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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 295: Alex Vs Wolfgang Bahasa Indonesia

A few hours have passed since Alex disrupted the magic circle in the clear land of the forest.

On his path, he was chased by a hoard of monsters. Escaping from them, Alex found another tribe filled with old hags similar to the one guarding the entrance of the cave.

He fought another bloody battle and stacked up corpses upon the corpse to clear his away which attracted another group of servants of darkness whom he crushed and tortured until they cried calling the name of their ancestors and revealing some information.

Alex remained in his tracks and moved towards the centre. His current destination was the place where humans were imprisoned.

After reaching the location, he saw another huge cave with a wide passage. It seemed to be one with darkness, devoid of any life, filled with eeriness and creepiness.

It could be one of the best spots for shooting a haunted movie.

The opening mouth of the cave looked like the hell of a gate used for sucking the life of people. The only thing it was lacking was the flames of hell.

The deathly stillness of the place was occasionally broken by Alex’s faint footsteps as he trod the way carefully.

The area was quite dark and humid along with cold winds blowing from inside giving chills down the spine.

Alex had hardly entered inside when he sensed the presence of another being staring at him. In the darkness of the cave, its green-coloured eyes glowed brilliantly.

If it was anyone else, he might have wet his pants but for Alex, it had now become a thing of every day.

Alex created small orbs of fire that revolved around him.

There was a huge beastly monster of 12 feet in length. It had four thick logs-like arms and a big mouth that was opened wide and filled with sharp teeth and canines.

Its two eyes glowed giving Alex a menacing look and howled giving Alex a threatening warning.

From Alex’s point of view, the being looked rather cute as it reminded him of the alien in the popular cartoon series Ten.

Seeing Alex stare at it calmingly, it moved its huge thick log-like arms towards Alex, coming closer and closer to Alex.

“Try to take this, four-arm monster,” Alex spoke and flung his hand towards it, motioning for the attack.


The big orbs of fire emitting dazzling embers charged through the air like a ball thrown by the bowler and touching the monster, burst into an explosion covering its entire body in the fire.


It roared and wailed in pain and the whole body was set on fire.

Alex made spears of fire and shot at him which pierced its whole body.

Roaring in pain, it rolled on the ground trying to extinguish the fire and soon collided with the wall heavily, shaking a portion of the cave.

Alex walked aside from it while it roared in pain and soon died after being consumed by fire.

Alex went inside further, and the place became darker.

Alex encountered another one but finished it in one shot with a small ball of fire.

[Point Destruction]

A highly condensed mass of compressed fire would explode engulfing the whole enemy body in the fire. It was similar to a grenade and was quite perfect for the occasion.

The monster being set ablaze roared in pain and ran around chaotically and ended its life by getting its head chopped off by Alex.

Alex’s attack greatly attracted attention and soon, many monsters forked out towards him.

Alex was slightly confused by the sudden scenario as he remembered that this place was used to store the slaves and sacrifices and flatten them before killing so why the hell this place was lurking with these oddball monsters?

Alex didn’t know the forces of the other side and if his counting was correct, till now he had killed around 180 servants of darkness or humans who had accepted the other side and it was better not to talk about the number of beasts, monsters, old hags and ugly baldies he had killed till now.

Alex, after seeing the passage from which monsters were crawling, took the opportunity to attack first and flicked his fingers, and threw a small wisp of fire.

The small wisp of fire landed on the ground and drew a small circle of fire after which Alex snapped his fingers with a grin.

[Sea Flames]

A pillar of flames rose from the circle and it gushed out frantically taking the shape of the waves of the sea and gushed out towards the monster.

The monsters weren’t able to react and were burnt to a crisp by Alex leaving behind their grilled charcoal body which can be used for barbecue.

The cave was quite big and Alex had even lost the track of distance but he was sure that it must be at least a few kilometres.

Many groups of monsters attacked him but all of them were burnt to death.

Inside the dark passage, Alex noticed a faint illuminating bright light which shook away the darkness temporarily.

As Alex walked out, he saw that the passage was enlarged and illuminated by faint cracks all around.

Alex’s eyes glowed as he saw a huge gateway from which lava was flowing upside down which separated a part of the cave.

Alex rubbed his chin and took a pebble to throw at the lava and the pebble was immediately burnt.

“What a unique doorway It reminds me of the Arabian nights.” Alex chuckled and looked for any magic circle.

He found one at the base of the boulder, but he didn’t waste time figuring it out and decided to force his way.

Alex compressed a sphere of wind and blasted off the lava and froze it instantly and he stepped inside it.

The ice melted quickly and soon the lava started to flow from upside down.

There was a narrow bridge on the sea of lava and it was supported by pillars sprouting up from the lava on opposite ends were huge prisons filled with humans, elves and even dwarves and all of them were unconscious with horrified expressions.

As Alex crossed the bridge he noticed that all the people imprisoned here were kids.

Guarding the prison was a huge ugly, disgusting creature whose single look was enough to churn your gut.

“What an unlucky cub?” The monster laughed with a calm tone but its eyes were anything but calm.


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