifications.

‘This exaggerated change that only occurs after bestowing a name onto another existence… Isn’t this one of the Great Devils’ abilities?!’ Vaan’s gaze turned serious after analyzing the situation.

Only the Great Devils possessed the ability to give other existences a power boost or chance at evolution by granting them a name.

Furthermore, it was said that the Great Devils only used it on their most faithful followers.

‘Kyuu!’ Topaz flapped her wings around Vaan excitedly. After the initial discomfort, she felt inexplicable joy and comfort.

After all, she did upgrade from a Low-rank Earth Spirit to a Mid-rank Earth Spirit.

Although Vaan was happy for Topaz, he could not help but frown at himself. He didn’t doubt that he had paid a certain price to make that change happen.

He would have to think twice before bestowing more names in the future.

‘To possess one of the Great Devils’ abilities… Don’t tell me I did become the seventh Great Devil Contractor? But that doesn’t make sense either…’

Vaan furrowed his brows in thought.


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