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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 113: Returning Spring Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you ready for round two of my massage, my Lady?” Vaan gently asked.

“W-Wait a minute, Vahn. I need some to recollect my thoughts,” Hester Thornton requested before saying, “This is too different from what I’ve experienced in the past.”

“Well, I’m not like other men. You shouldn’t compare me to others, my Lady. We aren’t on the same level,” Vaan reached forward with his head and whispered into her ear, “We have a lot of time for you to experience the difference, my Lady. The night is still long.”

Hester Thornton’s long eyelashes fluttered, and her body trembled at Vaan’s words, yet her heartbeat quickened with excitement and anticipation, causing her breathing to become a little haggard.

Nevertheless, Hester Thornton wasn’t used to being the weaker party in dual practices.

“O-ho, is that so? Well then, I look forward to seeing what other surprises you have to show me, Vahn.”

Hester Thornton tried to smile calmly, but it appeared a little forced and shaky as she pretended to be calm and collected.

“By the way, your massaging skills seem a little unique. What technique are you using, Vahn?” Hester Thornton asked out of curiosity.

“The Heavenly Massage; I’m at the expert level of mastery,” Vaan casually answered.

“T-The Heavenly Massage? At the expert level of mastery, no less?!” Hester Thornton cried with shock, “Wasn’t that technique deemed impossible to master??”

“Break time’s over, my Lady,” Vaan smiled without replying to her question before saying, “Let us continue.”

“W-Wait!” Hester Thornton quickly cried.

However, Vaan didn’t wait. He resumed his massage, making Hester Thornton’s body tremble with pleasure.

“W-Wait, Vahn! Time out! Hold on just a second!”

Despite Hester Thornton’s pleading, she didn’t actually put up a shred of resistance to stop Vaan.

Instead, Hester Thornton gripped Vaan’s silk pajama by the sleeves and looked at him with an alluring gaze that could set the hearts of men ablaze with carnal desire while she endured the waves of euphoria brought by Vaan’s touches.


Another long erotic moan escaped from Hester Thornton’s mouth as she climaxed again.

And after the second time came a third time, a fourth time, and a fifth time.

Each time Hester Thornton experienced orgasm, her body’s sensitivity heightened, becoming even more sensitive to stimulation and pleasure.

“Ahh~! I can’t take it anymore!”

Eventually, Hester Thornton couldn’t contain herself any further and awakened like a beast in heat. She gazed at Vaan with passionate eyes.

Hester Thornton suddenly grabbed Vaan by the arms and pulled him onto the soft double-sized bed, flipping him over to mount on top of him.

Vaan was surprised by Hester Thornton’s sudden proactiveness, but he stilled his hands and became the observer, seeing what she would do.

However, Hester Thornton was impatient. She directly pulled down Vaan’s silk pajama pants and slipped the awakened dragon into her honey cave, oozing with love nectar.

Vaan’s little brother entered smoothly without a problem.


Hester Thornton relished in the temporary moment of relief, joy, and satisfaction before her body hungered for more.

Heup! Heup!

Hester Thornton started moving her hips in the way she was familiar with, allowing the both of them to feel the joy and delight of connecting with each other.

Vaan could feel Hester Thornton’s honey cave tightening like it wasn’t to suffocate his little brother and squeeze the life out of it.

The tightness gave Vaan inexplicable pleasure as Hester Thornton rode him.

However, Hester Thornton soon found her skills to be lacking and unsatisfactory. It didn’t give her the same sense of delight and fulfillment when Vaan was in action.

“Fuck me, Vahn. Fuck me hard and rough, or whatever the way you want. Mess up my mind and body. Make me feel the joy and wonders of being a woman—No, make me your woman. Tonight, I am all yours,” Hester Thornton pleaded, fluttering her eyelashes.

“With pleasure, my Lady.”

Shortly after accepting Hester Thornton’s request, Vaan flipped her body over, regaining control and dominance of their bed battle.

In that instance, Vaan’s bulging rod seemingly grew an inch longer, reaching deep inside her.

“Ahnn~!” Hester Thornton moaned before Vaan even acted.

Nevertheless, when Vaan moved to dominate her mind and body, Hester Thornton couldn’t hold back her voice.

“Ahh, yes~~~! This is it~! This is the feeling~! The joy~! Mmm~~!” Hester Thornton cried with ecstasy as her mind floated up to cloud nine.

“Harder, Vahn, harder~!”

“Ahn~! It’s so good~~~!”

“Oh my goodness! You’re incredible, Vahn~!”

“Ahh, that’s the spot~! Touch me more~~!”

Only Hester Thornton’s ecstatic moans could be heard in the following hours, drowning the room and escaping into the hallway.

Hester Thornton lost count of her orgasms. Nothing in the past could compare to what she felt now.

It was like she was realizing her first dream of dual practice perfectly according to her imagination before it shattered after her first experience.

The numbness of her cumulation of experience melted away like snow in the early spring.

Hester Thornton felt young again, like a blooming flower.

Vast amounts of mana gathered around Hester Thornton, forming rings of blue light as they couldn’t enter Hester Thornton’s body at once.

But as the area became heavily concentrated in mana under the influence of the large-scale mana gathering spell under the castle, Vaan also reaped tremendous benefits.

As they were connected, Hester Thornton’s mana also flowed into Vaan’s body.

While Vaan and Hester Thornton enjoyed and savored the fruits of their labor from dual practicing with each other, the hallway was in chaos.

A number of young ladies at the True Witch rank blushed with gossip as they passed Vaan’s guestroom.

From time to time, the pretty young ladies would cast their curious gazes at the door while pretending to be on cleaning duty despite it being the dark of the night when everyone should be asleep.

Nevertheless, the young True Witches wondered when the doors to Vaan’s guestroom would open.

Some also had expectant gazes, wondering who be the next lucky witch to experience Vaan’s miraculous skills, which could make even the firm Lady Hester moan so crazily in bed.


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