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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 230: Dumped Bahasa Indonesia

Albert Haskell was the only son and since he was chosen as the heir of the Haskel household which had already fallen from grace, he had a huge burden over his shoulder.

Being fallen noble, they were always seen with contempt and thorn in other eyes while their vassal states tried to take over them and throw them.

Their ancestors had a hierarchy of Viscount. But their glorious past was soon eroded due to the weakening of the successors who weren’t able to hold the responsibility and stop their decline.

Albert was the hope of their house who was born with superior talent and from his childhood, he was able to showcase extraordinary talents.

He saw good improvement and was able to rank up quickly when compared to other geniuses.

Believing in him, all the members of their house decided to bestow upon him their heirloom which had been stored in their vault for countless generations.

The Heart of legendary beast, Arctic Phoenix.

The Arctic Phoenix was hunted down by their ancestor and the heart had been preserved.

It was a very precious treasure that could change the life of the people.

Albert consumed it to gain ice ability and ice resistance.

After being beaten by Alex, with no way to compensate him, he was forced to sell himself to Alex and work under him.

Albert surrendered himself and became his lackey.

Albert’s only hope was to get stronger and best Alex to free himself.

In this way, Alex was able to snatch another slave.

If only Albert was a bit level-headed, he might not have fallen into the demon’s grasp.

As the groups marched ahead, everyone gathered around Albert trying to scare the dimwit.

“And once you have fallen into the trap, there is no way the big devil gonna let you,” Ben explained to Albert.

“First, he will beat you to make you feel pathetic and then he will whisper to your promises to shake your mentality and make you look at him with respect. Slowly and steadily, he will cloud your mind.”

“Our King had an unquenchable thirst to kidnap people and use them as slaves.”

“Sometimes, you can see him drink blood on a night when there is a full moon.”

“Just look at us. We were all prideful warriors but we have fallen into the devil’s trap.”

“What a pity for a strong and vigorous warrior like you to fall into the devil’s lair and waste your life.”

“Look at the man. He is the future king of Bright but now look at what he is doing. Bowing his head and barking like a dog before Alex.” Ben muttered.

Albert’s whole body trembled with fear on hearing Ben’s words and he bit his lips in fear.

Meanwhile, others tried to contain themselves from laughing and spoiling the fun.


Swallowing his saliva, Albert asked cautiously, “How can he be so strong?”

“Just from which shit hole did you crawl. Don’t you know about recent affairs?” Max asked.

Albert just shook his head while waiting for them to answer.

“King Alex is the fifth Prince of Kinley and the world knows him as an idiotic prince but after being struck by lightning, he had become normal.”

“What?” Albert grasped in shock.

“He is that black sheep who had been disowned. How did he become like this?”

“But, that’s not the real truth,” Ben spoke

“Do you want to know the truth? Then come closer.”

Albert nodded obediently and walked towards Ben sitting on his horse.

“The truth is….”Ben paused a little before speaking.

“King Alex is dead. The one who is occupying the body is the servant of the devil.”

“The real King Alex, unable to suffer such a miserable life, sold his life to the devil and who is occupying his body is a terrible being.”

“Whattttttt!” Albert screamed in horror and jumped in shrek falling off his horse.

Beads of sweat formed on his head as he remembered the scene of Alex beating him non-stop.

Not only that after beating to his heart’s content, but he also healed him and started to beat again with a sadistic smile.

‘He is a devil who enjoys seeing others in pain. Oh my god, just whom did I provoke? Albert cried and almost shed tears of blood.

“Father…Mother…I am doomed.”

Ben wanted to speak more but he heard a loud voice.


Albert turned his head to see Alex walking out of the carriage and his eyes enlarged with fear.


“Please don’t drink my blood. Please don’t torture me to fulfil your sadistic desires. I beg you.”

Alex’s face distorted and he stared at his men who averted their gaze and started to talk about the pleasant weather.

“What is going on? Can someone explain to me or do I need to take matters into my own hands?”

