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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 114: Reward List Bahasa Indonesia

“I can’t believe Lady Hester could moan like that. It just doesn’t fit her usual stern temperament during the day…” a True Witch with long black hair and brown eyes softly muttered with surprise.

“Right? I heard that in the past, Lady Hester used to keep a few servants around for dual practice. But after they drowned in pleasure and became useless men who couldn’t think about anything other than getting under Lady Hester’s skirts all the time, she tossed them away,” another True Witch with short blonde hair and blue eyes mentioned.

“A Senior Witch like Lady Hester is very hard to please in the art of pleasure… Sir Vahn must be very skilled…”

“I wasn’t interested at first when I heard Sir Vahn was in need of dual practice partners… But seeing how Lady Hester seems to be having such a great time, I can’t help but feel a little curious now.”

The True Witches continued to keep an eye on the door to Vaan’s guestroom while pretending to dust the hallway with their dusters and brooms, but Hester Thornton showed no sign of leaving any time soon.

“I think we don’t have any chance tonight. Lady Hester is most likely staying the night.”

“Hah, if Sir Vahn can make me sound like that, I wouldn’t want to leave either. Just feel the mana in the area; it’s unbelievably concentrated.”

“Maybe Lady Hester has a chance to become a High Witch tonight,” a True Witch with medium-length brown hair and hazel eyes speculated.

However, the True Witch’s claim was quickly refuted by other True Witches.

“Hah, if having a lot of mana was all it takes to become a High Witch, Lord Helia, Lady Yasmin, and Lady Hester would have all ascended to the rank of High Witches already.”

“Right, it’s not that simple to become a High Witch, not that we know anything at our level,” another True Witch added.

After watching the door to Vaan’s guestroom for some time, more and more True Witches decided to retire to their rooms for the night. They deemed there wouldn’t be any chance to experience Vaan’s skills that night.

Even so, two True Witches remained in the hallway, camping outside the guestroom.

They might not have a chance to be with Vaan that night, but they could still benefit by staying within the area of concentrated mana, which extended out of the guestroom.


Hester Thornton’s moans resounded throughout the room for some time before her voice gradually died down.

As Vaan unloaded his seventh load into Hester Thornton’s honey cave, he made her reach orgasm one last time.

And with the last of her orgasm, which Hester Thornton had long lost count of, she collapsed on the soft double-sized bed, deprived of any remaining strength, and fell into a deep slumber with a blissful yet peaceful face.

Even so, rings of mana continued to float above her body, unable to enter her body.

Hester Thornton had reached the peak stage of Senior Witch like Helia Ashenborn and Yasmin Tenebris. Their magic circles had been strengthened to the limit, and their magic domains were filled to the brim with mana.

The only way to absorb more mana was to form new magic circles and increase the size of their magic domains.

However, forming the third magic circle was the most difficult step to advancing to the High Witch rank. More importantly, it was also dangerous.

The gap between Senior Witch and High Witch was the clear division between the average and the extraordinaire.

Nevertheless, as Vaan remained connected to Hester Thornton, he received more benefits from their dual practice.


<You have completed an unassigned Subjugation-type Witch Hunt>

<You have absorbed a large quantity of earth-attribute mana from a Peak-stage Senior Witch>

<Calculating appropriate rewards…>



<Wisdom from the Void and Earth Spirit Body has produced a synergized effect due to the large quantity of Peak-stage Senior Witch’s earth-attribute mana>

<You have gained some understanding of Hester Thornton’s Specialized Magic, Earth Reinforcement>

<The Specialized Magic, Earth Reinforcement, is currently 17% understanding>

<When you reach 100% understanding, you will acquire Hester Thornton’s Specialized Magic, Earth Reinforcement>

<Would you like to keep your current understanding of Earth Reinforcement? [Y/N]>



<You have chosen to save Earth Reinforcement’s understanding>

<The essence of Earth Reinforcement’s understanding has been compiled and saved in your Heaven-Swallowing Space>

<The quantity of earth-attribute mana has been changed>

<Recalculating the appropriate rewards…>




<The rewards have been recalculated>

<Based on the quantity of refined mana with earth attributes extracted from a Peak-stage Senior Witch, a list of suitable rewards is available>

<Please select one of the following rewards>

<Option 1: Reinforce your Earth Spirit Body with earth-attribute refined mana and increase your affinity and resistance to earth by 1%>

<Note: Your Earth Spirit Body’s blessings will increase accordingly>

<Option 2: Reinforce your sensory organ (skin) with earth-attribute refined mana and increase your sense of touch>

<Note: The is a moderate chance of developing a sensory-type special ability>

<Option 3: Reinforce your outer body with earth-attribute refined mana and increase your defense by 20 points>

<There is a slight chance of developing a defense-type talent>

<Option 4: Feed the mana-attribute refined mana to the Heaven-Swallowing Space and expand the subspace>

<Note: There may be unexpected gains or nothing at all>

Once again, Vaan was given options, which the system had listed from best to worse.

‘No doubt the first option is the best choice to pick,’ Vaan thought, but he wasn’t in a hurry to select. He had a harder time choosing between the first three choices this time.

Considering he could gain a whopping 20 points in defense with the third option, it showed how difficult it was to increase his earth affinity.

Vaan didn’t doubt that improving his earth affinity was better in the long run.

However, the long-term benefits aren’t always the best choice.

Sometimes, short-term benefits are required to survive long enough to even consider the long-term benefits.

That being said, Vaan’s life wasn’t in danger. Thus, he decided to rule out the third option. As for the fourth option, Vaan did not need to consider it any time soon.


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