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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 115: Vaan’s Choice Bahasa Indonesia

Before binding the system, Vaan had been feeding the Heaven-Swallowing Space with all the mana he collected from pleasuring witches without a choice.

Increasing his Heaven-Swallowing Space further brought little benefits in comparison with the remaining two options.

‘With a little bit of fire-attribute mana and a slight chance, I was able to awaken my eye’s special ability. This time, there’s a moderate chance of awakening a special ability related to my sense of touch with earth-attribute mana,’ Vaan mused.

‘What to choose…’

In Vaan’s opinion, the first two options were equal in value.

If Vaan increased his earth affinity, he would receive more blessings from his Earth Spirit Body.

Furthermore, he could reap bigger gains when obtaining more earth-attribute refined mana from other Earth-attribute Senior Witches.

On the other hand, if Vaan improved his sense of touch, he could better understand any living thing he touched, which could help him attain a higher level of mastery in the Heavenly Massage.

A better sense of touch could also allow Vaan to feel the mana, understand mana with his body, and develop a better way of absorbing mana.

On top of that, there was still a moderate chance of awakening a special ability related to his sense of touch.

Vaan contemplated for some time. He checked the night sky outside the window and glanced at Hester Thornton’s peaceful sleeping face before making his decision.

‘Why not both? Both are good,’ Vaan thought while spooning Hester Thornton with his little brother still inside her.

‘If I don’t have enough earth-attribute mana, I’ll just have to collect more. In any case, the night is not over, and I still have plenty of energy to spare. Furthermore, a Peak-stage Senior Witch’s body like Hester can last a fair bit longer.’

Of course, dual practicing with Hester Thornton all the way to morning won’t harm her body, but Vaan couldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t have bags under her eyes.


<You have selected the first option>

After selecting his reward, Vaan felt the lump of earth-attribute refined mana spreading to every part of his body, becoming one with it.


<Your affinity to the earth has increased by 1%>

<Your resistance to the earth has increased by 1%>

<Your Earth Spirit Body’s blessings have been updated>



<<Elemental Affinity>>

[51% Earth]

<<Elemental Resistance>>

[51% Earth]


[Earth Spirit Body (Low-rank)]

Effect 1: When countering a Low-rank Earth Spirit, they will immediately take notice of your existence.

Sub-effect 1.1: There is a chance that the Low-rank Earth Spirit Will actively communicate with you.

Sub-effect 1.2: there is a slight chance that the Low-rank Earth Spirit is willing to establish a spirit contract with you.

Effect 2 (Updated): When you are in touch with the earth, the earth will bless you with a 22% increase in overall defense and natural regeneration.

Effect 3 (Updated): When consuming earth-attribute medicine, you will enjoy a 22% increase in its effect.


After Vaan finished checking the changes, he shifted his attention to Hester Thornton, whom he held in bed.

‘I guess it’s time to wake up the sleeping beauty for another round. In any case, Hester volunteered to be my dual practice partner tonight. She shouldn’t complain if I keep at it all night…’ Vaan mused.

Shortly after, Vaan reached his hand over Hester Thornton’s soft and warm body and started twiddling with her supple pink tips while moving his hips.

Before long, Hester Thornton’s pink tips became hard, and her steady breathing turned haggard.


A weak and sleepy yet seductive moan-like groan escaped from Hester Thornton’s mouth before she slightly wiggled her body into a more comfortable position and continued to sleep with her lips slightly curved into a pleasant smile.

But as Vaan continued to stimulate her body with pleasure, Hester Thornton’s body temperature increased along with her heartbeat and blood flow. Her mouth crept open as she started huffing out hot air.


A cute moan escaped Hester Thornton’s cherry lips as her body quivered from orgasm in her sleep, and the slight shock roused her sleepy mind awake.

“Uuu… V-Vahn? Is it already morning—Ahh…”

Hester Thornton’s question was interrupted by an uncontrollable moan as she became more conscious of the waves of pleasure assaulting her.

“Ahh~~! Wait, Vahn… You’re done yet—Mmm~!”

“Not at all, my Lady. We still have half the night to go until morning. Since you volunteered to be my dual practice partner, you won’t refuse to keep me company for the rest of the night, right?” Vaan whispered as he steadily increased the tempo of his piston-like hip movements.

“I mean, I did volunteer, but… Ahh…”

Hester Thornton wanted to refuse, but she had neither the strength nor a strong enough will to reject. Her mind was saying no, but her body…

“Nooo…” Hester Thornton weakly cried with protest despite her body syncing with Vaan’s movements.

If Hester Thornton knew Vaan was such a vigorous animal in bed, she would have prepared a backup to take her place.

Time quickly passed as Vaan kept Hester Thornton up all night, making her climax countless more times until morning arrived.


<You have reinforced your skin with earth-attribute refined mana>

<Your skin’s affinity to earth-attribute mana has been greatly improved>

Right after improving his sense of touch, Vaan felt the subtle vibrations created from each and every one of his movements and the movements of others within a certain range.

Although the range only extended to a little further than outside the room, Vaan felt like he could vaguely grasp the number and positions of everyone inside it based on the vibrations he received.

‘Depending on the strength of the vibrations, the range could extend even further. I can create vibrations by simply stomping the ground, which will travel out and clash with vibrations of the beating heart and movements of others, allowing me to determine their presence and positions,’ Vaan thought.


<A special phenomenon has been detected>

<You have awakened the ability to feel vibrations>

<Please give this special ability a name>



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