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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 407: After The Disaster Bahasa Indonesia

The scene of going through the disaster had been replaying in Alex’s mind like a flashback in a loop for every second since he woke up

They were crushed like an ant with no way to retreat.

He was shocked.

He was helpless.

He was afraid.

He wasn’t afraid of his death nor was he afraid of pain.

He feared the death of those who were around him. Their well-being was his responsibility.

He was thinking of a reason why the guy attacked him and tried to kill him.

Cause neither he had messed with an unknown force nor he had offended any big shot.

The first figure was a creature of darkness but the Supreme rank wasn’t. Although his silhouette was vague, he was sure that the person was neither a creature of Darkness nor any human.

Riya’s body had already been damaged severely but as the attack hit them, Riya covered Alex in shadow and attempted to protect him causing her to receive severe burns.

Alex also had charred skin on his face but he was in better condition than his men and Riya.

As his eyes looked around everything with a scrutinised gaze, the dark ceiling above his head was replaced by the bright sky where two figures stood and cast the attack.


Yes, he had been hallucinating quite often recently but he hadn’t made any effort to get out of it.

Because he wanted to see the moment again and again and etch it in his heart so that he could never forget it.

Alex had already felt the level of the attack from the breath of the Supreme rank wisp.

He strengthened the golden barrier and activated another blessing.

[Lady Luck Blessing]

Till now he had never used this skill because he never needed luck to win a battle.

But today his survival was at stake. Even though his chances of survival were at single digits, these blessings increased his chances even by one, he wanted to bet on it.

Alex had fought against the Arkham troops with 2000 soldiers and out of them, only 600 were left alive after the clash.

During the last stand, along with his hundred men, two hundred more accompanied him while the rest were too weak to take part.

Alex used all his remaining mana to cast a wide-area teleportation spell so that he could teleport everyone to a safe place.

The golden barrier enacted by him couldn’t stall the attack of the Supreme rank even for a second.

In the moment of desperation to increase the speed of the teleportation, Alex finally broke through the Legendary rank while their life was in crisis.

His breakthrough wasn’t stable due to the situation.

Riya released all her power at the moment and wrapped others in a domain similar to a shadow.

Although it was able to buy some time, in the end, it was ripped apart.

The blow woke Riya to his sense that due to the hopelessness wrapped herself around Alex.

The attack hit them but before it could wipe them out, Alex’s teleportation finally worked.

It looked like an eternity but in reality, all of this happens within seconds.

They were lucky enough to survive to see the next day but alas it was not all of them.

Of 300 people around Alex, only 120 were able to teleport while the bodies of the rest were wiped out before the spell worked out.

Even though it was a minuscule second, the aura of warriors protected them from dying while others who weren’t able to mask themselves died.

70 out of 120 were Alex men while the rest belonged to the defence line.

Alex at his present stage could only teleport 50 people but due to exerting himself as soon as the spell worked out, his vision became blank.

A mind-splitting headache overwhelmed him and his body was wracked with a heavy pain from casting long-distance teleportation.

The spell could teleport him along with others within a distance of 1000 km.

After passing out when he opened his eyes, he saw the charred body of Riya in his arms along with men who were still breathing.

The moment he saw their look, he felt the greatest despair of his life.

The tingling sensation of rage that seemed to be consuming his heart with misery was nothing compared to the despondency he felt when he was abused by the Goddess of War.

Alex’s body was so bad that he wasn’t even able to heal spells.

His unstable breakthrough pulled him down and after waking up, he tried to establish his condition.

He just poured mana into Riya’s exhausted body and let her recover.

Riya’s clothes were ripped apart and her back was partially naked. Alex changed her clothes and cleaned her after mustering all his strength.

After six days of nursing, Riya’s condition was stable while his men seemed to have passed out from heavy fatigue.

Alex cast a sleeping spell on all of them and let them sleep until he could use a healing spell.

He woke up on the second day and since then he hadn’t blinked even for a second.

He sensed many powerful beasts walking towards this place due to the smell of burnt flesh and blood but all of them were killed by Alex.

He didn’t move physically but as soon as he stepped into Legendary rank he received one of the greatest surprises in his lifetime.

Name:Alex Von Leonheart

Species:Transcended Human

Rank:Legendary Rank










Magic:302+100[Additional 100 due to Mana Core]

Soul Strength:Can’t be measured

Stats Points:0

He had unlocked Soul Strength which can only be unlocked when one reaches Mythic rank but Alex had unlocked it at Legendary rank.

Previously, his soul wasn’t able to leave his body to cast a soul attack since his body was weak and could only engage when the other side initiated it but now he can use a wisp of his soul to leave and engage in a soul battle.

Mages train their mind and soul to become stronger and when they achieve Mythic rank, they show their true potential while warriors mainly train their souls after reaching Mythic ranks as they mostly focus on physical strength.

That’s why Mages are considered to be superior then warriors as most of them lose in case of soul battle.

And Alex was using this soul strength to kill the beasts that were drawing near.

He had even killed a Legendary rank beast nearby with his soul attack but it proved fatal for his condition as his body was under immense stress.

Alex’s soul was too powerful to be accommodated by his body so he needed to restrain himself.

He didn’t where he was and why there have been so many strong beasts lurking around the cause in Kinley after the Terror of Ranvier there wasn’t any vast wilderness.

Alex put the question at the back of his mind and asked the system.

“System, can’t I use the healing spell on them now? Just how much longer do I have to see them in this state?” Alex asked in an annoyed tone.


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