Albert saw the reddish hue on Alex’s lips and a small trickle of blood and was shocked out of his mind.

Seeing no one speaking, Alex treated Albert to speak otherwise he may be tortured.

Alex calmed him down after hearing Albert’s words and muttered.

“That’s my special protein shake, you bastard. I don’t drink blood nor am I a servant of the devil.”

“How can one believe such bullshit? Are you a small kid? Even kids have better IQs than you.”

“By the way do you have a hole in your brain? Did you even go to the academy?”Alex yelled

Albert shook his head and said, “I ran away from the academy.”

Alex facepalmed and controlled his urge to kill this bastard.

Albert shuddered to see Alex’s annoyed face but fortunately, he was saved by God’s mercy.

“Your Majesty, we have some people ahead.”

Alex heard the soldier’s words and walked towards the front along with others and a small smile bloomed on his face.

Alex and his forces had already arrived around the capital and were now meeting with his forces whom he had dispersed and sent them separately to train along the way.

Alex stared at the troops who were led by the Transcendent rank. All of them have worked hard in the past few days.

Alex gazed at his men’s fierce eyes and indomitable spirit. Although their realm hadn’t been changed they had undergone a drastic change and were now countless times stronger than previously.

Most of them were ordinary soldiers who hadn’t been awakened when he took the reins but now each of them has become a foe to contend with.

“You all have made me proud,” Alex muttered and raised both of his arms.

Bright light erupted from him and enveloped all of them.

A warm and cosy feeling flowed in them washing away all their exhaustion and healing their minor wounds.

Alex smiled seeing their expression ‘Don’t thank me rather than Goddess for blessing me.”

Their journey should have taken 8-10 days but due to all kinds of things, it was delayed to 20 days but he didn’t care about it even though he was late for almost half a month.

They were just a few minutes walk from Zenith but still, he didn’t find anything odd or saw any messenger for him.

In a way, it was also a test of his old man’s attitude towards him. If he had sent envoys or a messenger asking about the delay, then that means he would have been pissed at him but since there was none, Alex can try out the old man’s goodness and his tolerance level.

Alex mingled with his men and asked them about his adventure before moving ahead.

At that time, his wives and Alice walked down the carriage and called him.


“What happened? Why did you all exit from the carriage at once?”

Everyone stared at Catherine who started to say”Alex, I wanted to visit a place separately in Zenith.”

“Where do you want to go?”

“I have friends in Zenith from my academy days.”

“I see. Okay!”

“I also want to visit my household,” Christina spoke surprisingly to Alex.

“Your Household!” Alex asked with a deep question mark on his face.

Christina nodded and started to explain”After our fall and my departure, Yvonne brought the whole household, our land and my people. Under her protection, we were able to prevent the worst-case scenario.”

“Since, I am here.I want to visit my people and see how are they doing”

Alex nodded and muttered, “I see then I guess only Riya and Alice left to accompany me.”

“Actually!” Both Riya and Alice spoke at the same time with guilty stricken faces.

Alex frowned seeing them and wondered whether they would also dump him.

“Brother, I am thinking of returning early to the palace,” Alice said. spoke

“I have delayed too long.”

“My Lord, I also have some friends I want to meet. Please allow me to meet them.”

Alex’s eyes twitched and he glanced around to look at all of them.

‘Great, once we reached your home fronts, you ditched this loving husband and planned to leave me here.’


Alex squinted his eyes and suddenly a thought flashed before his eyes.

“In that case, I should visit Lock city. It’s just 200 miles from here.”

“You stay in the capital and take the army while I bring Athena and Yvonne back.”

“Hmm! That’s a good idea.” Catherine muttered while Alice gave thumbs up to his brother’s thought fullness.

“Split the army into three and lead them,” Alex muttered.

“My Lord, I have to go alone,” Riya spoke.

Alex gave an understanding look.

Alex after some talks decided to meet at Alice’s palace after he brings Yvonne and Athena.

‘Soon, we all are going to be united.’Alex muttered, clenching his fist.


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