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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 257: Battle Between Mages 4 Bahasa Indonesia

“If you can take this blow and survive my attack. I will consider your passing a flying colour.”

“You don’t need to be afraid of death. I have controlled my strength.”

“If you are unable to handle it, I will save you from dying, “Quinn spoke and started to wave his hand as if he was conducting an orchestra.

The tornadoes started to swirl around and their tempo started to blow away everything in their path.

He raised his hand and waved it, in to and fro motion and the four tornadoes started to rotate around Alex coming towards him from all sides and closing his escape route.

Blue wind blades spun frantically at the outer edges of the tornadoes, slicing the hard stone on the floor. The tornadoes grew fiercer and fiercer soon causing the entire place into disarray and starting to spew wind blades all around.

The whole colosseum started to tear apart and large cracks appeared on it as the wind blades clashed with it.

It was extremely destructive and in a battle arena where the opponent was unable to move further, this kind of enveloping magic had an advantage.

Each spell was at a basic level but the combined strength already surpassed that of the intermediate level.

Seeing Alex motion, Quinn spoke in a teasing voice”It’s not over little boy.”

A water bubble appeared outside of Quinn which covered him wholly and let him rise slowly in the air.

Quinn started to chant another spell quickly and a blue light coagulated at the tip of his fingers, he pointed at Alex and shouted.

“Whirlpool Tsunami!”


A loud explosion erupted as though the sky had been split apart.

Waves of tsunami standing tens of metres in height appeared crashing toward the four tornadoes and Alex.

Quinn smiled and lifted both of his arms and commanded in a low tone”Rise!”

The crazily spinning tornados elongated upwards as they rammed into the tsunami.

The wild wind clashed with the crashing waves and prevented the waves from crashing.

“Can you feel the horror of the storm? This fear, the feeling of the unknown that one faces when he is in the middle of the storm.” Quinn smiled and pointed his finger at Alex.

Another fifth tornado rose from the ground.

“That’s your current situation, Alex! I have already created a canvas and portrait of your present scenarios. Now, show me how you will tackle and fill your canvas.”

The five howling tornadoes cracked open the ground as the wind blades crashed on the ground picking up dust, debris and stones.

It rose and crashed straight into a tsunami.

A small whirlpool appeared directly under Alex which rotated vigorously like a blackhole and with a strong suction pressure, it tried to pull Alex’s body into it.

If Alex was on the ground instead of floating, he might already succumb to death.


“Did you already finish your spell?”

Quinn, who was enjoying the match, suddenly heard a loud lazy voice.

He stared at the gaps of the tornadoes to see Alex yawning heavily which baffled him.

Alex looked around. He was surrounded by a trap of spells.

From the above rain of arrows fell while beside him five tornadoes spewed wind blades while on the ground huge waves of tsunami surged towards him from all around trying to devour him while on the ground the whirlpool was pulling him.

“I was frightened for nothing,” Alex murmured.

The present situation wasn’t that bad. If Quinn had used any other elemental spell, Alex might have found it hard but after learning so much, this situation couldn’t even implicate him.

Alex raised a hand and with a sinister smile that even surprised Quinn snapped his finger.

He had been preparing the spell since Quinn started the rain and was overcharging it to the absolute limit.

Overcharging is the phenomenon of charging the spell with mana before casting and enhancing its effect, pushing the limit to get the best results from the current spell.

Alex decided to do a higher intermediate spell and close everything which was enough to scratch this guy’s ego.

Alex thought of using the advanced meteorite spell but the effect may be too much.

“Absolute Glacier Field.” Alex’s loud voice reverberated.

Cold air started to leave his body and his voice became colder.

A strong frosty aura erupted from Alex and spread like waves all around.

The entire place plunged into the chilling frostiness as if it was the onslaught of winter which froze everything.

A strong blizzard blew from all around and the chilly aura caused everything to freeze in an instant.

The water arrows made of rain that we’re hurling towards Alex suddenly froze into icy arrows and stopped in their tracks and were broken down into pieces of snow.

The fierce onslaught of tempest suddenly stopped and a strong crackling voice started to revert from all around.

The roaring tsunami raging around him stopped and the tornadoes started to freeze from downward that extended upward until everything froze.

Huge sheets of ice covered the ground and five ice statues of tornadoes stood tall which twinkled reflecting the light of the sun.

The entire place was frozen leaving him and Quinn.

“I am impressed. You are more than qualified.” Quinn spoke praising Alex.

“The last spell was too good.”

He did well, much to his surprise.

Using ice to counter his water spells was quite clever.

“It’s good that I qualified but I am disheartened to see that you were able to come out without a single scratch.”Alex sighed.

“It’s not true Alex. When you poured everything and fired a spell at me non-stop, I was taken by surprise and got a scratch here,” Quinn spoke with a smile and raised his arms.

Alex saw a small tear on his clothes and it was so minuscule that it didn’t make a difference.

Alex gritted his teeth and spoke, “I am talking about you, not your clothes.”

Quinn laughed seeing Alex’s frustrated expression and walked towards him and patted him the next time.

“You can try it next time.I am not running away anywhere.”

Alex sighed and resigned to his fate.


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