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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 62: Early Morning Bahasa Indonesia

‘I thought I had flexible choices, but my choices are only given from a fixed set of choices. The abilities I unlocked are related to my bloodlines and physiques,’ Vaan mused.

Nevertheless, Vaan didn’t dwell on it.

The system might not have been omnipotent as he expected in terms of aiding his growth and evolution, but his potential wasn’t any less without it.

‘Spatial Bloodline, huh?’ Vaan paused with a calm look.

He didn’t find it surprising to have such a bloodline. His Heaven-Swallowing Physique was based on it.

All descendants of witches had a high chance of inheriting their parents’ bloodline, whether they were male or female. Their physiques are born based on that bloodline.

Although it doesn’t happen often, there were also cases when the descendants were born with a different elemental bloodline from their parents.

Even so, it doesn’t change that Vaan’s parents were likely to be people with the Spatial Bloodline, whether it was his father possessing a spatial physique or his mother possessing spatial specialization magic.

‘The Spatial Bloodline isn’t rare, but it isn’t that common either. It might not be too difficult to find the original body’s origins… But there’s no need to look for liabilities and shackles,’ Vaan thought.

If he had any relatives, he would just look into them; he wouldn’t actively approach them.

Moving on, Vaan shifted his attention to the following new skills, completely skipping over his mental age.

There was nothing remarkable about his past life.

He was a 29-year-old office worker who happened to land himself in a black company, where hard work isn’t rewarded, and his credits are frequently stolen by his immediate superior.

Furthermore, the black company was very stingy with the wages but very generous with overtime.

‘In my last life, I died saving a kid from a speeding truck. But if it wasn’t because I was exhausted from overwork, dodging the truck wouldn’t have been a problem.’

‘Hah… If I knew I would live such a short life, I would have at least gone to the company with a gun and dragged all those greedy and selfish bastards to hell with me,’ Vaan smiled self-deprecatingly.

Although he didn’t regret saving the kid, it would haven’t been better to drag his trashy bosses to hell with him.

If there was one thing that he learned from his past life, only those with power got to do what they wanted.

He was tired of working like a dog for others and being used by them.


[Wisdom From the Void (Heaven-rank) (Upgradeable)]

Overview: there is infinite wisdom and truth hidden within the boundless void, but only a selected few can tap into it and learn from it.

As your Heaven-Swallowing Space expands, the more room it has to accommodate the infinite wisdom and truth hidden in the void, granting you comprehensive abilities far beyond human limits.

Note: It might be possible to learn everything you need to know at a higher level simply by glimpsing into the void.

Restriction: This ability is limited by the rank of your Heaven-Swallowing Physique

Upgrade Method: Unknown (Information is lacking)


[Name Bestowal (Divine-rank) (Non-Upgradeable)]

Overview: a divine ability that allows you to share some divine power with another being by granting them a name, which is engraved on their soul and becomes the basis of their existence.

Note: Named beings are marked by your divine power. They become your faithful followers and cannot betray you.

Restriction: Only applicable to beings without a [True Name], which is usually but not always given at birth.

Upgrade Method: N/A (This ability cannot be upgraded)


[Blessing of the Moon (Low-rank) (Physique-Dependant)]

Overview: the distinctive ability of the Evil Wolf God Kezan and his descendants who inherited its bloodline.

The ability is inherited by Balmodon the Undying’s Immortal Lycan Bloodline.

Note: On the night of a full moon, your Immortal Lycan Physique’s abilities are amplified by the rich lunar energy.

Restriction: Your Immortal Lycan Bloodline’s purity determines the level of blessing from a full moon. The higher the purity, the greater the amplification of abilities.

Upgrade Method: Awaken your Immortal Lycan Bloodline to receive more of the full moon’s blessing.

Blessing Level: 1% Amplification (Unawakened Bloodline).


After reading through his bloodlines, physiques, and abilities, Vaan softly sighed with some relief.

‘It seems the requirement for [Name Bestowal] is quite strict. I don’t have to worry too much about giving out names. At the very least, nicknames are safe to give,’ Vaan mused.

More importantly, Vaan understood why he felt more comfortable at night. It was a result of the [Blessing of the Moon].

Even if it wasn’t a full moon, his Immortal Lycan Bloodline reacted to the lunar energy at night.

After Vaan was done checking out his abilities, he gave Topaz the attention she wanted. He also studied her abilities while he was at it.

Thanks to Topaz becoming a Mid-rank Earth Spirit, the power of Earth Manipulation was also upgraded to the next rank.

‘Are you still upset?’

‘Kyuu!’ Topaz pouted with her arms crossed while looking away.

‘Oh? So you are. What should I do for you to forgive me?’ Vaan asked with amusement. He was very patient with Topaz.

After all, Topaz was his source of power for earth magic.

‘Kyuu…’ Topaz pondered with her chin resting on her hand, but she couldn’t think of anything good. She wanted something that would satisfy her, but she didn’t want to make things difficult for Vaan either.

After some time, Topaz placed her hands on her hips and nodded with a benevolent look.


Topaz said she would forgive him this one time since Vaan had given her a name and allowed her to become a Mid-rank Earth Spirit.

‘My, Topaz is so kind.’


Topaz posed with an ‘as a matter of fact’ look. She had to live up to her new name.

Vaan slightly smiled with amusement.

After Interacting with Topaz for some time, early morning gradually arrived. At this time, only very few early birds got up to perform their morning routine.

The rest of the townspeople would only wake an hour or two later.

However, Vaan spotted Captain Rhys as one of the early birds when he glanced outside his room’s window.

At that moment, Captain Rhys was practicing sword swings outside to work up a sweat. It was clear that he was a very diligent and disciplined person.


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