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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 354: Western Front 4 Bahasa Indonesia

Johnson walked towards Alex and spoke, “I don’t think there is a need to overdo things.”

If it was anyone else or a noble who talked to him arrogantly, Alex would have taught him a lesson but he had already seen the information about this man and knew him and his dedication so he decided to explain.

Though Johnson was quite satisfied with the way Alex trained his troops but seeing the near-death state of some of the soldiers he was acquainted with, he couldn’t help but speak about it.

The soldiers who followed Alex’s training were the only hope for this place and were proud of themselves for being the best among the best here but seeing them unable to follow and eat dirt, he thought that it might break their spirit.

Alex raised his eyebrows as he followed Johnson’s gaze and said”Everything is difficult at first but once you are acquainted with it, even this hard regime may look simple.”

“On top of that, these young men need to come out of their shells now. If they don’t learn about real things and broaden their outlook, they will just be frogs at the bottom of the well.”

“You might think of them as the best of the best here but as you have thought, they are best here but at other fronts, they can only be henchmen or carriers.”

Johnson wanted to ask Alex to take a rest like the others dazing under the shade but seeing him persisting along with others made him feel ashamed.

He felt as if he was a third wheel who was stopping others from trying their best.

Alex stopped for a moment and said, “Instructor Johnson, tell me what you think of the standard soldiers here. Leave the best one and talk about others.”

Johnson shook his head and spoke, “A soldier from another front can take two or three of the soldiers here.”

“I might be wrong as I have been holed up here but the soldiers here are hardly qualified to become guards somewhere else.”

“Have you received any commands from General Shen?”Alex asked.

“Within six years of taking over the post, General Shen had only come here two times. I haven’t seen him for the last two years.”

Alex asked Johnson about some more things and instructed him to open the gates now.

He wanted to change the location of the training.

Alex and Johnson conversed a little and soon the training routine was changed from indoor to outdoor.

And this time, there was no exception for the soldiers. As long as a soldier was here to take the post, he was forced to undergo hellish training.

Alex decided to steel himself as the situation was a lot worse than he had expected.

Originally, they just had to warm up, run for a few lapses and practise with their weapons but now…

Tap! Tap!Tap!Tap!

Hundreds of soldiers with two huge logs over their shoulders darted across the forest filled with traps.

After crossing the forest, they had to put down the log and start climbing up the mountains with a bag of heavy weights.

As if this was not enough after climbing up and down the mountain, they have to cross the river while swimming with the same heavy bags and the warm river had been brought to freezing temperature by Alex’s handiwork.

Finishing this, you are free to do as you wish but the targeted ones had to practise their weapons skill.

Some soldiers weren’t even able to climb the mountains and their stamina was already depleted so they passed out.

For the first few days, most of them weren’t able to move their muscles at night and it took them six days to accept the reality that they were in hell under the clutches of the devil.


“I can’t do it!”

One of the soldier’s complaints roused the interest of many so formed a small team that sought Alex to complain.

As they approached the training field, they saw Alex standing with a sword in his hands from afar.

Gusts of wind were emanating from the place where he stood.

The soldiers who came to complain felt their anger rising.

“Just look at this man. He said he would accompany us in the training and would lead from the front but look at him now, he is just standing there.”

“He is just a scum like other nobles who don’t keep their word.”One of the soldiers spat and voiced out the grievance from afar.

“You punk what did you say.”

They heard a roar and found Max staring at them hungrily wanting to tear them into shreds.

“What do you want to hit me for speaking the facts?”

“Hit me if you want at least I will be relinquished from the hellish nightmare and stay in the infirmary.” One of the soldiers spoke while stepping forward.

Max wanted to crush the guy but he was stopped by Aeon.

“If you have the strength to complain, you should better try to finish the routine so that you can rest early.”

“Finish the routine, do you think we are inhuman like you?”

“You have been training for years while we just trained for 4 years before coming here.”

“It might be easy for you but not for us.”

“Stop blabbering nonsense or I will rip your mouth,” Max screamed.

“You are saying that My Lord isn’t training, huh” Aeon narrowed his eyes and spoke.

“Bring a bow and an arrow.”

“What are going to do with it?”A soldier asked but Aeon didn’t answer and just asked them to do it.

As they prepared the bow, Aeon stared at Alex and spoke” Shoot the arrow at My Lord.”


“Are you sending us to death? We are going to be accused of attacking a noble and maybe punished to death.”

The soldiers grumbled with horrified expressions. They felt that it was a trap set for them as they bad-mouthed their Lord.

“I swear on My Liege’s name that I will take responsibility for any mishap.”

They swallowed their saliva and with great difficulty, they pulled the string and shot the arrow aiming at Alex.


The arrow hurled its way towards Alex but before it could touch him a faint light glistened and it was cut into two halves instantly bewildering everyone out there.

Aeon smiled seeing their jaws wide open and spoke”My Lord is not standing there simply. He is swinging his sword which you are unable to see.”

“He follows the same set of motions. If you go there and look carefully closely, you will see blurry afterimages of his sword swing. He is just too fast for you to observe.”

The soldiers were struck by thunder and were mortified for a moment.

“And about training for years, you are correct. I have been training early but you see this bulky man here.”

“Two years ago, he was just a woodcutter which my Lord had picked up from the side.”

“And even my Lord started his training two years ago and before it, his mind was vegetative as you all know.”

Max puffed his chest in arrogance but he choked on hearing the last words.

Picked from the side..what do you mean.

Lord came looking for me.

Aeon was unfazed by Max’s glare and said”No matter whether you are early or late. You should do your best.”

“Tell me honestly, have you given your best in recent years?”

All of them kept their mouths shut and looked at Alex with a hint of awe.

“So, stop complaining and do what you are ordered. By the end of the month, you can see the changes you have undergone by yourself.”


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