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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 296: Alex Vs Wolfgang 2 Bahasa Indonesia

People adore beauty and even award beautiful people by holding a competition.

While humans look for beauty, these people born from darkness seem to be the opposite of this preconceived notion.

Every time he found a new being, he felt that these people look for ugliness as if ugliness was a reward and they strived hard to look for the peak of ugliness.

It wasn’t the appearance but rather the overall aspects. The creature before Alex looked utterly vile and rotten to the core.

It had a body filled with long tentacles-like hands with claws at the end, its face resembles that of a disfigured wolf and if this wasn’t enough its body had feathers of dark grey which seems that of a chicken.

It looked as if it was a mixed hybrid of various kinds of animals making it more disgusting.

Alex pitied the people trapped in the cage. Even if they were able to survive and escape from this place, the nightmare of this fellow may haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Alex observed its level and it was at half-step Legendary rank and the aura that was emanating from it was giving him chills.

The wolfy chicken whose name was Wolfgang stared at Alex with a pair of dark cold gazes and muttered in a harsh, raspy voice” Since you dare to come here. You should just stay put and wait for your end.”

Its voice was commanding and was looking down on Alex.

Alex stepped forward after crossing the bridge and spoke in an overbearing tone”Let me tell you something. Many spoke words similar to yours.”

“But as a matter of fun fact, there were none who were able to survive the next hour.”

“We will see that in the next moment.” Wolfgang stood up and growled.

It extended its large wolfish paw and scratched the ground as it walked.

Powerful coercion emerged from its body that was starting to push Alex backwards but Alex just stood there nonchalantly without moving a single step back.

It moved towards Alex step by step and heavy pressure like that of the mountain fell on Alex trying to push him to his knees.

The ground beneath Alex started to crack.

Wolfgang cast a crazy smile bearing its fang, slowly and steadily it was trying to break Alex bit by bit, making him fall into the river of despair and then devour him wholly.

He loved to see despair and break the spirit of others but Alex stood straight and upright and then as it came close.


A ball of fire exploded in the face of Wolfgang which forced him to halt his steps.

The fire envelops Wolfgang but before it could explode and cause damage.

A strong breath emerged from it and extinguished the fire.

There was still some fire that was burning over its maw but it just opened its maw wide and sucked the air along with the flames and spitted flames to the side.

After this, it gave Alex a mocking smile and Alex responded with a rain of fireballs on it.

Several shots of fire were shot in an instant which smashed on his face directly and blasted Wolfgang.


Alex launched a series of attacks that kept suppressing the opponent but as if there were no damage, a long shrieking howl filled the entire space.


“Foolish brat, I am resistant to fire.”


Like a swift blowing wind, the huge figure leapt in the air and appeared before Alex and swung its paw.

Alex raised his sword to defend against the sharp claws, Wolfgang’s eyes gleamed and he threw another claw at Alex’s face.

Alex twisted his head and narrowly avoided it but at the time, something flapped by his chest, Alex reacted quickly and pulled out his sword from his paws and tried to avoid but it was a bit late.

As Alex stepped back a few metres away, sharp claw cut marks appeared on his chest from which blood trickled.

The wound gave Alex a burning sensation. Alex shook away the pain and stared at Wolfgang wondering what heat his chest he was startled to see a small wing covered with sharp feathers going back inside Wolfgang’s body.

It was slightly bigger than the chicken wing but was similar. The feathers on it were already standing up like sharp blades, giving a menacing look.

Alex’s figure flashed around in the circle. With the sword in his hand, he slashed towards Wolfgang. A bright light crescent-shaped ray flew from the air suddenly and it was extremely sharp.

Wolfgang stared at the attack and when the ray was approaching, it opened its maw wide and mana started to gather in its mouth.

The mana churned and soon a beam of light was shot from the mouth which clashed against the crescent arc and completely devoured and destroyed it.

The bright ray of light extended straight towards the ceiling and destroyed a portion of it.

Alex dodged the attack and raised his sword to slash the arc of blades at Wolfgang, maintaining some distance.

Wolfgang howled and turned his head, the beam of light travelled according to the rotation of his head and destroyed the blades.

Alex, who was running around, took the opportunity to enter the blind spot.

Finding the chance, Alex pounced on it from behind and slashed his sword trying to cut it into two halves.

Wolfgang reacted quickly and raised its claws to stop the attack but a warning sign emerged in its heart.

His claws were able to block Alex’s attack but they couldn’t stop the sharp energy of the aura from breaching the defence and passing through the physical entity. While he dodged hastily, one claw was cut and a portion of his feather on the chest had been cut apart, opening up a startling wound on its chest.

The blood kept flowing and Wolfgang forced Alex to draw a distance. Dark fumes appeared over its wound and it started to heal at a rapid rate and the flowing of blood stopped forming a clot.


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