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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 255: Battle Between Mages 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Alex chanted another spell and suddenly, the ground on which Quinn stood sank to the ground forming a small hole.

Quinn was taken by surprise and his balance was broken as he fell, and at that time the barrier enacted by him dispersed while Alex, chanted another spell and swung his arms like a sword.

“Flame Blade.”

A long blade made of condensed flame shot toward Quinn. Even though the barrier is dispersed, he manipulated the wind to regain his balance and his body shoots up and his figure floats in the air, he raises his finger pointing at Alex and the wind starts to condense.


An invisible mass of pressure shot toward Alex and even before he could react, it passed through Alex’s scratching his cheek, surprising him greatly.

Alex stood rooted to the ground unable to react. He felt as if an invisible sharp blade passed through him as fast as lightning.

A small amount of blood trickled while a few strands of hair fell on the ground.

“Kid, I didn’t come here to play or waste time. I heard some interesting things about you so I thought I could have some fun with you.”

“I can see a lazy and indifferent look in your eyes and just like me, you are holding back,” Quinn muttered with a solemn expression.

“Seeing body stature and physical fitness, you seem to be a battle mage and well versed in close combat. So, just throw everything you have at me. If you can please me, please I will owe you a favour and you might not know but my favour carries a huge weight for friends and a great threat for foes.” Quinn grinned.

Alex lifted his chin observing Quinn and his whole body trembled.

It was neither due to fear nor oppression, rather it was due to excitement.

His blood boiled and the fighting spirit within him aroused greatly and he clenched his fist tightly.

There were two things, hardware and software.

Martial Arts depend on hardware which is the physical status while magic aptitude depends on software, chanting and thinking which is similar to calculating maths.

Not many may know but Alex finds the magic much more amicable than martial arts. Under Goddess Rebecca and Goddess of Wisdom’s guidance, Alex progressed leaps and bounds.

Some of his theories even surprised the Goddess. Alex finds magic interesting and in a way, scientific knowledge can help one to understand the underlying principle.

His way of looking at magic scientifically and comparing both science and magic made it easier to understand things.

But after returning from Sanctum, he worked hard on hardware and neglected the software aspect.

Even though he had vast knowledge, he wasn’t able to utilise it properly because his body was holding back and needed to accumulate that knowledge otherwise his brain circuit would be damaged due to overflow.

Most magical knowledge can be said to be a seal waiting to be explored when the need arises.

If his previous processing speed in Sanctum can be described as a supercomputer then his current self was a high-speed processing simple Pc and the difference between the processing speed was quite vast.

So, Alex waited to slowly get over magic after strengthening his body but after meeting Quinn, his passion for magic had been rekindled again.

“Let’s do this,” Alex shouted and armed several spells on himself within a quick period.

A burst of mana exploded from his body with a gust of wind.


In a flash, Alex shattered the ground beneath him, truly breaking into pieces as he zoomed towards Quinn.


Alex’s momentum was quite fast as he accelerated toward Quinn who let out a hearty laughter.


Alex’s arms clashed against Quinn who stood in the air and blocked it casually.

The air around them was torn apart.


Alex raised his fist and aimed for his head.


Quinn stared at the approaching attack as if it was a child’s play and raised his arms to block it.


Alex threw a series of punches but it was of no avail and he wasn’t able to move the man an inch.

He thought that man might be weaker in close combat range but that wasn’t the case.

Both of them landed after exchanging a few bouts which Quinn defended with one hand quite easily.

Quinn grinned in amusement seeing Alex struggle.

Alex summoned many fireballs and threw them at Quinn in quick succession.

“Old tricks!” Quinn muttered and waved his hand.

But unlike previously, the ball of flames burst into smoke before reaching him and covering his vision entirely, cutting off his eyesight for a moment.

A tint of flames fell on the ground and instead of extinguishing, it ignited and flames spread like waves surrounding Quinn trapping him in a closed perimeter.

Quinn waved his hand, and a strong hurricane blew extinguishing the fire but Alex took the chance and cast the spell, turning the ground into liquid mud.

Quinn’s eyes narrowed as his feet sank to the ground quickly but he didn’t fail to maintain the same nonchalant look, he glided his body to rise from the ground but to his surprise, the ground quickly dried around his feet and his lower body was stuck on the ground.

Alex waves his hand and alters the structure of the liquid mud and solidifies it, trapping him on the ground and cutting his motion.

Quinn twisted his body to get out but at that time, a whip of a plant rose from the ground and hurled towards him.

The thick vine swirled and bent in the form of the whip to hit him.


The whip of the vine caught fire before reaching him and burning into the dry shoot, following which several vines shot towards him covering him from head to toe but this way far from over.

Alex stomped the ground heavily forming a large pit under his feet, the ground rumbled like sea waves and several blocks stood up and rose from the ground.

They started to vibrate faintly and soon several pieces of a block of soil altered and moulded into rocks surrounded Quinn.

Alex sucked cold air and his eyes glowed with a sinister smile wondering how Quinn would go out.


With a casual flick of Alex, several rocks shot toward him wanting to pulverise the main into meat paste.


Loud laughter echoed throughout the place and all the vines caught fire while the ground cracked and Quinn started to step forward.

An earthen wall appeared before him forming a shaped shield which clashed against the rocks and boulders but none of them was able to breach the walls.


Loud crackling noise emerged and the rocks turned into pieces after crashing on the wall.

Alex’s eyes lingered on the wall and he noticed that the man had applied intermediate enchantments to it to make it stronger and studier

“Hey, isn’t it cheating? We were fighting with basic magic and you used intermediate magic so in this case, shouldn’t I be already declared the winner.” Alex grumbled while staring at the men ferociously who looked back at Alex with an amused expression.


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