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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 351: Western Front Bahasa Indonesia

Once deployed orders are issued, one needs to quickly make his way to the deployed Front.

Since Alex was unconscious, he was late and had to rush in quickly.

On his way to the South, Alex was accompanied by Riya and a hundred men who he had brought from Leonhart which would be

divided into two squads.

One headed by Aeon and another by Max.

And just like this, Max’s long dream to lead his squad was fulfilled.

Hurt and Jeremy were posted to the Northern land while Joey went to Eastern Land.

Alex wanted to bring Christina but because of the arch nemesis, Alex stopped her from accompanying him which annoyed him greatly.

Eight days, after leaving Zenith, Alex along with his man arrived at the starting point of the Western Front.

Most of the Kingdoms around this place were Tier 3 or Tier 4.

There were no Lords or central strongholds in this place and the nobles or Kings from the surrounding place generally served as soldiers and Commanders who wished to gain some name and fame.

Arkham, being the weakest, never posed any threat to this place.

Christina’s father and Shen used to be commanders at Eastern fort and after Christina’s father became a general, there were many noteworthy achievements under his name.

It was due to his persistence Harold wasn’t able to set foot on Kinley’s lands but soon Shen backstabbed his friend and ascended the position and the situation started to become ugly.

The Second Prince knew Shen’s capability more than anyone else and so he pulled some strings to put Shen as the General of the Southern Front where there wasn’t any battle and Shen didn’t need to be stationed here and act as General and mess up things in case of war.

The only good thing for Alex was that Shen was in Kinley lying in luxury.

With weary bodies, they entered the inn to take a rest and Alex gave leeway to them.

They could enjoy today but before that Alex sent them to collect the information and power structure of this place.

“We will rest today and we will head to the Western Garrison unit at sunrise tomorrow.”

The inn was quite large and it wasn’t shabby in any way. It was a place where nobles took a rest but Alex didn’t give a damn to spend the fortune for his people.

If a noble wanted to nitpick Alex would welcome the friend with open arms after all it would provide a good way to have some chit-chat.

As everyone dispersed, Riya sat beside Alex beside him and whispered”Alex, do you think that we would be attacked.”

“I still haven’t found anyone keeping the tabs but it will be different from here. Shen would start to squeeze us slowly. Since this place is peaceful and he doesn’t have anything to divert his attention, he will surely keep an eye on us.”

Alex closed his eyes to ponder a bit when he heard loud yelling and shouting from the front.



Alex could hear the sound of a pig squealing and yelling at the front.

“Are you blind? Son of bitch, don’t you know who I am? I am Meller Ubh. I am the First Prince of the Kingdom of Nebraska. How can you say that there is no more room available?”

“Make space for my rooms and throw these peasants out of here. Do you think a noble like me can stay with them? Throw everyone out?”

“But Lord!”

“Shut up and throw them out otherwise my people will throw them out.”

The situation was quite obvious. With Alex’s men staying here, the place was full and other nobles weren’t able to rent the inn.

As soon as he saw Alex’s men looked like peasants, he started to cause a ruckus.

“My Lord, he called you a peasant?” Royal switched herself from wife mode to super-assassin maid mode and spoke with a venomous gaze.

“My Lord, do you want me to cut off his head?”

Riya, seeing Alex’s disapproval, spoke with a pleading gaze”Than a limb or should I cut his foul tongue.”

The receptionist who was freaking out from the inside tried to calm Meller. He wasn’t an idiot to anger a tiger for a hare.

Max, who was on the verge of an explosion, was stopped by Alex who appeared behind Meller like a ghost.

The guards surrounding Meller froze and flinched back seeing an anonymous man who appeared out of nowhere and they were even unable to react.

Meller felt a gentle tap on his shoulder and shook his finger”Hey, Dery doesn’t disturb me. Today, I will make this bastard know whom they are messing with.”

“Whom did you call a bastard?”

Meller felt a chill down his spine and looked back to see two pairs of eyes staring at him coldly.

“Who are you?”

“I am their Lord!”

Meller gulped his saliva and observed the man with the thought that no matter how much strength he had, he couldn’t touch him in this place.

“I am telling you to get your men out of here as quickly as possible. This is the place where I will stay. I don’t know where you come from but a maggot like you is blocking the space, see many other nobles want to rent this place but they are unable to, cause you have rented the place for your slave.”

“They have come to seek help from the almighty me. People, worship me like God in my land.”

Alex stared at the group of nobles who were observing the situation and then looked at the man who wasn’t even reaching his chest.

‘He didn’t even have the height to speak such high words and call himself an Almighty. Are there still delusional people in this world? After all, some can’t think of themselves as god just simply because of arrogance.’

Alex could see that this man was brave. He didn’t know whether he was ignoring the Leonhart emblem or he didn’t even know about it.

In that case, shouldn’t he do this duty faithfully and introduce himself?

“I see!” Alex muttered.

Meller nodded in satisfaction seeing the understanding look.

Alex tilted his head with a smile and said”In this case, have a safe journey.”

Meller who wasn’t able to react to Alex’s words suddenly felt his vision becoming dark and out of nowhere, he picked up and was thrown outside.

Similar actions followed one after another.


Bodies shot after one another and fell outside the inn.

“Listen here, Meller. It would be great if you know who you are messing with.”

“I am the King of Lionheart!”

Meller groaned in pain and was about to unsheathe his sword to engage but he was stopped by his men.

“Lord, please calm your anger. We have been disrespectful.”

“He is the King of Lionheart. The man at the age of 21 defeated Mark ranked 43 on Continental List and he is the Fifth Prince of Kinley..”

“I used to be Fifth Prince, don’t say misleading words,” Alex grumbled.

As soon as he heard these words, Meller became stiff and his eyes looked troubled as he stared at the man giving him an unfathomable aura.

Seeing Meller not backing, Alex’s voice became harsh.

“If you still want to pull out your sword you can but let me tell you a thing, you would lose that hand with which you will pull out the sword.”

“And yeah, if you want to wage war you can go on. My Leonhart is always ready to welcome you.”

Mueller swallowed his saliva and his senses screamed that this man wasn’t lying.

He looked at the other nobles beside him who also wanted to complain.

“Do you all also have a problem?”

They heard Alex’s sharp words and tilted their gaze.

“No, My lord you can stay here.”

“This inn is entirely yours.”

Meller’s face became green with anger. They were the ones who boasted about his fame and pushed him forward asking for his help but now that he had fallen, they didn’t even dare to look at him and even gave him a sneer and ridiculed him.

Still, he finally realised his mistake. He should have checked the other party before engaging.

These nobles might have deliberately pushed him forward and wanted to humiliate him for being arrogant.

Drunk in power he had never seen the immensity of the sky but seeing Alex, he has finally learnt a valuable lesson which might change his life for better or worse.


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