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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 297: Alex Vs Wolfgang 3 Bahasa Indonesia

The environment in this pocket world was most suitable for dark elements and the power of light elements was suppressed by the world trying to stop it from causing severe harm to the creature of darkness.

A human who could use light magic was generally suppressed in such an environment and the damage was lessened but he found it hard to believe that Alex’s attack was dealing significant damage and wasn’t least bit affected by the elements of darkness.

Wolfgang watched cautiously at Alex’s sword which had a faint glow. The aura imbued with light blessings could penetrate the physical defence and issue lethal attacks.

If it wasn’t for the protection of his feathers acting as armour, he would be severely injured and cut apart.

Wolfgang’s breath started to increase greatly and his body began to radiate darkness and chills.

Alex stated at Wolfgang’s power with a hint of caution.

Alex’s strength had been pummelling greatly and he wasn’t in great shape either.No matter, he was human at the very end of the day and even he had limits.

It was already more than enough for him to walk around after his soul had been struck once but the backlash slowly started to appear in the form of a constant headache.

The aura of darkness started to run amok and covered Alex which started to envelop him like mad flames trying to burn him.

Alex found that he was surrounded by the black flame that was trying to engulf him in nothingness. Still, he didn’t panic but rather stared at Wolfgang who was exerting all his strength to kill Alex immediately.

His face was filled with exhaustion. He still had some trump cards to be used later but after seeing the situation, it was better to go all out.

Alex exhaled and took a deep heavy breath to calm himself.

[Goddess Buff]

A sharp burst of aura exploded from Alex and his whole body began to radiate brightness and warmth like a sun.

Wolfgang, who was amid terrifying rays, suddenly sensed a terrifying breath. The light and heat radiated from Alex suppressed his black flame power.

The flames of Darkness covering Alex were instantly blown away.

As Alex took a step, the ground started to crack and as his strength eroded and swept away everything, a shockwave spread over the pool of lava and it started to run amok.

‘What kind of horrifying strength is this? His whole body seemed to be radiating holiness like that of God. Who is he? Why does he have such strength and such a sacred blessing?’

Countless thoughts ran through Wolfgang’s mind. He had lived for a century after being born like this and had seen many things in his life.

Naturally, he had devoured many creatures who tried to overpower him with their light elemental power but all of them were eaten by it.

Its strength may be at half-step legendary rank but it has even given many legendary ranks a hell of a run due to all kinds of unorthodox skills.

The wound on Alex’s chest started to heal at an astonishing rate and the gaps closed without leaving behind a scar. A small crown of light manifested over his head and piercing rays of light emerged from his body that shook away the darkness.

The rays that emerged from his body were enough to cause burns all over Wolfgang’s body.

The space around him started rumbling which was caused by the enormous power, which gave Wolfgang a long lost chill down the line.

The current shining appearance of Alex was enough to destroy Wolfgang’s confidence to win.

The opponent was hiding such terrifying strength.

The power of the light element was the nemesis of the dark element creature.

Alex jumped forward and waved his sword and a ray of light refracting colourful beams merged from his body. His strength and spirit were greatly enhanced in an instant.

Alex’s sword pointed at Wolfgang and a magic circle appeared underneath Wolfgang which showed countless luminous spots connecting mysteriously.

Wolfgang was horrified to find himself trapped in the prison of light and the darkness emanating from his body was overwhelmed and suppressed.

[Prison Of Sacredness]

Alex murmured and swung his sword at Wolfgang who was struggling hard to break away.

A pillar of light emerged and it became a light ball in an instant and a blink of an eye engulfed Wolfgang.

Destructive explosiveness could be heard continuously from the light which shook the entire place.

Wolfgang howled and slashed its claw trying to break the ball of light apart but his claws were brunt in the attempt.

Screams of Despair and agony rang from inside the ball of light which could send chills to everyone.

The entire area was covered with its loud echoing noise.

Wolfgang condensed his strength and formed a beam from its mouth. The beam cleared a small path but as soon as it dissipated, the dense covering light covered him again.

A certain idea struck in his mind. If he increased the power of his beam then he could create a small hole in the dense wall and using the opportunity, he could get out of it.

Wolfgang raised its claws and all the feathers over its body stood erect for an instant.

Many small wings appeared which started to flap trying to shake the power of light.

A strong power of darkness burst forth from his body which clashed against the wall of light.

Although it was suppressed instantly, he didn’t give in and opened his mouth.

A small orb of black flames appeared in its mouth which swirled vigorously.

Inhaling a deep breath and inflating his stomach, to the maximum he fired a beam of the condensed flame of darkness.


Frightening energy gushed forth from his mouth and tore everything in his path.

The wall that was prisoning him was finally opened wide enough to escape but as soon as the wall was torn, the figure of a man cast a large smile after yawning appeared before his eyes along with words which may haunt him even in his afterlife.

“Took you long enough. I have been waiting for you to come out.”


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