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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 352: Western Front 2 Bahasa Indonesia

After gathering sufficient intel and a rough overview of the situation, Alex entered the Western Garrison quarters where the soldiers were on standby.

But contrary to Alex’s meaning of standby, these people were doing nothing but standing and relaxing.

It seems they have a different understanding of standby.

Even the gates were left unguarded and there were no people on the top of the wall except a few who seemed to be sleeping at their posts having a nice afternoon nap.

This was a place where one came to enjoy. They are just here because they are forced, not because they wanted to stay here and guard the borders.

With people guarding the borders like this, it’s no wonder, Sean said that Kinley is becoming hollow and still stuck up in its pride and arrogance thinking that they are the strongest Empire in the world.

Alex was accompanied by some other nobles from nearby states who were forced to come here before going to their designated post.

Meller and some nobles he met in the inn were also there with him.

Soon, a man appeared and greeted them.

“I am Earl Ruth Bell, the commander of the Western Garrison Centre. It is the place where basic military training is taught to the soldiers deployed on the Western Front. Those who are assigned to this place have to take a compulsory one-month of training before being assigned to the unit and spend the rest of the time in service.”

After the speech, the nobles grumbled about being forced to train. These people were lucky to stand here as reserve troops otherwise due to the battles on other fronts, there were no reserve troops and if things escalated, the troops from the Kingdom and other fronts may be called.

As Alex observed the soldiers, his expression distorted. These people didn’t look like soldiers.

Even the farmer of his Kingdom was in better shape than these fat balls.

Their eyes were dead and they seemed to be bored to death.

Far from the thought of danger and swinging their swords on the battlefield, these people were yawning with a boring look.

‘These are not entirely their fault. It must be because of that scum Shen.’

‘When the boss is lazy, the workers under him are bound to get lazy.’

“There are some facts you must keep in mind. Whatever may be the status you have out there, here you are nothing but ordinary soldiers who follow the rules of a soldier performing military service. Those who break the rules will be punished severely.”

“Rules my ass. If everyone followed rules then this place wouldn’t look like this.” Max grumbled faintly but soon he felt a sharp gaze and closed his mouth.

“Cadet, what did you say?” Ruth wasn’t able to hear him fully so he looked at Max wondering if this man was asking something important.

‘He is going to die because of his unscrupulous mouth someday.’Alex muttered inwardly while stepping into rescue.

“Commander Ruth, I am from Zenith academy and I have a special letter for you from the centre. So, please can you give me a time to meet.”

“Okay! You come with me. Rest please go to your assigned dorms and have some rest. We will give you your schedule shortly.”

Alex turned back and gave a sign seeing which Max started to sweat profusely.

“Riya take care and be careful. Don’t let these hyenas have a chance to bite us.”

“Yes, My Lord.”


In the Commander’s office.

Two men were present and deathly stillness lingered.

Ruth read the letter in which a series of commands were issued.

His hands trembled and he stared at the young man who stared at him viciously.

His eyes were enough to scare him out of his wits.

He had become Transcendent rank at the age of 42 and became the commander here but this man was already in the sample as real as him.

He wiped off the sweat and asked with a small laugh “Sir Alex! This can’t be fake, can it.”

In the letter, it was said that Alex would have sufficient power to take most of the decisions on the whole Western Front.

But more than that he was shocked to see this man here. He had received a list but there wasn’t any mention of his name.

In truth, his name was mentioned but not in the noble category but in the cadet category who come here for reserved forces.

“This isn’t the time to joke but seeing the situation around here, let me ask you a question.”

“Do you think guarding the border is a joke? Is this the way you guard the borders with these unfit soldiers?”

“No, no. They are just reserves who had already finished the training, the ones at the defence are quite fit.” Ruth spoke with an assured tone.

“Give me rough data. Did you observe anything odd in the recent months?”

Ruth started to think about it and took out the reports along with documents he had received from the patrolling soldiers and handed them to Alex.

Alex skimmed through the papers. There wasn’t anything crucial but his eyes stopped on the report made 19 days earlier.

Alex’s eyes halted

[We caught the sight of a small number of soldiers sneaking out of their periphery. We engaged with them and they went back quickly without much ruckus]

26 Days ago

[The recon troops of the Arkham Empire crossed the border, they took some of the notes and went back by the time we caught them. Their intention was not clear and this was the 6th time this has happened.]

There weren’t any substantial signs of war but soldiers came out and scouted the lands.

This didn’t increase the chance of war but at least this much was enough to make one alert.

Honestly, Alex analysed that if war broke out, it may be due to Demons breaking out through this front in some way or Arkham losing to Demons and getting occupied.

With a foot in the grave, Arkham shouldn’t try to divert their attention if they have common sense but as Catherine said they may try to bring Kinley down with them.

Yeah, if only they have common sense but as usual things always went beyond one common sense when it comes to thinking like this.

Unless there is something shady going on underneath that he doesn’t know, there might be a big event sweeping in here.

Alex fell into deep thoughts and looked at Ruth who shuddered meeting his gaze.

“Did you report this to General Shen?”


“You hadn’t reported this.” Alex’s voice became louder and he started to press Ruth with his gaze.

“I have reported it.”

“So, what was his response?”

Ruth took a deep breath before answering and spoke”General Shen said that they might be just loitering around for fun or might have lost their way.”


The paper in Alex’s hand was squeezed while the armpit of the chair was crushed into powder.

“Is this a joke? Do you expect me to laugh?”

Ruth shook his head.

He had received a call from General Shen a few days ago who asked him not to anger this man and do as this man pleases after this man would be there just a few months.

He had warned him not to provoke him at any cost. Unfortunately, Ruth had let his guard down after not finding Alex’s name on the nobles’ list.

If he had just gone through the difficulty to check the list in the cadet list, he would have rearranged the soldiers but he wondered whether this would make any difference as most of the soldiers here were already like this.

Alex didn’t ask about Shen anymore as it would be like hitting the head on the wall.

“Sir Ruth, please increase the patrol and convey each defence line to be prepared for any unexpected situation.”

“Ask them to put away the carelessness from tomorrow. The whole world right now is in a mess. We don’t know what might hit us.”

“We need to start preparing for any unexpected situation.”

“I got it, Sir Alex. I will do as you say but I will be honest with you Sir Alex, most of the soldiers here are the old ones whereas the young ones are the cadets from various places or those who have come here after pulling various strings.”Earl Ruth spoke with a grave expression.

“Most of the people here don’t have a sense of safety so this may take some time to put some sense into them.”

“It’s okay. We can’t expect change to happen right now. As long as we take steps to move forward, the changes will happen for sure.”

Although Alex said this, he knew that they might not have the time for the changes to happen fully.


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