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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 256: Battle Between Mages 3 Bahasa Indonesia

“Kid don’t twist the logic? When did I say, we will be fighting with basic magic? Many of your groups have already mastered intermediate magic.” Quinn shouted while flying up.

“Do you think that I am naive enough to be fooled by your words?”

The high wall fell back and became one with the ground.

“Since you have shown me quite a good show then I should also show my sincerity.”

“Here take this brat!” Quinn spoke with a smile and pointed his finger at him, a small piece of rock appeared that started to dance on top of his fingers.

Lightening started to flicker around it and covered it in a cocoon and without wasting any time, he launched it at Alex.

Alex’s eyes widened as he felt a sense of crisis from the attack.

Quinn had intertwined basic spells but the speed at which he shot it was too fast. With this speed, it could even blow a tank and puncture a hole in the warship if compared to his previous world.

“Damn! Are you trying to kill me?” Alex screamed and waved his hand.

Mana surged towards him from all directions. Alex’s mana heart started to pump mana faster and Alex didn’t hold back in casting the barrier as it was a question of his life and death.

A strong golden barrier appeared enveloping him and Alex applied enhancements over it.

The golden glow started to enlarge and grew sturdier and thicker forming an impenetrable shell.

A battlemage uses enhancements to strengthen his body to fight unlike the warriors who had strong bodies but Alex decided to use his physical strength and aura in the worst-case scenario cause he may die.

Alex was already circulating all his mana and was ready to channel his aura to cover himself in the case of the worst situation.


The small piece of rock that was shot tore through the air as he darted towards Alex.

It left a small fissure on the ground due to the high speed creating a small sonic explosion one after another behind.

Leaving behind a bluish trail, the mini rock hit the barrier with great impact and exploded.


Alex’s barrier wasn’t able to hold on and the blast sent him flying back in the air like a ragdoll as he slid off the ground after crashing on it.

Although the barrier was destroyed, it neutralized the attack and Alex was blown away mostly by the momentum of the collision.

If he had used his aura to protect himself, the blast couldn’t have moved him by an inch but since the main danger was eliminated, he didn’t use it and used his body to take the blow.

Alex coughed a few mouths filled with blood and glared at Quinn.

“I was correct, you use the higher intermediate spell.” Quinn rejoiced.

“That doesn’t mean you can kill me. If I didn’t know intermediate spells shouldn’t I have a big hole in my chest due to your carelessness?”Alex spoke in an angered voice.

“I was certain that you could defend it and it seems you still held back a bit, isn’t Alex?” Quinn grinned.

‘This man surely had a frightening intuition.’Alex cursed and a sudden thought struck his mind.

‘Did he already know that I am hiding my strength and is he trying to force out my Epic rank strength?’

Beads of sweat covered his forehead as he thought about it.

He wasn’t sure about it but the possibility made him afraid. If this guy ever turns out to be his enemy, he might be gone for sure.

Because oddballs like this come in pairs. He already had that madman Albert under him and now there was another madman, at least this one was cultured and civilized compared to Albert.

Still, that didn’t mean that he could do as he wished.

“Since you want it badly, I will gladly accept it and try to beat you at your own game,” Alex grumbled and stood up.


Alex’s whole body glowed and the air around him vibrated, emitting a defeating roar comparable to the phenomenon of a natural disaster taking place.

Powerful ripples emerged around him and his figure started to float slowly.

Alex raised his hand and encompassed a mass of wind that surrounded him and like Quinn, his figure drifted up towards the sky.

Instead of using a flying spell, Alex used air to lift him and glided his body.

Alex glared at Quinn and his body was soon surrounded by lightning that flickered all around him dancing on his palms.

The scene looked like a beautiful purple snake wriggling around Alex trying to please him.

His eyes became blue emitting a flash of lightning and his hair rose to defy gravity and his whole body was covered by lightning.

Applying lightning on one body can increase the speed by several folds and can be used both as an offensive and defensive means but it could also greatly damage the body as lightning burns the part of the body if it passed inside.

Only those whose bodies have resistance to lightning damage or people who tempered their bodies to take on the lightning could use it like this.

It could also increase the brain processing speed as the lightning pass-through neurons.

Even though Alex’s body hadn’t any resistance to lightning, he had used the blessing and healing spell that we’re working on in the background to deal with the damage mending the burns inside his body and preventing him from being fried till crisp.

“You….Alex stop, you don’t need to push yourself.” Quinn almost screamed in panic.


Even those who were watching the high-interest interest felt their scale going numb.

“This kid is a maniac, he might die at this rate.”

“I knew something like this was going to happen. Quinn is already a freak and now Alex is also a freaking maniac like him. The rumours were all true. This kid doesn’t give a damn about anything”

“He even pushed himself to the death door just to defeat Quinn even though this was just a test.”

“Headmaster please do something.”

“If something happens to this kid, The Emperor will skin us alive.”

All the professors screamed in horror and looked at the headmaster to do something.

“Just sit down and observe the match,” Douglas muttered in a calm tone.

“But…Headmaster..” The other tried to refute.

“Keep your worries to yourself. There isn’t any damage to his body. If something was going to happen, it might have already happened.”

“Shouldn’t he be burnt to a crisp under normal circumstances but he still looks good.”

Douglas’s words brought them some relief and they also understood the situation and looked at Alex with a curious gaze.

They could see the burns on his body repairing as soon as they appeared.

“I have heard that he has received Goddess Rebecca’s blessing and will soon be appointed as Holy son officially. It might be due to the blessing he was able to survive.”A professor gave a plausible explanation.


In the vast place, as if the storm was going to come, strong heavy winds were surging all around.

“Alex Sto-!!”

Lightning crackled and trailed its way towards him even before he could finish his sentence.


Alex manipulated the winds and threw a wind scythe at him and caused the high-speed wind to spiral throughout the air to slice off the barrier Quinn crafted while streaks of lightning rained down on him.

Quinn was momentarily taken by surprise seeing his barrier being broken by Alex.



Alex uses the wind to surround Quinn and send him crashing down to the devastated ground below them.

More rocks scattered as Quinn’s body crashed to the ground.

Alex surrounded flames, rocks and lightning and threw all of them toward Quinn.


Mini crackling explosions wreaked havoc one after another. The firepower was enough to roast and grill a transcendent rank until nothing remained except ash which might also be carried away by the wind leaving behind nothing.

But unfortunately, Alex’s hope was shattered and as the layer of dust dissipated, under the large crater, a man still stood without a single scratch on his body.

“This was quite good.”

“Not bad!”

“Alex, you have already passed and surpassed my expectation,” Quinn spoke, dusting off his coat.

Although Alex was happy to hear his words, his mood became sour as he wasn’t able to narrow the huge gap between them.

“But, it’s far from over,” Quinn muttered softly.

“If you can take this blow then you can think of yourself as the winner.”

“Water arrows!”Quinn shouted pointing at the sky.

It suddenly started raining and dark clouds appeared over them, the rain that started to fall suddenly morphed into sharp water arrows and moved towards Alex.

The arrows were thousand in number and could bring panic to anyone facing them.

“Damn! Just what kind of enmity he has! He clearly said I qualified but still he isn’t stopping. Does he want to injure me?”

“It’s just a trifle drizzle. That’s not enough.”

Quinn flicked his finger and a dozen wind blades shot from him.

He raised his hand and waved his hand following which four tornadoes appeared spinning frantically and growing stronger.


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