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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 353: Western Front 3 Bahasa Indonesia

With the arrival of Dawn, Alex woke up early and along with Riya walked to the quarters assigned to the soldiers.

On his way, he looked at the empty training field.

Most of the soldiers and nobles were still asleep.

The time was too early for them to wake up and the atmosphere was still cold for them to train and even if someone woke up by mistake, they would just make excuses and go back to sleep.

He opened the door to the soldier’s quarters and inside it, his people were still half asleep while trying their best to get up.

Except for Aeon and a new figure Brian who cried to accompany him, everyone else was still trying their best to wake up.

Meanwhile, the other soldiers were deep asleep and were having sweet dreams.

Their expressions looked so peaceful which looked as if they were sleeping in their homes, not on the borders.

A loud sound was heard as Alex tapped his foot reverting a loud noise which woke most of them up forcefully.


“Two minutes!”

“Yeah, that’s what all of you have.”

“The Western Front was attacked and two out of seven defence lines have fallen.”

“So prepare yourself and come out as quickly as possible.”

In an instant, the situation turned quite chaotic and except for a hundred people from Alex’s side and another 89 who quickly poured their things trying to rush up, others were still in shock and disbelief.

Alex walked out as if nothing had happened after dropping a bomb by informing them of a life-and-death crisis, Ales just gazed at them with an indifferent expression and stared at everyone crossing his arms.

Seeing neatly lined soldiers consisting of soldiers trained here, Alex muttered inwardly.

‘At least, some of these dead horses still know just where they are.’

This even surprised him as he didn’t imagine that there were still some people with some sense.

As soon as they heard his words, just like his troops who reacted even if they were half asleep as if a switch had been pressed, these people also lined up quickly.

One by one, soldiers started to line up panting heavily after hearing his call.

“You all seem to be too used to luxury that you have forgotten the life of soldiers who used to live in constant peril. Your enemies won’t stop after seeing you sleeping or taking a rest.No matter what you are doing as long as you hear the danger bell, you should be prepared within a few minutes with weapons in your hands.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“We will not commit the mistake again.”

The soldiers shouted quite loudly trying to please Alex after his blunt assessment. They could feel a hint of anger in his tone.

Alex stared at the 89 soldiers who seemed to be as disciplined as his troops and said”You all, will be following the training schedule of my Soldier.”

“We will be following a different set of training. If anyone among you is interested in it, you are free to join.”Alex spoke and turned back to walk towards the field along with Riya who was amused seeing the soldier’s expression.

Most of them didn’t think the new training was a big deal but Riya could already imagine their expression after quite some time.

The Western Garrison Training Field seemed to be a playground and holiday resort for his people but since he is here, he doesn’t mind changing this playground to the fire ground of hell if required.

Alex and his soldier’s training woke up the noble with loud noises.

Though they grumbled a bit, they had no option but to engage.

Offending Alex was akin to digging a cave. So, you either stay shut in or step out.

Johnson, The Instructor of the place stared at the scene and lamented.

“This is a disaster!”

Johnson stared at the nobles lying flat on the ground with a resigned expression. Everything about them was a mess. From posture to balance and stance.

Unlike other fronts, the awareness of the war in this area was quite nil and most of those who came here weren’t prepared to engage but to spend time in vain loitering around.

Most of the nobles who came as cadets were from the academy and were placed here due to the connections pulled by their houses to serve their voluntary military period safely.

At the least, they were still some decent bunch among them. But this time, most of the nobles came from neighbouring Kingdoms assigned by the centre. These people have grown complacent due to the peace and didn’t have a good foundation.

As a result, the training was a mess.

He looked at the nobles and the troops accompanying them. The one-month training regime was quite well planned with basic physical training but it was all meaningless if the troops who were fighters can’t even go through such a basic course.

The training was not implemented to improve the fighting capacities of a person in a month who had already been trained for a year but to allow them to form a bond among themselves, recognize each other’s abilities and get used to following orders and fighting in formation.

But most here were just trash, who only have some fancy ideas about wars after hearing the story.

“I don’t know why these people were posted here. It feels that this ruined place has become a dump yard for trash.

The nobles tried to train but gave up after an hour and started to chat among themselves as if this was a garden. The only thing they lacked was a slice of bread and coffee.

Johnson sighed and rotated his head and the sight that greeted him was really out of this place.

Soldiers running in lines, with huge weights over their shoulders drenched in sweat.

Instead of uneasiness, there was a sense of accomplishment and joy on their faces.

Unlike the clumsy ones, he saw earlier, the ones he saw now were full of vigour and confidence.

Even though the sun was shining brightly radiating scorching heat, none of them seemed to slack under the heavyweights.

What was surprising was that all of their powers had been sealed and they were nothing but similar common men here.

Their gazes were sharp and they looked to be ready for war.

At that time he heard Alex’s loud voice.

“Were you all slacking in my absence? Why are you walking slowly?”

Alex spoke and asked Riya to release her pressure.

The weight over their shoulders seemed to increase and their backs arched. Due to the sudden assault, Alex’s men were able to stand up slowly but the others who joined them newly fell to the ground with a loud thud.

When they accepted to train with them, they thought that it would be hard but the level of difficulty exceeded their expectation.

Normally, they run for 10 laps for 1km at the beginning. But Alex’s soldiers had to run for 100 lapses with their powers sealed and the weight of 100 Kg on their soldiers.

It wasn’t a difficult feat but doing this with your power sealed and your state being as similar to an unawakened was too much.


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