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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 409.1: Bad Luck All Around Bahasa Indonesia

Alex raised both of his hands and decided to take on the blow head-on.

Even though he was in a weakened state, he was still a Legendary rank at the end.

When someone crossed the barrier of Transcendent rank, his stat points would be increased by 60 while Alex’s points went up by 100.


Alex’s whole body shuddered and his upper body was shaken due to the collision.

Contrary to his expectations, Alex’s whole body was dragged back by a few metres and the huge antler with its incalculable weight crashed onto him.

Alex tried to put more strength into his legs and support his body from dragging back.

Darg marks appeared under his feet as his body was dragged back.

Alex, who mustered all his strength onto his feet to stop himself from pushing back, slipped as his feet passed through a muddy area making him groan in pain.

Alex’s momentum collapsed which helped the Antler to pull Alex up through the horns Alex was holding.

Alex’s body jerked as he was thrown up by Antler’s horns and before he could react, Antler slammed his horns and knocked Alex.


Alex’s body was thrown off like a kite cut from the string and he rolled on the ground.

“Damn Bad Luck!” Alex cried out and wiped off the blood from his lips.

He didn’t have much time to complain as the Angolan Antler was already on his tail.


Alex stomped the ground and his body launched onto a tree.

He would be a fool if he didn’t take advantage of the natural terrain.

As he tried to land on a branch, his body was shaken up by an Iron sparrow tail shot from the branch.

The Iron Sparrow’s tail was also at Transcendent rank and its beaks aimed straight at Alex trying to puncture him.

Alex used a flight spell to change his trajectory and avoided it and he landed three trees away from it.

Alex saw a nest in the tree and understood the reason for the bird attack.

It wanted to save its nest and as soon as Alex moved away it flew back to its nest while keeping an eye on Alex.

Alex didn’t have any thought to provoke it. His bad luck was already making it hard to kill the antler.

And his weakened stats and low mana reserves added further salt to his wound.


Alex’s attention was drawn towards the Antler that locked onto him and many spires made of earth flew towards him.

Alex moved again, jumping in the air and taking the necessary precautions before landing at tree branches.

The Spires accurately pierced the last location he passed through a moment ago.

The Antler kept on attacking him with the spires making it difficult for him to close in.

Alex kept on dodging. He was trying to kill it using as little mana as possible cause he doesn’t know what trouble may lie ahead but his unlucky day was messing with the opening where he could have killed it.

Every time Alex goes close for a hit, he either slips or stumbles on an obstacle which was a disgrace for a warrior.

Alex swallowed his grievance and condensed wind blasts and tossed it all around the Antler.

The Angolan Antler tried to tackle with spires but the spires burst apart on contact and much to Antler’s surprise, smokes of dust rose all around him after his spires hit the wind blast.

Soon, it was surrounded by a heavy screen of smoke and dust much to his annoyance and as it screamed trying to intimidate his enemy, a rain of ice spears showered on him.


As the dust disappeared, the figure of the antler appeared with countless ice spears piercing its skin and it was trapped by ice spears from all around.

It tried to push through and break it into ice shreds however, Alex landed on its back with a sword of rock and ice and dug it deep into its neck.

“Dieeee!” Alex screamed pushing his handmade sword coated in mana through its neck which caused the Antler to thrash around and made Alex slip again but this time, the Antler’s head was decapitated with his fall.

“I am never using that shitty Lady Luck blessing.” Alex spat with disgust.

He could trample Transcend rank beasts like an ant before just now he was given a hell of a run. If he ever used such skill on the battlefield, he feared that he might get killed by slipping somewhere.

“Should I hunt more?” Alex asked himself while looking at the destruction around and saw The Iron Sparrow’s tail glaring at him.

Alex shook his head and pulled the corpse of the Antler left quickly.

Alex entered the cave and threw the corpse to the side and after gathering firewood lit a fire.

Looking at grilled meat, Alex swallowed his saliva and took a nimble.

“Haaa!” Alex moaned in delight as mana flowed through his body warming him.

“Sure enough, consuming the beast of a higher level is the best way to recover,” Alex spoke.

With each bite, Alex could sense the rejuvenating feeling running through his body.

“I wasted pounds of precious meat “He spoke with regret.

Alex recuperated a bit and started the hunt again.

Alex continued hunting and consuming them.

After stocking ample supplies and regaining half of his strength, he was finally ready to wake up others on the eight days.

Riya’s eyebrows fluttered and as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Alex before her, looking at her with an anxious gaze.

He was alive and breathing.

“Alex!” She screamed in panic but before her mind became unstable, Alex silenced her with a passionate kiss.

His tongue invaded her inside.


Riya murmured but she was shut off by Alex’s invasion and felt a bit suffocated but she didn’t resist but rather enjoyed the sweetness of Alex.

After enjoying a moment of warmth, Alex pulled back.


Everything is alright.

Calm down, and take a long breath.

Alex tried to calm her down but Riya wasn’t able to hold her tears from bursting out.


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