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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 408: After The Disaster 2 Bahasa Indonesia

[Host, the only reason you were able to stay conscious and recover quickly is due to the blessings and the mana core.]

[Trying mass teleportation and a long-distance one on top of that is suicidal at your current level. You could have died without the mana core. Moreover, 120 was the limit. Others died because you weren’t able to carry them.]

The system’s mechanical voice resounded in his head and he bit his lips feeling a sense of loss. It was as if he had betrayed his men.

[Host, stop accusing yourself. You know it wasn’t your fault.]

“I know it still stings thinking about those people who followed me here and I wasn’t able to see them again.”

“And I don’t why my recovery rate seems to be slow.”

[The little mana you have recovered was spent on killing the beast outside otherwise you might have already healed enough to walk around.]

[And as you know the mana around this place isn’t that great.]

[I suggest you look for food now. It’s pity that the meat outside have rotten]

Alex sighed after hearing the systems.

It was not that he wasn’t recovering, but rather the killing of the Legendary rank beast took a huge amount of mana and in his current condition, it took more toll than it ought to take.

His Five Elemental Breathing technique didn’t seem to work properly.

It wasn’t that the technique wasn’t working rather the surrounding mana in this place didn’t seem to be sufficient enough.

Still, Alex was glad that he teleported right under the cave.

This might be due to Lady Luck’s blessing.

After snuggling into Riya for some time, Alex put her on the ground after preparing soft vines for her to lie comfortably.

Riya’s eyelashes fluttered as Alex let go. Her expression changed which made one feel that she had woken up from a nightmare.

The temperature inside the cave was chilly so Alex raised some vines and burnt them.

‘It should last for a while until I get firewood.’

Alex caressed Riya’s hair and after getting up, he walked out of the cave to take a look.

Before the entrance of the cave, Alex saw the corpse of various beasts that he had killed.

The corpses had started to decay and the foul smell had attracted many flies and insects.

Alex snapped his finger and the corpses burnt and the gale blew, getting rid of the smell.

Alex enacted an earthen barrier around the place. After six days, he had finally recovered around 40 per cent of his strength.

His men and Riya had already recovered enough to wake up but Alex cast a sleeping spell on them. He wants them to rest properly and wake up after he uses a healing spell.

He also opened the mana map so that he could be notified if any beast lurked in the place, and he could get rid of it immediately.

Alex took a deep breath and observed the surroundings.

The trees weren’t as dense as the wilderness of Terror Of Ranvier.

The canopy wasn’t thick and the ground was clayey and loamy.

Alex concluded that he might be on the outskirts of a forest and there might be a road somewhere leading to human inhabitants.

After wandering around and stretching himself, Alex started the hunt.

He needs food with high nutrients now.

He hadn’t eaten for many days. If he had the meat of high-rank beasts filled with mana, he might already be in his best condition.

Alex climbed a tree and jumped from one to another with nimble movements.

Alex noticed an Angolan antler from afar.

It was a Transcendent rank beast.

After spotting it, the thought that he shook away before came to his mind.

“I don’t understand one thing. Since this isn’t a vast wilderness, how come there are so many high-level beasts here? Only beasts up to Master rank should be found here and rarely an Epic rank?”

“I have even encountered a Legendary rank coming for us near the cave. The level of the beasts is way beyond what this place could support.”

Alex muttered and kept the thought in the back of his mind.

First and foremost he needs to kill and gather enough meat. His stomach was already growling with hunger.

And second, he needs to recover quickly.

Since he has used Lady Luck Blessing, his days should be filled with misfortune but since Alex was cooped up in a place, he didn’t encounter much.

The Angolan Antler was eating his own game. They have earth elements with which they form pointy structures and attack others or use their horns to injure them.

They don’t have sharp teeth and don’t bite. Its horns extended from its body forming a branch and extending for a length of five feet.

Alex went towards a stable branch to jump off but unfortunately, it broke throwing Alex out of balance Alex grabbed the tree with strength causing it to develop a hollow spot.


Taking a deep breath, he placed his feet on the tree and kicked it to take a jump.

Alex travelled into a long arc to gain more distance. He travelled nearly 30 metres with one jump.

Around eight metres away, Alex’s momentum started to go downward.

A ball of mana appeared in his hand which extended to form a long pole and at one end of the pole, a sharp pointy needle-like tip appeared.

Alex, who was directly above Angolan Antler’s head, slumped down on it.

The Spire Antler noticed the movement and saw a small dot shadow on the ground and tried to move away but Aled noticed its movement and raised his spear for a throw.

Alex, holding the spear of ice, yanked his right arm to the point that his muscle bulged and threw it down towards the Angolan Antler.


A pointy earthen structure appeared before the Antler which tried to block the spear of ice.

The spire which was made of rock and the spear of ice should have been broken into pieces but the spear blasted through the spire and hit the antler.

As the last resort, the antler raised his big horns to block.


The antler horns were slammed by the spear.

Alex heard some scratching and thrashing from below and below him, the antler was thrashing around as the spear went past the gap in the horns and scratched through the neck.

The antler was still alive as it thrashed its head on the ground, the spear made of ice finally broke.

Alex’s body shot towards it with a huge hammer made of ice.

Even though the Spire Antler was in pain, it turned its body and kicked the hammer of ice.


The hammer burst into pieces forming a dense mist covering its vision.

The mist was torn suddenly and through the gap, a human fist coated in a reddish aura shot and hit its head.


The end of horns broke and a crackle was heard as Antler’s body crashed onto the ground.


Alex clicked his tongue as he wasn’t able to kill it with the punch.

He didn’t have the strength to cast another soul attack and till now he had only recovered 40% of his power.

The antler kicked the ground with its groove and standing up, it jumped towards Alex trying to slam his horns onto him.


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